Now I have to get out. Don't follow me; you go out the normal way. We'll meet outside.Penny, planning to escape through the grille

The toilets is a location within Paradise Falls in Fallout 3. The building is located just west of the metal fence leading to the slave pens. A sign outside reads "Bathrooms."


The toilets are a simple rectangular building made up of a single room, due west to the metal fence leading to the slave pens. The interior consists of debris and some dummies and is overgrown with green glowing mushrooms. A couple of toilets and basins line the walls which in spite of the ruined appearance make a remarkably healthy water supply at 30 HP vs. 2 rads.

There is also a grating on the floor leading to a tunnel, through which only children can pass, exiting in a similar grate just outside Paradise Falls. This plays a role in the quest Rescue from Paradise.

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The toilets appear only in Fallout 3.


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