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The toaster is a junk item in Fallout 4.


The toaster is a pre-War kitchen appliance that was used to toast bread. It has a stainless steel casing with black painted levers and base, that has internal heating coils to toast the bread inside the two slots on the top.

Clean pre-War variants have yellow levers and bases instead of black, with a chromed body.


The toaster can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting:

Toaster (1)
Spring (2)
Steel (2)



Closest map marker Quantity Description
The Third Rail 2
Monsignor Plaza 2
Sanctuary Hills 2 One is near the side door of The House of Tomorrow. The other is on a counter in the house to the east of the first.
Jamaica Plain 2 One is in the kitchen of the ruined house containing the corpses of Ken and Tanya Standish. The other is in the kitchen of the house kitty-corner from the aforementioned.
Diamond City 2 One is on the counter at Power Noodles. The other is submerged in the water reserve and can be collected as part of Pool Cleaning.
Recon bunker Theta 1 Atop one of the metal storage shelves.
Bunker Hill 1 On one of the shelves in the market area behind Deb.
Crater house 1 On a wooden crate at the lean-to dock behind the rock outcropping to the west.
Rook family house 1 In the kitchen of the second house to the east.
Salem 1 On a floating wooden pallet near the makeshift rowboat flotilla due west.
Croup Manor 1 On the upper deck of the partially submerged tugboat to the northwest.
Easy City Downs 1 On a metal shelf on the ground level of one of the wooden shacks.
West Everett Estates 1 In the kitchen of the house adjacent to the playground.
Revere Beach station 1 In the kitchen of the ice cream shop at the far end of the pier.
Roadside Pines Motel 1 In the kitchen of the house due west.
Ranger cabin 1 At a small cinderblock lean-to to the northwest.
Red Rocket truck stop 1 On one of the metal storage cabinets in the back.
Drumlin Diner 1 On the counter near Trudy.
Drumlin Diner (East Boston) 1 On the counter near the broken fridge.
Slocum's Joe 1 On the counter behind the cash register.
USAF Satellite Station Olivia 1 Outside in the wooden shack with a screwdriver sticking out of it.
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir 1 In the kitchen of Edwin's house.
Cambridge crater 1 On a counter inside the snack bar at Cambridge Park.
General Atomics Galleria 1 On a counter inside Handy Eats.
Rayburn Point Far Harbor (add-on) 1 Nex to a teddy bear on a door raft in one of the partially sunken houses to the northeast.
Haddock Cove Far Harbor (add-on) 1 In the kitchen of the ruined house to the south.
Fringe Cove docks Far Harbor (add-on) 1 Held by a teddy bear in the attic of a ruined house to the northwest.
Echo Lake Lumber Far Harbor (add-on) 1 In the kitchenette of the hardware store.
Radiant crest shrine Far Harbor (add-on) 1 On the floor of the house overrun by super mutants, southeast of the fuel station above the basement armory.

Pre-War toaster

Behind the scenes

This toaster design is based on the Sunbeam T-9 toaster. The lines on the side were supposed to be reminiscent of the Trylon and Perisphere of the New York World's Fair of 1939, the year the toaster was introduced.