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I'm gonna take Tin Man out there and tool him into a racing bot.— Tony, as written in his letter

Tin Man is a protectron that can be found deactivated at Easy City Downs in 2287.


Tin Man is a protectron that can be activated using Eager Ernie's terminal. Other robots can be found running around a pre-War hippodrome competing against other robots such as Iron Maiden, Ol' Rusty, the Boston Blaster, Atomic Dreamz, Bob's Your Uncle, Piece o' Junk and Lady Lovelace at Easy City Downs. According to a letter found on the body of a dead postman, Tin Can was made into a racing bot by a man named Tony. Tony expected Tin Can to quickly become the track's best robot, despite the relatively slow speed of protectrons.

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Tin Man appears only in Fallout 4.