Paul, it's me. Tina. I heard back from my sister Candace. We couldn't get into a Vault. 101, 87, didn't matter -- all full to capacity. But my brother Alex is a soldier and... he sort of stole the pass code for a secure Army bunker. He did it for the family. But they caught him. Before they took him into custody, Alex he sent each of us one number of the four-digit code. That way, we all have to be together to get in. He gave me number "5" -- the day of my birth. So I guess what I'm saying is... I'm still leaving. It's been fun. Kind of. Oh, and I'm not pregnant! So no worries.— Tina, on her holotape

Tina Keller is part of the Keller family. She does not actually appear in-game, but is mentioned in the Keller family transcript.


She is the sister of the soldier, Alex. She dated a guy named Paul right before the Great War, but dumped him to go to the bunker.


Tina Keller is mentioned only in Fallout 3.

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