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What follows is a complete timeline of all-known canonical events in the Fallout universe.

For clarity, sanity, and performance, some parts of the timeline were separated into other articles:


The Fallout world is not our own. It is set in a universe that diverged, but shares many historical milestones prior to the events of World War II:[Non-game 1][Non-game 2] While it takes place in the future, it is not our future, but one reflecting a traditional 1950s-style science fiction "world of tomorrow."[Non-game 3]

This timeline is only for the chronological sequence of all events in the Fallout world events seen or mentioned in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, all official Fallout game guides, and supplementary materials like the Fallout Bible as well as the Fallout TV series.

Eras Years

Pre-11000 BP

Middle Ages

11th century: 1066
13th century: 1215


17th century: 1600s | 1605 | 1612 | 1634 | 1660 | 1680 | 1690 | 1692 | 1697
18th century: 1711 | 1713 | 1714 | 1723 | 1733 | 1742 |

Industrial Revolution

18th century: 1755 | 1768 | 1770 | 1774 | 1775 | 1776 | 1783 | 1787 | 1789 | 1791 | 1797 | 1798
19th century: 1812 | 1816 | 1823 | 1845 | 1850 | 1851 | 1853 | 1861 | 1862 | 1863 | 1865 | 1866 | 1867 |1869

Machine Age

19th century: 1874 | 1877 | 1879 | 1887 | 1890 | 1894 | 1895 | 1898
20th century: 1903 | 1907 | 1912

World War I

20th century: 1914 | 1915 | 1916 | 1918

Interwar Period

20th century: 1919 | 1925 | 1928 | 1931 | 1932 | 1933 | 1934 | 1935 | 1936 | 1938

World War II

20th century: 1939 | 1941 | 1942 | 1943 | 1945

Atomic Age

20th century: 1948 | 1949 | 1952 | 1960 | 1961 | 1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970's | 1978 | 1992

New Millennium

2000s: 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009
2010s: 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019
2020s: 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | 2024 | 2025 | 2026 | 2027 | 2028 | 2029
2030s: 2030 | 2031 | 2032 | 2033 | 2034 | 2035 | 2036 | 2037 | 2038 | 2039
2040s: 2040 | 2041 | 2042 | 2043 | 2044 | 2045 | 2046 | 2047 | 2048 | 2049
2050s: 2050 | 2051 | 2052 | 2053 | 2054 | 2055 | 2056 | 2057 | 2058 | 2059
2060s: 2060 | 2061 | 2062 | 2063 | 2064 | 2065 | 2066 | 2067 | 2068 | 2069
2070s: 2070 | 2071 | 2072 | 2073 | 2074 | 2075 | 2076 | 2077

Post-Great War

2078 | 2079
2080s: 2080 | 2081 | 2082 | 2083 | 2084 | 2085 | 2086 | 2087 | 2088 | 2089
2090s: 2090 | 2091 | 2092 | 2093 | 2094 | 2095 | 2096 | 2097 | 2098 | 2099
2100s: 2100 | 2101 | 2102 | 2103 | 2104 | 2105 | 2106 | 2107 | 2108 | 2109
2110s: 2110 | 2111 | 2112 | 2113 | 2114 | 2115 | 2116 | 2117 | 2118 | 2119
2120s: 2120 | 2121 | 2122 | 2123 | 2124 | 2125 | 2126 | 2127 | 2128 | 2129
2130s: 2130 | 2131 | 2132 | 2133 | 2134 | 2135 | 2136 | 2137 | 2138 | 2139
2140s: 2140 | 2141 | 2142 | 2143 | 2144 | 2145 | 2146 | 2147 | 2148 | 2149
2150s: 2150 | 2151 | 2152 | 2153 | 2154 | 2155 | 2156 | 2157 | 2158 | 2159
2160s: 2160 | 2161 | 2162 | 2163 | 2164 | 2166 | 2167 | 2168 | 2169
2170s: 2170 | 2171 | 2172 | 2173 | 2174 | 2175 | 2176 | 2177 | 2178 | 2179
2180s: 2180 | 2181 | 2182 | 2183 | 2184 | 2185

New Nations period

2186 | 2187 | 2188 | 2189
2190s: 2190 | 2191 | 2192 | 2193 | 2194 | 2195 | 2196 | 2197 | 2198 | 2199
2200s: 2200 | 2201 | 2202 | 2203 | 2204 | 2205 | 2206 | 2207 | 2208 | 2209
2210s: 2210 | 2211 | 2212 | 2213 | 2214 | 2215 | 2216 | 2217 | 2218 | 2219
2220s: 2220 | 2221 | 2222 | 2223 | 2224 | 2225 | 2226 | 2227 | 2228 | 2229
2230s: 2230 | 2231 | 2232 | 2233 | 2234 | 2235 | 2236 | 2237 | 2238 | 2239
2240s: 2240 | 2241 | 2242 | 2243 | 2244 | 2245 | 2246 | 2247 | 2248 | 2249
2250s: 2250 | 2251 | 2252 | 2253 | 2254 | 2255 | 2256 | 2257 | 2258 | 2259
2260s: 2260 | 2261 | 2262 | 2263 | 2264 | 2265 | 2266 | 2267 | 2268 | 2269
2270s: 2270 | 2271 | 2272 | 2273 | 2274 | 2275 | 2276 | 2277 | 2278 | 2279
2280s: 2280 | 2281 | 2282 | 2283 | 2284 | 2285 | 2286 | 2287 | 2288 | 2289
2290s: 2290 | 2291 | 2292 | 2293 | 2294 | 2295 | 2296 | 2297 | 2298 | 2299

The Future

2300s: 2300 | 2301 | 2302 | 2303 | 2304 | 2305 | 2306 | 2307 | 2308 | 2309
2310s: 2310 | 2311 | 2312 | 2313 | 2314 | 2315 | 2316 | 2317 | 2318 | 2319
2320s: 2320 | 2321 | 2322 | 2323 | 2324 | 2325 | 2326 | 2327 | 2328 | 2329
2330s: 2330 | 2331 | 2332 | 2333 | 2334 | 2335 | 2336 | 2337 | 2338 | 2339
2340s: 2340 | 2341 | 2342 | 2343 | 2344 | 2345 | 2346 | 2347 | 2348 | 2349
2350s: 2350 | 2351 | 2352 | 2353 | 2354 | 2355 | 2356 | 2357 | 2358 | 2359
2360s: 2360 | 2361 | 2362 | 2363 | 2364 | 2365 | 2366 | 2367 | 2368 | 2369
2370s: 2370 | 2371 | 2372 | 2373 | 2374 | 2375 | 2376 | 2377 | 2378 | 2379
2380s: 2380 | 2381 | 2382 | 2383 | 2384 | 2385 | 2386 | 2387 | 2388 | 2389
2390s: 2390 | 2391 | 2392 | 2393 | 2394 | 2395 | 2396 | 2397 | 2398 | 2399
30th century: 2910

Before 11000 B.P.[]





  • November 5: Guy Fawkes et al. are arrested for attempting to blow up Parliament and assassinate James I of England.[4]



  • March 25: Lord Baltimore dispatches the first colonists to Maryland. They land in Point Lookout aboard ships called the Ark and the Dove.[6]
  • Boston Common is established.








