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I won't give up on this city. Not now, not ever.

Mayor Timothy Lane, also known simply as Mayor Tim, is the mayor of Atlantic City and the head of the city's municipal government in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


Timothy Lane comes from a family that has been farming the land on Atlantic City outskirts for generations. Tim inherited the family farm and business after high school, using the profits to pay for his wife's engineering degree. He and Frieda met in high school, and rather than force her to choose between her love and career, Tim stepped up and promised to help her pursue a degree. He kept his word after the wedding and Frieda Lane was able to become a fully qualified engineer. Her expertise gave the farm a competitive edge in the area.[1]

Frieda's education became essential after the Great War devastated Atlantic City and nuclear fallout blanketed the land. She managed to purge the radiation from the soil and maintain viable crops, leaving the Lane farm as one of the only sources of food in the area. The Lanes were aware that the situation in Acee was bad,[2] but the scale of the issues didn't dawn on either until a mafia raiding party appeared on their doorstep, demanding a portion of their harvest on behalf of the starving kingpins. They were desperate: Under the rule of pre-War mayor, Carly Day, Acee was rife with starvation, sickness, and crime.[3]

Rather than bend the knee and surrender his harvest, Lane grabbed his shotgun and shot the raiders, leaving a single survivor alive for interrogation. The Lanes learned how bad the situation got, and Timothy resolved to save Acee before it was driven completely into the ground by Day's ineptitude.[2] He marched down into the Atlantic City hall to deliver an ultimatum to the mayor. He wound up killing her on the spot. He and Buttercup disposed of the body, creating a cover story about how she fled the city. As nobody liked Day due to her ineptitude and Lane offered a clear path forward, they accepted the lie. Lane immediately set about reorganizing the City government, with him as the new mayor. [4][5]

The new municipal government would serve the people and restore the city. The Munis, as they were soon nicknamed by the other factions, started working on restoring power, water, and food supply, restoring medical care, emergency services, and every other unglamorous yet essential element of civilized society.[6] Lane also made a pragmatic choice regarding the mafia and the Showmen: Rather than go to war against them, he formed an unholy alliance. The municipal government handles public services, while the Lombardi Family and The Showmen focus on providing entertainment that will draw survivors to the city, attracted by the promise of experiencing pre-War splendor once more. In his own words, rather than aiming for heaven, they opted for a civilized hell. To Lane it's a simple matter of fact: He can't change Atlantic City, so instead he works with the devils to rein them in.[7]

The plan worked and by the early 22nd century Atlantic City was one of the most prosperous cities in the East, with working electricity, a stable supply of water and food, trade routes, and all kinds of sin to draw people in. Lane has displayed an unflinching attitude in the face of problems, leading the Munis with calm and determination. Although overworked, understaffed, and underappreciated,[8] Lane is an inspiration to others, even the most unlikely people, like the mob's main accountant.[9]

However, he is not infallible. He has underestimated the threat of the Overgrown for years, considering the plantfolk a temporary problem.[10] The newly formed Forestry Division under Chief Sloane Cao does their best to hold the line, but Lane still has to step in to remind her that all of Acee needs protection,[11] and arrange for external help to deal with the infestation.[12]


Life's too short to worry about petty things like radiation and floor mines.

Calm, relaxed, and humble, Tim Lane is the leader of the chaotic[13] Atlantic City,[14] determined to keep the city and its denizens alive whatever the cost.[15] So much that even his wife jokes that their relationship is more like a ménage à trois, including Acee.[16] Tim has the utmost respect for Frieda's intellect and courage, in particular the way she motivates him to stay sharp to keep up with her.[17] The sentiment is mutual: She respects him for his courage and backbone, vital in a city where good men are hard to find.[18] While she has suggested abandoning Acee and returning to the farm,[19] and Lane does sometimes miss the simpler farm life,[20][21] he resolved to stay and help.[15]

He looks after his fellow Munis and is on good terms with them, in particular since high-risk divisions like Chief Sloane's Forestry, operate on a strictly volunteer basis (which leads to understaffing).[22] He provided Anna Barone with breathing exercises to help manage stress, though it seems she hasn't given them much thought,[23] and his collected demeanor is an inspiration to others, like Pete Rutledge.[24] Apart from Frieda, he's closest with Buttercup. He's one of the few people to earn Buttercup's friendship and loyalty, and the respect is mutual.[25] Buttercup is one of the only people to know what happened to Carly Day, and out of loyalty to Lane, he wants to make damn sure the truth stays buried.[26][27]

Much of his attitude stems from realizing that much of the Acee population is posturing. He knew them when they were starving and much less prone to complaints. As such, the daily flood of complaints means that he's doing his job right, as they have the time and energy to file them.[28] He himself projects an appearance of toughness, realizing that it's necessary to maintain the respect of the Family and the Showmen.[29] He has succeeded: Both factions generally listen to his requests (including Mother Charlotte when he asks her to stop blowing patrons up for art purposes),[30] though there is friction. Especially with Quentino Lombardi.[31] Lane realized that Quentino passed after receiving a letter from him, actually penned by his sister.[32] He used this opportunity to have Buttercup's auditors collect outstanding dues, exploiting the Family's weakness to even the odds and gather funds to maintain the city.[33]

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Mayor Timothy Lane appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground. He was first mentioned in dialogue introduced in the Boardwalk Paradise update, before appearing fully with the America's Playground update.



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    Vault 76 dweller: "So what happened to Carly?"
    Frieda Lane: "She fled the city. Least, that's what Tim told me. Like I said, she wasn't the bravest. She knew she couldn't handle it. Dunno where she went. I haven't seen her since."
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    Vault 76 dweller: "I'm surprised the government is allied with organized crime."
    Mayor Timothy Lane: "Atlantic City is a city of sin and vice. That's just its nature. We don't aim for heaven, but rather, a civilized hell. When you live in hell, do you try to change the Devil, knowing another one will just take its place if you succeed? No. You work with it in an attempt to mitigate its evil. That's just what life in Atlantic City is like."
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