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Onushi wa nanimono? Koko wa dokoda?— What/who are you? Where is this place?

Toshiro Kago is an abducted samurai found aboard Mothership Zeta in 2277.


Toshiro Kago is one of the four people that the Lone Wanderer thaws out on board Mothership Zeta. As he does not speak English and no other character speaks Japanese, conversation is largely limited to gestures. Kago is a samurai warrior, skilled in sword combat and capable of slaying aliens, should his sword be given back to him.[Non-canon 1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a temporary companion.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Among the Stars: Toshiro can be spoken to about his missing sword and the Lone Wanderer can return it to him after retrieving it from the maintenance level.
  • This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...: During the final battle on the bridge, after the first wave of aliens are defeated, Toshiro will run in from a side door and assist Paulson and Somah in battling the next wave of attackers.

Effects of player's actions

After the events of Mothership Zeta, he stays aboard Zeta and cannot be interacted with. He will disappear if one revisits the Steamworks but will remain on the bridge if the player character travels to or from the Capital Wasteland. He can be found later in the living quarters.

Other interactions

Despite being unable to understand English, Toshiro still responds with different dialogue depending on whether the player speaks to him with the polite, neutral, or smarmy dialogue options.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Samurai armor
Samurai helmet
Samurai's sword*
*Kago will use the sword if it is either recovered from the waste disposal area and given it to him, or if one never enters the disposal area.
*Should the player decide to keep the sword, Kago will remain unarmed.


  • If he is killed before the player destroys all three generators, everyone will still act as if he wandered off after the generators are destroyed, and his body cannot be found afterward.
  • The in-game dialogue text shows his dialogue in romaji, rather than translating it into English.

Notable quotes

  • "Onushi wa nanimono? Koko wa dokoda?" – What/who are you? Where is this place?
  • "Hito wo azakeru na. Onushi no monoii wa sappari wakaran. Sessha wo tasuke takuba, sessha no ken wo sagashi dase!" – Do not make fun of me. I do not understand what you meant. If you want to help me, find my sword!
  • "Sappari wakaran. Koko ga doko nanoka moose. Sessha no ken wa do shita?" – I don't understand [you] at all. Tell me where this place is! What has become of my sword?
  • "Nani wo itteorunoda. Sappari wakaran. Nantoka shitekure!" – What are you saying? I can't understand. Please do something!
  • "Nani wo itte orunoda. Kono chi ni mioboe wa nai. Ittai sessha ni nani wo shita?" – What are you saying? This place does not look familiar to me. What the hell has been done to me?
  • "Sessha no ken o imasugu kaesunoda. Hayaku kaesanu ka!" – Return my sword immediately. Hurry and return it!
  • "Sumanuga, sessha mizukara korekara okorukotoni sonaeneba naranu." – I am sorry, but I must now prepare myself for what is to come.
  • "Youkai kara mi o mamoru niwa, ken ga iru!" – I need my sword to defend against [these] monsters!
  • "Nani ga okotta no ka, kento tsukanu." – What has happened? I cannot understand at all!
  • "Yoojutsu de sessha wo toraete yookai me. Kono mama de wa okanu zo!" – These wretched monsters have taken me captive with their sorcery. I cannot be left like this!
  • "Ken wo ubawarete shimatta, taegataki kutsujoku!" – I have been robbed of my sword - this is an unbearable disgrace!
  • "Hito wo azakeruna. Onushi no monoii wa sappari wakaran." – Do not mock me! I cannot understand a word you are saying.
  • "Sessha wo tasuketakuba, sessha no ken o sagashi dase!" – If you want to help me, go and search for my sword!
  • "Nanto? Nani o nozonde orunoda. Nani yue, onushi no iu koto ga wakaranu no da?" – What? What do you want? How is it that I have no idea what you are saying?
  • "Onushi, naniyue sonoyo ni hanasu? Nanika shomo no mono demo arunoka?" – You, why are you talking like that? Is there something you want?
  • "Aa, sessha no ken! Kaeshite moraerutowa, katajikenai." – Oh, my sword! I am most grateful for its return!
  • "Jyama o suru na." – Don't get in my way.


Toshiro Kago appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.

Behind the scenes

  • The Fallout 3 Official Game Guide states Kago's armor is dated to the Azuchi-Momoyama period (A.D. 1568-1603) which is a real world period of Japanese history.
  • The symbol on his tosei dō or breastplate is the real world mon of the Katabami clan. Specifically, the emblem is called maruni ken Katabami (丸に剣片喰), popular among samurai clans during the Heian period (A.D. 794-1185) and used to the current day.[Non-canon 2] A nearly identical tosei dō is a part of Philadelphia's Penn Museum collections.[Non-canon 3]


Xbox 360Xbox 360 After completing the main quest of Mothership Zeta, with Toshiro still alive, it is possible to pickpocket him. In his inventory, his samurai sword will appear but trying to steal it may result in the game crashing.[verified]




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