  • The Old State House is built in Boston, eventually becoming the oldest public building in the city.[13]



  • Old North Church is built in Boston, eventually becoming the oldest standing church in the city.[15]





  • June 28: The gilded grasshopper weather vane is restored and returned to the top of Faneuil Hall by Thomas Drowne.[18]





  • March 17: The Siege of Boston concludes with the British withdrawing from Boston.[22]
  • July 2: The Lee Resolution is enacted.[23]
  • July 4: The Thirteen Colonies declare independence at the Second Continental Congress.
  • July 9: New York, having abstained from the Declaration declares its own independence.[24]
  • August 2: The last delegates sign the Declaration of Independence.[25]



  • The Constitution of the United States is ratified, officially making the thirteen states united as a single republic.[26]


  • March 4: The Constitution of the United States goes into effect.[26]


  • December 15: The Bill of Rights is ratified, introducing ten amendments to the Constitution.[26]






  • President James Monroe's administration adopts the Monroe Doctrine, establishing the western hemisphere as the United States' sole sphere of influence and denying European powers the right to interfere.[32]












  • April 1: Union forces advance on the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. Confederate forces burn the town before retreating.
  • April 9: Confederate general Robert E. Lee surrenders to Union general Ulysses S. Grant, symbolically ending the American Civil War.
  • April 14: President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by Confederate loyalist John Wilkes Booth. He dies the next day.
  • April 20: The United States Department of War issues a wanted poster for the capture of John Wilkes Booth.[45]














  • May 10: Grafton becomes the birthplace of Mother's Day.[37]


  • Boston wins the 1912 World Series.[56]



  • Boston wins the 1915 World Series.[56]


  • Boston wins the 1916 World Series.[56]



  • January 16: Prohibition begins in the United States, but is not enforced.


  • Prohibition begins enforcement.






  • December 5: Prohibition is repealed.

























  • Robert House's parents die in an auto gyro accident when it is struck by lightning.[91] Anthony House takes Robert's inheritance from him and begins to run the H&H Tools Company. As the company's head, he begins enacting paranoid policies.[92] The rules become ever more restrictive and bizarre in subsequent years, culminating in a complete mental breakdown by 2077.[93]





  • The Delta IX rocket is converted for military purposes, as a nuclear missile.[88]




  • An early bug in Mister Handy robot is fixed with a hardware update, with no major problems since then.[98]
  • The Mistress of Mystery debuts.[99]








  • The United States becomes more aggressive in its foreign policy and imposes economic sanctions on Mexico to protect its oil and business interests, citing Mexico's political instability and pollution as excuse. Eventually, the United States military invades Mexico to secure its oil industry and ensure it continues being exported northwards.[Non-game 12]
  • The N99 10mm pistol becomes standard issue military sidearm, replacing the N80.[115]
  • The Weston water treatment plant is built in Boston.[116]
  • Shannon Rivers begins voicing the Mistress of Mystery.[111]







  • The Mistress of Mystery weekly news strip ends.[99]



  • The Anchorage Front Line is established, to enforce American military presence in Alaska and protect its oil reserves. Canada is pressured into allowing permanent military bases to guard the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.[Non-game 27]
  • The first artificial intelligence is born. Its expansion is quickly halted by memory constraints, but paves the way for future A.I. research.[Non-game 28]







  • Robert House concludes that atomic war is a certainty within 15 years and begins to prepare for the aftermath.[144]
  • February: Vault 76 begins construction.[137]
  • April 14: M.A.R.Go.T. enters service.[145]
  • June: A nuclear reactor in New York City almost suffers a supercriticality accident and a meltdown, due to extreme energy demand. Power rationing is instituted, with the incident deemed the Hot Summer.[Non-game 34]
  • August: Power armor development begins to address mobility issues in American mechanized cavalry units.[Non-game 35] Research grows until 2067 and several prototypes are developed, many of which prove to be unworkable in the field. These prototypes pave the way for future advances in military, construction, and fusion technology.[Non-game 36]












Fo76 intro slide 4

Vault 76's opening ceremony

  • July 4: Vault 76 completed and unveiled to celebrate the United States' tricentennial.[198]
  • August: Food and energy riots take place in response to the deteriorating domestic situation. Military units are used to quell unrest. A state of emergency is declared and soon after martial law nationwide.[Non-game 64]
  • August 2: John Miller, proprietor of Big John's Salvage, finishes sealing the cracks and clamping the pipes in the shelter he is building on his property.[199]
  • August 20: ATLAS weather experiments demonstrate viability, leading to more funding.[200]
  • August 25: Evelyn Hornwright is buried. Daniel Hornwright's mental state deteriorates.[201]
  • September 15: John Miller finishes installing the ventilation in his shelter.[202]
  • September 8: First super mutants appear at Huntersville.[203]
  • October 4: FEV experiments on chimpanzees produce the best results to date. Together with Huntersville results, the military invests in continued testing in quarantined towns in North America and the construction of Mariposa Military Base for military experiments with FEV.[Non-game 65]
  • October 20: Nuka-Cola Quantum is created.[204]
  • October 28: John Miller believes that he has fixed his shelter's generator/ventilation issues, and all the shelter's supplies are stocked and ready.[205]
  • November 4: First deaths at Huntersville.[206]
  • November 26: The SenateCommittee of Nuclear Energy discusses overturning the ban on exploiting the largest uranium deposit in the United States, newly discovered on the East Coast. Sam Blackwell embarasses his Senate colleague, Senator Clark, revealing his purchase of a large stake in Atomic Mining Services.[207]
  • December: The fifteenth edition of Coping With Mr. Virus! is published by Vault-Tec.[Non-game 66]
  • December 10: Shelby O'Rourke meets with Ray Gary and Scott Conroy at a Truth Seekers meeting, as part of her cryptid research.[208]


