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Timothy is a synth encountered in the Escaped Synth random encounter in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Timothy is a synth who has somehow managed to leave the Institute. He wanders the Commonwealth with the intent of reaching Bunker Hill, stopping to ask passersby for directions along the way.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in random encounters.

Escaped Synth

Other interactions

  • If the Sole Survivor speaks to him, he will ask for the location of Bunker Hill. The Sole Survivor has various dialogue options depending on whether Bunker Hill has been visited.
    • If Bunker Hill has been visited, one has the option to ask for caps, to provide directions or withhold them. Alternatively, he can be questioned as to why he is going there.
    • If Bunker Hill has not been visited, the option to provide directions is replaced with "sorry" and provides different dialogue. Functionally, this works the same as saying "no."
  • Timothy will wander the wasteland aimlessly if he is not provided directions. If he is, he will slowly walk towards Bunker Hill. He can be encountered several times and will still be asking for directions, even if he has been given directions and is just outside Bunker Hill.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Institute jumper 10mm auto pistol
Combat knife
Synth component


  • If placing an item through reverse pickpocketing, it will not be there if he is encountered again.
  • The speech check to ask for caps can still be passed for XP if Bunker Hill has not been visited and the player character cannot give directions there.
  • The eyebot patrolling outside Diamond City and the Protectron patrolling outside Hester's Consumer Robotics will attack Timothy without provocation.


Timothy appears only in Fallout 4.