Total Hack is a magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character the ability to hack protectrons, spotlights or turrets.


Total Hack is a paperback magazine with aged covers. The details on the covers are done entirely in ASCII art, a style of illustration which uses assorted symbols on a computer to create a picture.


Reading an issue of Total Hack adds a holotape to the player character's inventory in a similar manner to RobCo Fun. Each holodisk can be loaded into a terminal controlling protectrons, spotlights or turrets to access unique options for all connected (and active) units of that specific type.

Magazine issuesEdit

Editor ID Issue Location Location description Base ID
01 #1 Control Robots Wattz Consumer Electronics Basement server room, on the terminal desk, north wall. 00094734
02 #2 Control Spotlights The Shamrock Taphouse Held by the female mannequin standing on the table in the “game” room with the chessboard. 00094735
03 #3 Control Turrets Wildwood Cemetery Under the tree in the center of the cemetery. 00094736


Each of the magazines contain a holotape which must be inserted to have access to additional options. Unlike other holodisks, these do not need to be ejected to be retained. It will automatically be ejected and the effects will be retained upon leaving the terminal.


Location imagesEdit

Cover imagesEdit

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