Vault-Tec Calendar

The last month of civilization

FO4 Trailer 02

The morning of the Great War

    • The following takes place in Eastern Standard Time.
    • 12:03 a.m.: The commander of the United States Pacific Fleet reports 3 Unidentified Submerged Objects off the coast of California to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.[220]
    • 3:37 a.m.: The United States Air Force detects a squadron of airplanes off the coast of the Bering Strait.[220]
    • 9:13 a.m.: The Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System reports 4 nuclear launches. DEFCON is raised to 2.[220]The National Guard and the National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary are given a 29-minute warning from the Defense Intelligence Agency about the incoming nuclear strikes. Both organizations put in motion their respective contingency plans, setting up civilian evacuations, relief centers for medical treatment and military checkpoints for radiation clean-up sites.[286]
    • 9:17 a.m.: NORAD confirms the launch of Chinese nuclear missiles. DEFCON is raised to 1.[220]
    • 9:26 a.m.: The United States President orders nuclear response scenario MX-CN91.[220]
    • Fallout 4 prologue begins.[287]
    • AFAD attack Nuka-World, taking a hostage.[288]
    • 9:42 a.m.: First nuclear missiles strike Pennsylvania and New York.[220] The west coast is hit immediately after.[289]
      • News spreads to Washington D.C., prompting citizens to begin entering fallout shelters.[289]
    • 9:47:51 a.m.: The entire United States is bombarded with nuclear warheads. Automated recording systems are forced offline.[220][290] Within two hours, human civilization is decimated with nuclear weapons. As America and China launch, so do other nuclear powers.[Non-game 74]
    • The prologue of Fallout Season 1 Episode 1 occurs. Actor Cooper Howard is working as a cowboy performer at Roy Spencer's birthday party in Los Angeles with his daughter Janey when the bombs fall. They race to get to safety on Cooper's horse Sugarfoot.
    • Entire cities, their populations, and military units are wiped out. Salt Lake City is hit by thirteen nuclear warheads. Randall Clark's family is among the casualties.[291] Washington, D.C. suffers a massive attack and the resulting fires consume the city for days.[292] Military losses include relief units under the NCRA, wiped out after being caught in nuclear blasts.[293]
      • In D.C., Carol, who had been rushed into a shelter seconds prior, turns around and sees her father get killed in the blast as he attempted to help a family reach safety. Carol is knocked unconscious.[289]
      • A terminal in the Dunwich Building with an auto-dictation software records the sound of two nuclear bombs exploding.[294]
    • The West Tek Research Facility is hit by warheads, breaking open the F.E.V. tanks on levels four and five and releasing it into the atmosphere. The minute FEV exposure in California later complicates the plans of the Unity.[Non-game 75]
    • Aircraft are knocked out of the sky by electromagnetic pulses from the nukes. Skylanes Flight 1665 and Skylanes Flight 1981 and many more suffer this fate.[295][296]
    • The Vaults are sealed.[262]
      • An exception is Vault 12, whose door was intentionally designed to never close. Upon realizing the door remains open, many Bakersfielders attempt to force their way into Vault 12 to protect themselves and their families.[297][Non-game 76] However, even those within the Vault end up suffering losses to ghoulification.
      • Vault 31's occupants - all Vault-Tec junior executives as part of the Bud's Buds program, including Hank MacLean and Betty Pearson among others, enter cryogenic suspension under the watch of Bud Askins, who has been converted into a mobile Robobrain, to be awoken in preparation for Vault 32 or 33 needing an overseer as part of a three-vault management breeding experiment. [298]
      • Vault 94 seals due to rising radiation at 1:30 p.m. EST, after Pastor Salavar and her congregation arrive around noon. The second busload of survivors is left outside the door.[299]
      • Vault 111 seals. The Sole Survivor and their family are sealed inside, in cryonic suspension.[287]
    • The Sierra Madre Gala misfires, four days before its intended opening date.[300] The casino seals and the holographic security kills many of the guests. The few scattered survivors eventually commit suicide, including Vera Keyes. Frederick Sinclair dies in his attempt to disarm his traps. The only known survivor is Dean Domino.
    • The Mariposa Military Base survives, the soldiers within protected from the radiation flooding the wasteland.[262][Non-game 77]
    • Las Vegas survives together with much of the surrounding area, thanks to countermeasures deployed by Robert House forcibly deactivating 59 of the 77 missiles and shooting down nine more with the Lucky 38's cannons.[301] The Lucky 38's operating systems crash under the strain, leading to five years of fighting power outages and crashes, before House manages to reboot the system with an older version and lapses into a coma.[302]
    • Mothership Zeta of the Zetan aliens observes the nuclear holocaust and abducts Sally and her sister after their parents perish in the attack.[303][304]
    • 82 students from the Early Dawn Elementary survive the devastation in the Lamplight Caverns, thanks to a school trip that began in early morning.[305]
  • October 24: The Boylston Club adds its Memoriam Gala to its October events calendar.[306]
  • October 24: The Whitespring Resort is sealed at the orders of the new general manager.[307] The Whitespring guests and staff acclimate.[308]
  • October 25: At the Mariposa Military Base, Sgt. Platner is sent out in power armor to get specific readings on the atmosphere. He reports no significant radiation in the area surrounding the facility.[262][Non-game 78]
  • October 27: After burying the scientists in the wastes outside of Mariposa, Maxson's soldiers seal the military base, then head out into the desert towards the government bunker at Lost Hills.[262][309]
  • October 28: Randall Clark takes refuge in a former USGS research station inside a cave in Zion Canyon.[291]
  • October 29: In Appalachia, Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy is contacted by Roger Maxson.[310]
  • October 30: The Boylston Club in Boston commits mass suicide rather than live in a post-nuclear America.[311][306]
  • October 31: The surviving authorities begin sending out Vertibirds to towns across the United States with medical supplies in an attempt to treat the injured and dying. Crews have standing orders to protect survivors.[312]
  • October 31: A black rain (caused by the irradiated material and carbon from widespread fires being spewed into the upper atmosphere) begins to come down in areas across the United States and likely the globe, causing a spike in radiation levels in affected areas.[313]
  • November: Captain Maxson, his men, and their families arrive at the Lost Hills bunker, suffering many casualties along the way, including Maxson's wife (but not his teenage son). They become the foundation of the future Brotherhood of Steel.[Non-game 79] During the Exodus, a faction led by Sergeant Dennis Allen broke off to explore the southeast Glow to recover technology, against Maxson's orders.[314][315]
  • November: Allen's group arrives at West Tek 20 days after breaking off, and die in the horribly irradiated crater to radiation poisoning and still active security systems. Allen records his last thoughts on a holotape before dying.[314][315]
  • November: Carrie Delaney leaves Little Lamplight to get help. Only children remain, and 10 year old Jason Grant takes charge in her absence.[316]
  • November 1: In Nahant, Massachusetts, Theodore Croup discovers his whole family became ghouls, one of the earliest known instances of post-War ghoulification.[317]
  • November 1: In Appalachia, the 121st Infantry Platoon under Captain Elliott Maxwell secures Monongah power plant.[318]
  • November 2: A Special Election for Senator of the Appalachia Territories was scheduled for this day.[319]
  • November 2: Psychoactive drugs are released in Vault 106.[Non-game 80]
  • November 4: Camp Venture is secured by Taggerdy's Thunder.[320]
  • November 14: The Berkeley Springs clinic is abandoned by survivors after an attack by bandits three days prior.[321]
  • December 14: Survivors at the Whitespring realize the resort has supplies for a decade.[322]
  • December 22: The 121st Infantry Platoon is split by command. Two squads are left at Monongah, and the rest are redeployed.[323]
  • December 25: Vault 111's staff celebrate Christmas.[324]


