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Well, they call me Tommy Ten-Toes on accounts of my ten toes... on the one foot.

Tommy Ten-Toes is a caravan guard for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.[1] He accompanies Minerva on her travels through Appalachia in Fallout 76.


A former mobster of Italian extraction, Tommy Ten-Toes was exposed to radiation and turned into a ghoul by the Great War. Despite his ghoulification, Tommy remains someone with a hulking physique, though he has much more brawn than he does brains. Fortunately for him, he fell in with the Blue Ridge Caravan Company and works under Vinny Costa, who ensures he keeps his mouth shut when it comes to talking about his past.[2] Vinny is perfectly aware of Tommy's shortcomings (including the apparent inability to count to fifty),[3] but considers him a professional when it comes to protecting Blue Ridge merchants, especially Minerva, their top performer.[4] Tommy doesn't mind the job, though finds it a bit boring, as it mostly entails standing around looking intimidating, whenever he is not shadowing Minerva on the trail and ensuring no harm comes to her.[1]

Though they contrast heavily, Minerva is quite fond of Tommy. His lack of intellect is more than compensated for by his strength. Minerva allegedly saw him rip a thief's sternum out once.[5] Tommy is often unaware of his eccentricities, which leads him to misunderstand social interactions[6] and drift off in conversation.[7] Although he loves talking, he is rather lonely, and only vaguely aware of it.[8] He likes working with Minerva (not for her, as they both are part of Blue Ridge), though he does not really understand why her plans are so popular with customers. He considers them just drawings, and occasionally thinks about selling some of his own drawings. He believes he is quite good at portraying animals, such as kangaroos and rhinoceroses. He loves the latter and was a frequent visitor at zoological gardens before the War. He misses them dearly.[9]

Tommy was originally called Tommy the Nose (which he misinterpreted as knowing a lot, rather than his distinct nose), but received his current nickname after radiation turned him into a ghoul. The loss of Tommy's nose was compensated by an increase in the number of toes: Tommy has ten toes on one foot, for a total of fifteen on both (which also appears to be the upper limit on his ability to count).[10] He used to show his mutated foot to customers, until an unfortunate incident in Chattanooga, which involved Minerva and an unfortunate dog. Ever since, he is forbidden from taking his boots off in front of customers.[11]

On a more positive note, Tommy played darts with Eugenie during a stay at Middle Mountain Pitstop, with the former mobster narrowly losing to the arms merchant. It appears that their preferred variant is the 301 version of the game.[12]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Tommy Ten-Toes appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Quest designer Carl McKevitt contributed to Tommy Ten-Toes' writing and design. In July 2021, he said that Tommy is his personal favorite out of the characters he has worked on.[Non-game 1]
  • His name is very similar and rhymes with the name of Bobbi No-Nose, a ghoul in Fallout 4.
    • Bobbi's nickname refers to a trait all ghouls share. In the same vein, Tommy's nickname refers to a trait generally universal to all people.



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