Tossed the stash is a holodisk in Fallout 76.


It can be found at Berkeley Springs, in the Davis family apartment, on a kitchen counter.



Chris Fatur: Hey Matt, I made it back to the safe house... but you probably guessed that. Stupid, you're so stupid! He knows you made it to the safe house, idiot! IDIOT! Umm... unfortunately, I had to stash the duffle on the way because I was being chased. Sorry, Matt. Idiot! You stupid IDIOT!

So, yeah... I tossed it under the porch in the Southwest corner of the white hotel, the one up on the cliff. Anyway... I'm gonna take off, Matt. It's too dangerous around here. I'm gonna head back into the mountains, I think. Farewell. What the fu... farewell? Nobody says that. You're so stupid, you idiot. Stupid IDIOT!

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