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Hey hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the finest entertainment experience in New Vegas! My name is Tommy Torini, and how can I make your night?

Tommy Torini is a Chairmen talent agent and the manager for the Aces theater at the Tops, living in New Vegas in 2281.


The self-declared "talent manager, show scheduler, and all-around man in charge" of the Aces Theater, as well as one of the founders of the theater,[1] Torini manages the Rad Pack Revue daily, from 8 PM to midnight.[2] However, since Benny had the Singer killed by Swank prior to the events of Fallout: New Vegas (a event seen in the graphic novel All Roads), he is looking for additional acts.

Daily schedule

Tommy will hang around the Aces theater, but will also get up on stage and dance with the Rad Pack. He cannot be interacted with while dancing.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.


  • Talent Pool: Tommy Torini is looking for some new acts to spice up The Aces Theater.

Other interactions

  • If one asks Tommy Torini if he has seen Benny, he will respond by saying "Dig it, he beat feet to his suite. You scare the big boss man, or somethin'?" Then ask him what he thinks of Benny and he will state that he has business knowledge but no music know-how. With a Speech check of 25, he will divulge that he often goes on benders and is hardly around the casino much, and that no one has seen him in over a month. He suspects that he has a female from Gomorrah in his suite, because no one has seen him leave it. This may be due to Benny's secret passageway and elevator near Yes Man's room.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Dirty pre-War businesswear 9mm pistol

Note: His eyepatch cannot be looted, as it is marked as unusable.

Notable quotes


Tommy Torini appears in Fallout: New Vegas. He is also mentioned in the graphic novel All Roads.

Behind the scenes

Tommy Torini bears significant resemblance to American entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., including the missing eye. Sammy lost his left eye in a car collision, but elected to be fitted with a glass eye (after wearing an eyepatch for six months). Likewise, Tommy's 'Rad Pack Revue' is an obvious nod to Frank Sinatra's 'Rat Pack'; of which, Sammy Davis Jr. was the only black member.



  1. Courier: "What do you do here?"
    Tommy Torini: "Well, apart from serving as talent manager, show scheduler, and all-around man in charge of this fine theater, I happen to be its headline act. Every night from eight till midnight, come on by to see the Rad Pack Revue live, only right here at the Aces Theater!"
    (Tommy Torini's dialogue)
  2. Courier: "Tell me about this theater."
    Tommy Torini: "Well, it was my idea - well, me and the rest of the Rad Pack boys. We took it to Benny, and he thought it was a good idea. A few years later, here we are - the best show in New Vegas!"
    (Tommy Torini's dialogue)