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This is a transcript for dialogue with Tony Savoldi.


1002SavoldiRailroadScene_01_Intro000C459C{Grousing} I'm half-tempted to join the Railroad. With all this shit.TonySavoldi: I don't know. People got to do something, Dad.A1a
2000C459BTonySavoldi: I'm half-tempted to join the Railroad. With all this shit.{A little angry} I don't know. People got to do something, Dad.JoeSavoldi: When did you start to care about synths?A1a
3000C4599JoeSavoldi: When did you start to care about synths?{Defensive, then getting a little heated} It's not that. The Railroad is the only one standing up to the Institute.TonySavoldi: So Gary's wife's... kidnapped. That settlement Lucas Miller was talking about... wiped out.A1a
4000C4598TonySavoldi: It's not that. The Railroad is the only one standing up to the Institute.{Making points - punch "kidnapped" and "wiped out" - feels strongly} So Gary's wife's... kidnapped. That settlement Lucas Miller was talking about... wiped out.A1a
5002SavoldiRailroadScene_02_Core000C458CPlayer Default: What's the Railroad?{Admiration / Defiant} They're freedom fighters. Willing to risk their lives for synths.Y1a
6{Admiration / Defiant} And that means they fight the Institute. Only ones that do.JoeSavoldi: What? You think that's noble or some bullshit? That just makes them idiots.Y1b
7Player Default: What's the Railroad?{A little uncertain - they are scary / Defiant} Synthetic people made by the Institute. Looks so human you can't tell them from us.JoeSavoldi: What? You think that's noble or some bullshit? That just makes them idiots.Y2a
8000C4584JoeSavoldi: They're monster is what they really are.{Indignant / Irritated} And how do you know that? Have you ever met one?Y1a
9{Trying to sound certain himself / Irritated} If you can't tell who's a synth or not, they can't be all that bad.Player Default: It's always good to help people.Y1b
10000C4583JoeSavoldi: They're monster is what they really are.{Bitter - the no offense is said to a customer} All I do here is help crusty old caravan hands, no offense, go blind off rotgut.A1a
11{Defiant} At least the Railroad's fighting the Institute. And why not save synths?JoeSavoldi: Might as well go off and join the "Deathclaw Preservation Society."A1b
12000C4581Player Default: Trying to save synths sounds noble to me.{Defiant} I'm not alone in this, Dad.JoeSavoldi: Enough. We got customers.A1a
13000C4580Player Default: Synths are weapons built by the Institute.{Uncertain, trying not to sound that way / Worried} You don't know that.JoeSavoldi: You see, boy, now stop this nonsense. We got customers.B1a
14000C457EPlayer Default: What did the Institute do to you?{Compassionate / Sad} Ah, Gary. He is, well was, one of Cricket's hired guns. He hits the roads and comes back to find his wife missing.JoeSavoldi: Yeah, so the Institute kidnaps people. I'm not saying I like it. But the world's a dangerous place.Y1a
15JoeQuestScene001236CCDad, you're not going to send him on that same wild goose chase?JoeSavoldi: Hey, he brought it up, not me. As I was saying.A1a
16TonyServiceScene0012639APlayer Default: I'll take it.No caps, no room.A1a
17Player Default: I'll take it.Pa won't allow me to barter for the room.A2a
18Player Default: I'll take it.You need caps hit up dad or Deb. They'll buy whatever salvage you're carrying.A3a
19Player Default: I'll take it.Any vermin you find is yours. No extra charge.A4a
20Player Default: I'll take it.No gunfire after midnight. House rules.A5a
21Player Default: I'll take it.Stockton snores. You've been warned.A6a
22Player Default: I'll take it.Sleep lightly, the raiders don't always play by the rules.A7a
23Player Default: I'll take it.No extra charge for the dog.A8a
2400126399Player Default: Not interested.Eh. Someone will grab the room. Someone always does.B1a
25Player Default: Not interested.Might want to hit pa for a drink before you go.B2a
26Player Default: Not interested.You won't get a better deal. This is the only flophouse in town.B3a
2700126398Player Default: Let me think about it.It's first come for the room.X1a
28Player Default: Let me think about it.That room goes fast.X2a
29Player Default: Let me think about it.Whatever.X3a
300005F9B6Player Default: This some kind of motel?I prefer the term "flophouse," but don't tell my pa that. Gets him mad.Y1a
31When caravans pull into town, they need a place to sleep, so we rent out all the beds we can.Y1b
32So, did you want one?Player Default: I'll take it.Y1c
33Player Default: How many caravans come through here?All of 'em. They kind of own the whole town, but money still has to change hands, so they know which caravan owes what.Y2a
34Bunker Hill is one big "money makes the world go 'round" kind of place. Raider problem? Pay 'em off. Supply problem? Buy more, charge more.Y2b
35Hey, weren't we talking about you renting a room? You need one?Player Default: I'll take it.Y2c
36Player Default: So Bunker Hill just buys it's way out of problems?It's all they know. Caravan folk are money folk. And all the people who settled here retired from the caravans.Y3a
37Now that doesn't mean a Bunker Hill Boy doesn't know how to sling a gun, but why waste the bullets if you can buy your way out of trouble for less?Y3b
38Hey, did you want that room or not?Player Default: I'll take it.Y3c
39000A7D28Finally my dead can stop belly-aching about great-grandpappy. Thanks. Need a room?Player Default: I'll take it.A
40Fine place to sleep right here. Reasonable rate.Player Default: I'll take it.A
41Need a roof over your head? Only place in town.Player Default: I'll take it.A
42Need a place to stay? Grab it before someone else does.Player Default: I'll take it.A
43-00020D15Having great-grandpappy's hat back. Who'd of thought I'd give a damn?
44Another day on the Hill.