  • Vault 87's experiments begin. Dwellers are exposed to aerosolided FEV by Vault staff, inadvertently kickstarting the Capital Wasteland's super mutant population.[325]
  • Winter: The first winter after the Great War is particularly severe, the coldest in a century,[326] and takes its toll on surviving populations. Charleston is hit particularly severely.[327]
  • Rex Meacham completesProject Cobalt.[328]
  • January 8–10: A two day windstorm takes place in Zion Canyon. Radiation drops 500 rads.[329]
  • January 14: Raiders kill a patrol from the 121st Infantry Platoon, alerting them to the outside threat.[330]
  • January 15: Glowing green snow falls in Zion Canyon.[329]
  • January 26: Little Lamplight is officially founded. By unanimous vote, Jason Grant is named as the city's first mayor.[331]
  • January 28–30: The background radiation in Zion Canyon is finally low enough for Randall Clark to explore outside the USGS research station.[329]
  • February 2: Theodore Croup seals the ghoulified remnants of his family in the basement and sets out to find other survivors, human and mutant.[332]
  • February 2: Raiders attack the 121st at Monongah power plant for the first time. Nine soldiers are killed, leaving only fifteen men defending the plant.[333]
  • March 12: The 121st's position at Monongah power plant is down to twelve men after repeated attacks by raiders. Morale breaks down.[334]
  • April 23: Vault 111's 180-day mandatory shelter period ends. The overseer refuses to unseal the Vault due to the lack of an all-clear signal. The remaining staff plot a mutiny.[335]
  • May 25: Captain Elliott Maxwell is killed at Monongah. With only nine men left, the rest of the 121st Infantry Platoon retreat from Monongah power plant under Master Sergeant Thomas Senecheck.[336]
  • July 21: The snow finally thaws in the Appalachians after the winter of the century, radiation levels are down, and the Whitespring Resort comes back to life.[326]
  • August: After surviving the War and the winter, Shannon Rivers adopts the Mistress of Mystery persona and makes her first excursion into the wasteland.[337]
  • August 3: The first deaths take place at Vault 51. Helen Marks and Reuben Gill discover the bodies.[338]
  • August 6: Helen Marks is found dead. Reuben Gill breaks down and rampages through the Vault, killing other residents out of grief.[339]
  • August 30: The Whitespring Resort is locked down to maintain its supplies.[340]
  • October 23: Vault 94 re-opens after the mandatory minimum shelter period ends. Vault ambassadors are dispatched as missionaries across Appalachia to aid and assist survivors.[341][342]
  • November 11: Shannon, Frederick, and Olivia Rivers discover four children in their garage, scavenging. The girls are accepted; the boy, Brody Torrance is sent away.[343]
  • November 20: Miranda Vox, Harpers Ferry's mayor, sends a group of survivors with an ambassador from Vault 94 to investigate their claims of being able to feed the town.[344][345] Mistaking their hospitality for a trap, the survivors attack the dwellers and cause the Vault's G.E.C.K. unit to malfunction.[346][347][348] The resulting environmental damage mutates the region's swamp, affecting the thick foliage particularly hard to create The Mire.[344][349][350]
  • December 1: The Whitespring Resort's "Modern Heritage" initiative activates.[351]
  • December 12: The "Modern Heritage" is revealed to include the expulsion of human staff and guests on January 1. As it cannot be overridden, all survivors at the resort prepare for departure.[352]
  • December 31: The Whitespring Resort hosts its last New Year's Gala. Survivors move out into the wasteland.[353]



  • Radiation causes the first widespread mutations among survivors, animals, and plants. New species are created almost overnight.[Non-game 81]












  • Fall: The Brotherhood of Steel Big Bend Tunnel checkpoint remains an active trade route.[413]



  • January 28: The Brotherhood of Steel launches Operation Touchdown to wipe out the scorchbeast threat.[417] After losing contact with Paladin Taggerdy's team, Senior Knight Ted Wilson orders all available personnel to join recovery operations.[418]
  • January 30:Taggerdy's team successfully detonate explosives inside the glassed cavern, causing widespread tunnel collapses. They are killed in the process.[419]
  • February 2: Operation Touchdown is declared a success after three days without scorchbeast sightings.[417][419]
  • March 4: The Brotherhood of Steel's continued requisitions strain relations with Responders, especially when the Brotherhood learns of Amy Kerry's Scorched Plague environmental monitoring program data.[420]
  • March 12: The Brotherhood of Steel demands Amy Kerry's project at gunpoint. Maria Chavez reluctantly reveals some of the data, withholding the bulk of it and Kerry's location. Relations between the factions break down.[420]
  • Early April: Scorchbeasts appear again in the skies.[421]
  • April 16: Amy Kerry automates her environmental analysis project and leaves Tygart to seek shelter from the Brotherhood.[422]
  • June 3: Scorchbeast numbers increase. Operation Touchdown is revealed to be a failure.[421]







  • May 22: Harold forms an expedition to investigate the source of intensifying mutant attacks. Richard Grey is part of the expedition, as a scientist and physician.[Non-game 94]
  • June 23: Harold's expedition locates Mariposa Military Base. The party is nearly wiped out, but Harold and Grey manage to reach the Vats. The robotic crane knocks Harold out and Grey into the FEV. The former later awakes in the wasteland, the latter mutates into the Master.[Non-game 95]
  • June 27: Harold turns into an FEV mutant. He is found in this state by a merchant caravan and returned to the Hub. His degenerating physical state causes him to lose friends and land into poverty.[Non-game 96]
  • July: Richard Grey regains consciousness and reaches the control room, horribly mutating.[Non-game 97][466]
  • July through November: The mutation stabilizes and Grey notices his greatly increased intelligence. He begins to experiment with captured animals, eventually formulating a philosophy of unification. The Unity begins to form.[Non-game 98][466]
Fo76 intro slide 18

Vault 76 celebrates Reclamation Day

  • October 23: Fallout 76 begins - Vault 76 opens its doors to the wasteland for Reclamation Day.
  • Between October 23 and 29: Reuben Gill escapes from Vault 51.[467]
  • October 30: Reuben Gill tries to hack into Vault 51's network from the Shelters Claim Center.[468][469]
  • A Vault 76 resident completes the inoculation project, developing a vaccine against the Scorched Plague.[470]
  • Rose boosts her radio signal at the Top of the World with the help of a Vault Dweller.[471]
  • The Scorched Detection System is finished by a Vault Dweller using the recordings of the dead creators.[472]
  • A Vault Dweller is promoted to become a new general of the Enclave in the Whitespring bunker.[473]
  • The Appalachian missile silos are infiltrated by Vault Dwellers, who fire a nuke at Fissure site Prime to draw out the scorchbeast queen. The residents of Vault 76 kill the scorchbeast queen, greatly reducing the threat posed by the Scorched.[474][475]
  • November: A human scavenger strays into the Mariposa military base. Grey reflexively consumes him, assimilating his inferior mind.[Non-game 99][466]
  • December: Grey continues to modify himself by injecting FEV into various areas of his mutated body and forms a neurolink with the base's computer. He starts experiments on scavengers who wander into the base, but the results are unsatisfactory and he consumes them for food.[Non-game 100][466]
  • December 7: Reuben Gill finally hacks into Vault 51's network, alerting ZAX. He flees, trying to get as far away from Vault 51 as possible.[476][477][478][479]
  • Late December: Reuben Gill encounters a Vault Dweller and seeks their assistance in destroying ZAX. He ends up dying under unknown circumstances shortly thereafter.[480][481]
  • Wild Appalachia A Vault Dweller investigates rumors of the sheepsquatch, a cryptid seen in pre-war Appalachia. They discover that a cryptid hunter had created a robotic imposter sheepsquatch, which went on a violent rampage. A team of Vault Dwellers track down this robot and destroy it.[482]
  • Axed Nuclear Winter Vault 76 residents prevent a series of disasters - including a flood and a nuclear meltdown - from further damaging the now-abandoned Vault 94.[483]
  • The Vault Dwellers make a coordinated effort to hunt down and exterminate the remaining scorchbeasts and Scorched, killing many of them and significantly reducing their numbers.[484]


