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To Meg and Crater freaks is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found in a back room at Spruce Knob Boat Rental, on a table near a sleeping bag.


Lev: What are you doing? No need for tape.

Rocco: Just a little insurance, in case you need a reminder about the terms of our agreement here.

Lev: Whatever. You do what you want. Is worthless anyway. Now, go on. Let us talk payment.

Rocco: S... sure. Like I said, I'll give you all the guns, ammo, and other supplies I took and hid away from Foundation. If, and only if you ruin any chances of your people breaking into that vault. You get it all once you get me that detonator, so I can break in myself and bring the goods back to Foundation. They'll have to let me back in, then.

Lev: Yes, yes. I get location of gun stash, you get to go on foolish endeavor.

Rocco: You know, you and your crew could always help me break in, get a nice cut of the treasure, right?

Lev: No. Vault gold is useless. You will see. Ammo, weapons. That is new world currency. To hell with gold.

Rocco: You're missing out, but I guess we'll agree to disagree.

Lev: Look. As long as you pay up after job is done, I won't regret not killing you when we found you. Can always come back to that if you are lying about stash.

Rocco: N...n...No lie, no sir! Understood. We got ourselfesIn-game spelling an agreement then. Pleasure doing business with you, uh...

Lev: Lev. Now put recorder away. You have alcohol in this shithole? We will drink to seal deal.


The titles of this holotape and Rocco and Lev's deal appear to be mismatched.