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The torn diary is a series of four paper notes in Fallout: New Vegas.


All notes can be found at Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm.

# Location
1 Found on the steps inside the South barn.
2 Found in the back of the truck behind the ruins of the main house.
3 Found in the loft of the North barn, on top of a crate.
4 Found in the burned-out house.


Torn diary page 1

MAHF torn diary page 1.jpg

Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad went into the NCR camp nearby to trade for supplies but they haven't come back yet. I hope nothing bad has happened to them.

Torn diary page 2

Note is in the truck

Dear Diary,

I took a chance today and left the animals alone to go look for Mom and Dad. I found them in that camp, they had become horrible feral ghouls! I didn't know what to do, they came at me so fast. Oh god what have I done...

Torn diary page 3

Wasteland Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm.jpg

Dear Diary,

I hate being all alone, I want my Mom and Dad back, but I can't have them back because I killed them. I didn't want to kill them but I had to kill them, otherwise they would have eaten me. I hope the animals don't eat me. Can animals become ghouls?

Torn diary page 4


Dear Diary,

The animals, they are evil. They tried to eat me in my sleep. They want the farm for themselves. Now that Mom and Dad are gone they want the farm for themselves. They are plotting against me, plotting to eat me. They are becoming ghouls like my parents and they want to eat me like my parents did. Too many of them to kill them all. I know what I'll do, I'll burn the house down around me, then the animals can't eat me because there will be nothing left for them to eat!