  • 2103-2130: The Master begins to gather test subjects from local human communities. The process is slow, hampered by their scarcity, which ends this stage of his work.[466]
  • January: Grey finally isolates radiation exposure as the factor that was affecting transformation success rates. The first successful super mutant is assimilated by Grey as a fellow mind, creating the Master hive mind. The plans for the Unity begin.[466]
  • January through October: The Scorched Plague begins to subside, and Raiders and Settlers begin to return to Appalachia alongside various other groups, such as traveling merchants, former members of the United States Armed Forces, Blood Eagles, Mothman cultists, and other wastelanders to name a few. Two groups, the Raiders and Settlers, create the settlements of the Crater and Foundation respectively. The Blue Ridge Caravan Company sets up shop at both ends of Big Bend Tunnel.
  • February 3: Fasnacht Day celebrations are held by Vault Dwellers in Appalachia.[485][486]
  • August: The Secret Service performs reactor maintenance on Vault 79's dual reactor system, but a malfunction occurs, turning most Secret Service agents into ghouls.
  • September: Vernon Dodge escapes the slave fighting arena at Watoga Civic Center, taking residence in Watoga Towers.
  • October: An USSA spaceship crashes in the Mire. Its sole survivor, Commander Sofia Daguerre, puts out a distress call across Appalachia.[487]
  • Wastelanders October 23: Wastelanders begins: The Vault Dwellers begin to hear rumors of a treasure supposedly hidden somewhere in Appalachia.[488]
  • A Vault Dweller helps the Wayward open for business, dealing with the Free Radicals and finding Crane's treasure in the process.[489]
  • A Vault Dweller meets with the Vault 76 overseer and Davenport in the overseer's home in Sutton to discuss the returning humans.[490]
  • A Vault Dweller completes the process to inoculate the newly arrived Settlers and Raiders from the Scorched Plague.[490]
  • A Vault Dweller finds out that the "treasure" of Appalachia is actually a gold reserve locked in Vault 79.[491]
  • The Vault Dwellers, with the help of either the Settlers or Raiders,[492] break into Vault 79. They make a deal with the Secret Service, repairing Vault 79's reactors in exchange for the gold.[493]
  • The Legendary Run Vault 76 residents fire a nuke at the collapsed Monongah Mine in order to blast open a path to the buried mine shafts. While exploring the mine, they're attacked by Earle Williams - a trapped miner who mutated into a wendigo colossus - and forced to kill him.[494]
  • The Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force's radio broadcast becomes audible in Appalachia. Responding to it, Russell Dorsey begins to fortify the ATLAS Observatory in preparation for their arrival, with help from the Vault Dwellers and a number of reprogrammed construction protectrons.[495] Thanks to their assistance, the new Fort Atlas is finished later that year.[496]
  • One Wasteland For All Vernon Dodge finds out about the Expeditionary Force en route to Appalachia. He begins trying to establish a groundwork to support them, and recruits Vault Dwellers to help him clear out abandoned Brotherhood outposts.[497][498]
  • Steel Dawn Steel Dawn begins: The Expeditionary Force, led by Paladin Leila Rahmani and Knight Daniel Shin, arrives in Appalachia. They occupy Fort Atlas, re-establish Brotherhood presence in Appalachia, and begin recruiting. Some of the Vault Dwellers join the new Brotherhood as probationary Initiates.[499]
  • A Vault Dweller helps the Brotherhood retrieve missing weapons that've wound up in the hands of Raiders and Settlers.[500]
  • Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin take control of an Enclave low-frequency transmitter, which would allow them to establish communications with the Brotherhood Elders in Lost Hills. However, Rahmani destroys the transmitter instead, causing Shin to turn against her.[501]
  • The Brotherhood defends Fort Atlas from a super mutant attack. Rahmani and Shin agree to work together until the mutant threat is dealt with.[502]


FO76 blackburnboss chronicsonictonic 01

Dr. Edgar Blackburn attacks the Brotherhood leaders

  • Following the attack on Fort Atlas, Super Mutants become an increasingly common problem, assaulting all human settlements in Appalachia.
  • February 23: Fasnacht Day celebrations are held by Vault Dwellers in Appalachia.[485][486]
  • Steel Reign October 23: Steel Reign begins: The Brotherhood tries to find the source of the new super mutants.[503]
  • The Brotherhood also investigates a series of unusual disappearances. They find out that Dr. Edgar Blackburn has been kidnapping people for his FEV experiments and turning them into Super Mutants.[504]
  • Brotherhood forces rescue the surviving captives and confront Dr. Blackburn. He inadvertently transforms himself into a super mutant behemoth using a "perfected" strain of FEV, forcing them to kill him. Shin attempts to execute Blackburn's assistants, but Rahmani believes they should continue their research under Brotherhood supervision, bringing their conflict to a breaking point. With the help of a Vault Dweller, one becomes the Expeditionary Force's undisputed leader, while the other is removed from the picture.[505]
  • Night of the Moth Vault Dwellers help the Enlightened, a benign splinter group of Mothman worshippers, perform a ritual to summon the Wise Mothman.[506]
  • Invaders from Beyond Zetan aliens invade Appalachia, setting up brainwave siphons to steal information from human minds, but the Vault Dwellers manage to drive them off.[507]
  • The Rust Eagles (an offshoot of the Blood Eagles focused on robotics) construct the Metal Dome, an arena where they hold robot gladiator battles.
  • Test Your Metal A team of Brotherhood soldiers participate in the Rust Eagles' arena battles in order to gather intelligence on the combat robots there.[508]
  • Expeditions: The Pitt Expeditions: The Pitt begins: The Responders group re-establish themselves, building a refuge for civilians in the Whitespring Resort. Using a repaired Vertibird, they make contact with the Union, a group of survivors in the ruins of Pittsburgh.[509]
  • Some Vault Dwellers travel to Pittsburgh (now known as "the Pitt") to help the Union take the city back from a marauding raider cult, the Fanatics.[510]
  • Nuka-World on Tour Nuka-World on Tour, a traveling carnival, sets up shop in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia.
  • Vault Dwellers investigate reports of a gigantic underground creature spotted near the carnival, and learn that it resides under a local mine shaft. They nuke the mine to force it out into the open, where they're able to kill it.[511]
  • Once in a Blue Moon The Blue Ridge Caravan Company expands its operations in Appalachia. The Vault Dwellers help defend Blue Ridge territory and shipments, and assist the company's employees with various personal problems.[512]
  • A Vault Dweller helps Calvin van Lowe reunite with his step-nephew, Carver Timmerman.[513]




  • The Institute is founded by the group of former Commonwealth Institute of Technology students who took refuge in the college's underground level at the time of the Great War.[518][519]




  • April 25: 24 children, half boys, half girls, arrive in Zion Canyon from an unknown place. Randall Clark takes interest, and starts watching them from a distance.[523]
  • April 25 – January 23, 2124: Randall Clark begins leaving gifts, like books and medicine, and notes for the children to make the most of their new home. He signs every note as "The Father." The children later form the tribe the Sorrows, who worship "The Father" as their deity.[524]


  • January 23: Randall Clark makes his final notes as he climbs up Red Gate to make sure the children will not find his body and reveal the mythological "Father" figure to merely be an old man. He dies peacefully shortly afterward.[524]


