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To Janet is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on the bulletin board of a bar in the southern part of Morgantown.


May 4th, 2096

Dearest Janet,

Oh, how I miss you. I miss your sly smile you'd always wear. I miss the warmth of one of your long hugs. I can still remember how happy we were living together back then, even though now I can't remember your face.

I am so, so sorry Janet. I should have trusted you and walked into that Vault holding your hand. Every day for the last 20-odd years I've been kicking myself for making such a stupid, stupid mistake. It's a hellhole out here.

Anyway, this is me finally saying goodbye. And that I'll never forget you, honey. It's getting real real bad here, I've been waiting for that Vault to open so long now and see your bright, smiling face again. But I can't wait no longer. I've got to move on. I should have never taken that job in D.C.

Good luck, Janet. Goodbye. And happy birthday Princess.

Always yours,