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The Torcher's mask is a helmet in Fallout 3.


Torcher's mask is a unique raider arclight helmet. It increases both the Big Guns and Explosives skills by 5 points each. It has the same bonuses as the raider blastmaster helmet, but with a lower Damage Resistance.

It can be repaired with raider arclight helmets.



  • In the effects tab of the Pip-Boy, this items effect says "Blast-proof headgear Explos. +5, Big Guns +5."
  • The Torcher's mask, like a standard arclight helmet, prevents the player character from wearing eyewear (such as the lucky shades) and this unique version provides less DR. Due to these facts, the more common raider blastmaster helmet is actually more desirable headgear than the Torcher's mask as it has a higher DR and still allows the use of eyewear. The Torcher's mask's only benefit versus the raider blastmaster helmet is that it is guaranteed to be located in a fixed location.
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