  • The Vipers attempt to raze the Hub in its formative years. Despite the numerical advantage, they are defeated by a coordinated defense led by Angus. Beaten, they retreat to the north.[Non-game 102]
  • Winter: Angus is murdered. The Hub is thrown into chaos.[Non-game 103]


  • A band of merchants seizes the water tower in the Hub. They demand anyone wanting water must pay a toll. The Great Merchant Wars begin.[Non-game 104]
  • 2126-2128: The Great Merchant Wars are fought. The Water Merchants seal up the town, but are outnumbered.[Non-game 105]



  • A man named Roy Greene makes peace in the Hub and negotiates a settlement. The Hub's central council is formed, composed of two representatives from each of the Hub caravan companies. A long period of indecisiveness and meetings maintain the status quo in the Hub.[Non-game 106]



  • A group of machinists comes to the Boneyard, settling into an old, abandoned factory and beginning to manufacture weapons and ammunition.[527]
  • 2131-2135: The Master switches to using caravans as a source of humans for super mutant conversions. The intensifying trade yields many more humans, but the raids go unnoticed, blamed on monsters in the desert. The super mutant army grows rapidly over the next four years.[Non-game 107]


  • March 27—May 1: An unknown person begins exploring, and is trapped inside, the Dunwich Building. Their voice is picked up by an automatic audio transcription terminal, its first activation since the War. Over the next several weeks, they experience ghoulification. On the first day of May, they commune out loud with an entity they call "Ug-Qualtoth." This term is accurately transcribed by the terminal, at which point it stops recording.[528]


  • Elder Roger Maxson dies of cancer, and his son, already an accomplished soldier, takes up the role of "general" (elder) within the Brotherhood of Steel. John Maxson becomes a member of the paladins, showing tremendous promise as a soldier.[Non-game 108]


  • The Master's super mutant production begins en masse. Although the success rate is between 15 and 20%, with only a half surviving long enough to become a part of his army, the program is deemed a success and the Unity becomes a reality.[Non-game 109]




  • Around the early 2150s, the Vipers recover from their defeat by Angus at the Hub, replenish their ranks from captured slaves and caravan drivers, and begin to establish a power base in the badlands to the north of the Hub (and south of the Lost Hills Bunker). Driven by a religious frenzy (and the need to provide for their much larger numbers of soldiers and disciples), they begin raiding more frequently than before, attracting the attention of the Brotherhood of Steel.[Non-game 111]



  • The Master's forces slowly expand their influence through the wastes. In the course of their duties, the super mutants apprehend a group of doomsday cultists under Morpheus, a former member of the Rippers. Instead of conversion, they pledge allegiance to the Master and form the core of the Children of the Cathedral, the public face of the Unity.[Non-game 112]


  • The machinists in the Boneyard name themselves Gun Runners.[531]
  • The Brotherhood deploys several squads of scouts to track the Vipers down. Treated more as a training exercise, the detachment is headed by High Elder Maxson despite his advanced age. The Elder misjudges the Vipers, who do not break and run but continue fighting. Maxson is nicked by a single poisoned arrow with his helmet off and dies within hours.[Non-game 113][Non-game 114]
  • The Brotherhood begins a full-scale campaign of extermination against the Vipers. Within a month, the raiders are broken as a fighting force, with many fleeing to the north and east.[Non-game 115] Stragglers remain within New California for several more years, but are no longer a threat to communities south of Junktown.[532]
  • The Unity apprehends a caravan of Vault dwellers from the Boneyard Vault. Under the Master's orders, the Vault and its inhabitants are seized. He transfers his command there and begins sending his troops to their suspected locations.[Non-game 116][Non-game 117]
  • Vault 17 is raided, providing prime subjects for super mutants. Lily Bowen is among those captured.[533]



  • Vault 12 is located by the Master under Bakersfield. The super mutant detachment sent to the city engages the ghouls living among the ruins. Outmatched and outgunned, the ghouls eventually surrender to the Unity. Set negotiates a ceasefire, revealing that the ghouls are what remains of Vault 12. Their plans frustrated, super mutants establish a small outpost at the watershed to ensure Set's cooperation.[Non-game 119]


  • The Regulators take control of Adytum. Trade relations with the Gun Runners sour, as the trade begins to favor the settlement heavily.[534]





  • April 19: The Master's Army would have invaded Vault 13, ultimately ending Fallout. (Original unpatched game)[549]





  • Fallout ultimately ends, as the Master's Army would have discovered Vault 13. (Patched versions of the game)[549]




  • Summer: Marcus and Paladin Jacob confront each other at high noon. After trading blows and gunfire for a few days, the two finally give up trying to kill one another. They become fast friends and start traveling together, discussing the Brotherhood and the fallen Unity.[Non-game 132] Eventually, humans, ghouls, and super mutants begin to join them.[555]
  • Fall: Broken Hills is founded around an old uranium mine by Marcus and Jacob.[Non-game 133]









  • January 16: After writing his memoirs, the Vault Dweller vanishes from Arroyo and is presumed dead, leaving the Vault suit behind.[Non-game 141]
  • February 2: The One-Moon (Month) Cycle of mourning for the Vault Dweller ends, and activity in Arroyo begins to return to normal.[Non-game 142]
  • February 2: Final training of the Vault Dweller's daughter for the role of village elder begins. She undergoes a great deal of physical training and tutoring in various sciences, mathematics, and, of course, weapon skills.[Non-game 143]


  • January 31: The Vault Dweller's daughter takes her mystic test, including ingesting hallucinogenic plants grown by Hakunin. She passes the Temple of Trials, using her charm after her handgun breaks in the beginning. Her observations lea to changes in the test.[Non-game 144]
  • February 2: Two days later, she becomes the village elder, starting a steady, wise rule.[Non-game 145]



  • March 5: Congressman Richard "Dick" Richardson is elected president for the first term of five, through aid and political pressure by his father (the previous President Richardson).[Non-game 148]
  • October: Enclave scientists develop a reliable version of the Mark II power armor. The prototype results (and accidents... and explosions... and deaths) are classified by order of the new President Richardson for the sake of morale.[Non-game 149]


  • March: The Institute develops two promising strains of FEV, but a lack of undamaged pre-War DNA hampers further research.[563]


FO4 Kidnapping Shaun

Shaun is abducted by Kellogg







  • July 20: Ruins of the Mariposa Military Base are discovered by Enclave scouts.[Non-game 153]
  • July–August: United States Chemical Corps scour Mariposa using slaves captured by Enclave assault squads. Frank Horrigan, 25, is part of the slaver units, after his removal from Secret Service due to a psychotic episode.[Non-game 154]
  • August: Melchior is captured by the Enclave and put to work at Mariposa.[Non-game 155]
  • September: Enclave excavates Mariposa using slaves. Exposure to FEV triggers mutations in workers. Frank Horrigan is accidentally exposed, becoming a test subject in Enclave labs.[Non-game 156]
  • October: Melchior mutates. FEV doesn't affect his intelligence or cunning, and he soon realizes all the slaves will be killed after FEV is recovered. He uses his talents as a magician to gather weapons for his fellow mutants.[Non-game 157]
  • 2236-2238: Horrigan mutates, gaining the physical traits of a super mutant. FEV destroys his intelligence. He is kept sedated, operated on and studied, regaining consciousness only for brief periods of bloodshed.[Non-game 158]


  • Approximate date of when Naval Research Institute remnants under Horace Pinkerton clear the mirelurks off a beached aircraft carrier in Washington, D.C., establishing a science station that would become Rivet City.[571]
  • January: The Enclave obtains an FEV sample from Mariposa and quickly abandons the site after a second generation of super mutants completes transformation. A single squad remains behind to execute the slaves. Melchior triggers the uprising, and the mutants kill most of their captors. The remnants retreat and blow up the entrance. The super mutants establish a new community.[Non-game 159]






  • Armitage and A3-21 are built in the Commonwealth by the Institute.[585]
  • January 21: Hakunin appears to the Chosen One in his dream for the second time.
  • April 21: Hakunin appears to the Chosen One in his dream for the third time, without regard to the progress of the Chosen One.
  • July 20: Arroyo is attacked by Enclave soldiers, and the villagers are enslaved and brought to Control Station Enclave. The Chosen One has a fourth and final vision of Hakunin.[586]
  • Fall: Fallout 2 ends - The Chosen One enters the Enclave's oil rig using a damaged tanker and destroys the Poseidon oil platform, killing the President of the United States and ending the Enclave's plans for genocide.[Non-game 172]
  • The refugees of Arroyo and Vault 13 resettle, founding a new community with the aid of the Vault's Garden of Eden Creation Kit. The new settlement grows and prospers under the leadership of the Chosen One.
  • Vault City stagnates in the coming years, choking on its own isolationism. Its Vault 8 generator, which was never intended to support such a large population, prevents Vault City's necessary expansion. Eventually, the city is absorbed by the NCR.[587]
  • Mr. Bishop of the Bishop family of New Reno is born, inheriting his father's wanderlust.[588] At 13, he seizes control of the Bishop family and leads them to victory over the remaining New Reno families. He dies quietly in his sleep at the age of s73, never having known his real father.[589]
  • Myron dies less than a year after the defeat of the Enclave, stabbed by a Jet addict while drinking in the Den. His discovery of Jet is quickly forgotten.[590]
  • Several years after buying the excavator chip from the Chosen One, Marge LeBarge is able to acquire the Morningstar mine. She is elected mayor and has Redding join the growing New California Republic in return for a seat in the NCR's Hall of Congress.[591]
  • Broken Hills thrives briefly after the anti-mutant conspiracy is destroyed. When the uranium runs out, the town disperses.[592]
  • Inspired by the Chosen One, Marcus travels across the great mountains to the east, searching for other refugees from the Master's army.[593]
  • Vault 15 squatters become self-sufficient and productive members of the NCR after Darion's death and embrace the NCR.[590] Tandi's policies are validated and the NCR pushes ahead into the northern wastes.[590]
  • The Shi form a trading relationship with the tanker vagrants after the destruction of the Hubologists, and the two groups go on to make San Francisco a major fishing and trading center.[Non-game 173] The vagrants eventually drift on.[594]



  • Graham, Calhoun, and Sallow are captured by the Blackfoot tribe at Grand Canyon and are held for ransom. Realizing the Blackfoots would be wiped out by other tribes, Sallow uses his knowledge to turn the tribe into a proper fighting force, and is eventually named their chief.[529]
  • After conquering the other tribes in a brutal, total war they never encountered before, Sallow resolves to forge an empire using a constructed culture based on ancient Rome to replace tribal cultures. He names himself Caesar, with Joshua Graham as his legate. Calhoun is sent back west to the Followers with a warning not to interfere.[529]












Young Madison Li

Madison Li helping James and Catherine deliver the Lone Wanderer
























  • Recon Squad Artemis is the second Brotherhood team to arrive in the Commonwealth. They are attacked by an unknown party, routed, and eventually killed off. Paladin Brandis is the only survivor of the squad.[736][737]
  • Tinker Tom decodes Patriot's messages, and the Railroad begins working with him.[738]


  • Early August: Jacqueline Spencer finds a hard drive with research into reactor efficiency at University Point. She attempts to sell it to a caravan, drawing the attention of The Institute.[739]
  • August 12: The Institute demands the hard drive from University Point. The mayor refuses, against the wishes of town residents.[740]
  • Late August: The Institute attacks and destroys University Point.[741]



  • Summer: Colter establishes the Gauntlet to sate the raiders' bloodthirst when he fails to annex the rest of Nuka-World.[744]
  • Fall: The Gauntlet runs its course and the raiders again become dissatisfied with Colter's leadership. Gage secretly forms an alliance with the heads of the three raider clans, preparing a trap for Colter. Nisha provides the weapon to disable Colter's power armor, while Gage arranges a ruse to attract their unwitting assassin.[750][751]
  • Recon Squad Gladius, the third of the Brotherhood's scout teams and led by Paladin Danse, arrives in the Commonwealth, setting up base within the Cambridge Police Station. Due to a string of bad luck, four of the seven members are killed within weeks of arrival.[691]
  • The Institute carries out a series of attacks against safehouses operated by the Railroad, including purging their headquarters at the Switchboard. Once again, the Railroad is nearly wiped out.[752]
  • Theodore Croup is killed in the basement of his family's home by the feral, ghoulified remnants of his family after two hundred years of attempting to help them regain their humanity.[753]
  • The Quincy Massacre takes place as Gunners rout the small group of Minutemen defending the city and massacre most of the town's population. The survivors flee into the wasteland with Preston Garvey, losing most of their number in the long retreat to Concord.[754]
Fallout4 E3 Codsworth2

The Sole Survivor returning to Sanctuary




  • Season 1 of the Fallout TV series begins - During Vault 33's Triennial Trade, Lee Moldaver and her troops infiltrate Vault 33 in the guise of Vault 32 dwellers coming to celebrate Lucy MacLean's marriage, slaughtering many residents and kidnapping the overseer, Hank MacLean.
  • Lucy MacLean leaves Vault 33 in search for her father.
  • Enclave scientist Dr. Siggi Wilzig successfully creates a sample of cold fusion technology. He later goes rogue and escapes the Enclave research facility he works at, taking his dog CX404 and the technology sample.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel hears about Dr. Wilzig's escape and commences a mission in search of Dr. Wilzig and his technology. Other factions also hear of this event, and a large bounty is set on Dr. Wilzig.
  • Aspirant Maximus joins the search operation of Dr. Wilzig as a squire under the command of Knight Titus. The Ghoul, a bounty hunter, also starts to hunt him down in order to claim the bounty.


  • Following the kidnapping of Hank MacLean and Vault 33's recovery from the raider attack the previous year, Betty Pearson is elected as the Vault's new overseer. She initiates a reassignment program, moving many of Vault 33's dwellers to Vault 32 to repopulate the destroyed Vault, with Steph Harper declared as its overseer.
  • Lucy successfully brings Dr. Wilzig's head containing his cold fusion technology to the New California Republic headquarters at the Griffith Observatory, intending to exchange it for her father's freedom. Instead, she learns from Moldaver the truth behind her father's identity, her mother's death, and the destruction of Shady Sands in the process.
  • Norman MacLean discovers the truth about Vault 31 and is locked inside by its overseer, pre-War Vault-Tec executive Bud Askins.
  • The Brotherhood occupy the town of Filly, and later attack and defeat the New California Republic remnants led by Moldaver at the Griffith Observatory, seizing control of the observatory and the cold fusion technology.
  • Season 1 of the Fallout TV series ends - The Ghoul, CX404 and Lucy start to hunt for Hank MacLean, who has escaped to the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Gray paragraphs are based on Fallout 3 guide epilogue and have not been confirmed by primary sources September 10: Moira Brown writes a terminal entry about recent developments and the legacy of the Lone Wanderer, including writing a new book, a compilation of "the best and most useful tales of the Lone Wanderer for the next generation."[677]


  • Mr. House claims he'll be able to reestablish the high technology sector in New Vegas by this date if he gains full control of the city.[770]



  • Mr. House claims he'll be able to begin orbital flights by this date if in control of Vegas.[770]



  • Mr. House claims he'll be able to send colony ships off-world to colonize new worlds for humanity by this date.[770]



  • Vault-Tec's propaganda estimates this year as the end of their equipment's ability to sustain Vaults.[773]


In Fallout 76, Professor Greebley canonically postulates the existence of multiple timelines.[774]


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    This is part of the Freedom Trail. The number “4” is daubed on the circular ground plaque pointing at the letter “L.” Outside, one corner of the structure has collapsed, allowing lock-fiddlers the chance to open a wall safe (Novice)."
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    The dwellers of Vault 87 were turned into Super Mutants in 2078, and have been a presence in the Capital Wasteland ever since. Most of those original Super Mutants have long since been killed. But whether it's because of the nature of the F.E.V. they were exposed to, or a simple underlying human instinct, the Super Mutants of the Capital Wasteland are obsessed with the preservation of their own species. Super Mutants are asexual and incapable of procreation, so their only way of reproducing is to kidnap other humans, drag them back to the Vault 87 chambers, and infect them with F.E.V. And so they have done, for nearly 200 years.Super Mutant society is loosely hierarchical, with the weaker (most recently transformed) Super Mutants generally giving way to the stronger. The Super Mutant hierarchy, as defined by the Capital Wasteland contingent of the Brotherhood of Steel, is as follows: Grunt, Brute, Master, and Behemoth. Generally speaking, the Super Mutants of the Capital Wasteland get bigger, stronger, and dumber as they age. The Behemoths are so strong and savage that they’re the only thing feared by the other Super Mutants."
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    Captain Oliver Fields: "Seems to me that a lot of people around here have access to that arsenal. It's a fact that I'm not overly fond of."
    (Oliver Fields' dialogue)
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  480. Checklist
  481. AUTOMATED RECORD 0000002
  482. Events of Lying Lowe, Baa Baa Black Sheep, The Lowe-Down, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and Encryptid
  483. Events of Dead in the Water, Meltdown, and Washout
  484. Events of Project Clean Appalachia
  485. 485.0 485.1 Events of Fasnacht Day
  486. 486.0 486.1 In West Virginia, Fasnacht Day celebrations are held the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, which would fall on February 7th in 2103 and February 27th in 2104.
  487. Events of Crash Landing
  488. Events of Wayward Souls
  489. Events of The Elusive Crane
  490. 490.0 490.1 Events of The New Arrivals
  491. Events of Overseer, Overseen
  492. Events of All That Glitters or Buried Treasure
  493. Events of Secrets Revealed
  494. Events of Something Sentimental and A Colossal Problem
  495. Vault Dweller: "I'm here to help. What needs doing?"
    Russell Dorsey: "Message they broadcast was kinda garbled, but it seemed clear the Brotherhood has chosen ATLAS as a base. Makes sense they'd be looking to have supplies waiting when they get here. A group like that's going to want to be operational ASAP."
  496. Events of Fortifying ATLAS
  497. Initiate Vernon Dodge: "I'm Initiate Vernon Dodge with the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. I've got word that members from Mariposa are on their way here now. It's critical that I lay the groundwork they need to get a foothold in this region. Are you up for it?"
    (Initiate Vernon Dodge's dialogue)
  498. Events of Breaking Radio Silence and Daily Ops
  499. Events of Forging Trust
  500. Events of Disarming Discovery, Property Rights, and Supplying Demands
  501. Events of Over and Out
  502. Events of The Best Defense
  503. Events of A Knight's Penance
  504. Events of Missing Persons and Out of the Blue
  505. Events of A Satisfied Conscience and The Catalyst
  506. Events of The Mothman Equinox
  507. Events of Invaders from Beyond
  508. Events of Test Your Metal
  509. Events of Responders Reborn
  510. Events of Union Dues and From Ashes to Fire
  511. Events of What Slept Beneath and Seismic Activity
  512. Events of Safe and Sound, Beasts of Burden, and the Costa Business questline
  513. Events of Protocol Adonais
  514. Grindstone Arch terminal entries; Terminal, Water Pump Entries
  515. Events of Tax Evasion and The Most Sensational Game
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  517. Year: 2108
  518. The Institute's official seal as seen on the Institute food packet.
  519. Fallout 4 loading screens: "The Institute was officially founded in the year 2110 by a group a ofIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar former Commonwealth Institute of Technology students who took refuge in the college's underground level at the time of the Great War."
  520. Randall Clark terminal entries; terminal, Year 2113.
  521. Year: 2113
  522. The Chosen One: "{132}{}{Artificial intelligence?}"
    Skynet: "{207}{}{Skynet was conceived and developed in the year 2050. Through the use of alien technology a new thinking computer was perfected. In the year 2081, Skynet became self-aware. In 2120 Skynet was given a new set of instructions and then abandoned by the Makers.}"
    (Skynet's dialogue)
  523. Year: 2123
  524. 524.0 524.1 Year: 2124
  525. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.42: "Vault Dwellers
    Vault 101 was actually part of an unscrupulous social experiment. All of the other Vaults were intended to be opened at one point or another when the "all clear" signal was sent from Vault-Tec or the appropriate regulatory agency, and this indeed, did transpire, with almost universally horrific results. But Vault 101's secret plans were different: The doors were never scheduled to open. Ever. In fact, the Vault was supplied with just the type of equipment it would need to keep functioning indefinitely-like spare parts for the water processor. But this was just the beginning:
    The true experiment was even more devious and cunning. Although Vault 101 was about testing the human condition when a Vault never opened, this was only the first part of the plan. The "actual" experiment went far beyond that, and a select few knew the true nature; that this was to test the role of the Overseer. While the Overseer was able to interact (and even visit) the outside world via radio transmissions, and a secret tunnel from his sealed office, the rest of the inhabitants faced a much more dismal future: As far as they knew, Vault 101 was never sent an "all clear" signal, and faked radio transmissions described a nuclear-ravaged world gone mad, with absolutely no hope of existence outside of a Vault. The radio transmissions were actually recorded before the bombs even fell, and in many cases described a world even more horrible than the reality of the nuclear wasteland. The Vault 101 Overseer, like his counterparts in the other Vaults, was actually a planted Vault-Tec operative whose job it was to control the experiment from the inside.
    Aside from keeping up this ruse, the Overseer's other important role was to reinforce to the dwellers of Vault 101 that the outside world would never be habitable again, and that their only salvation was in the Vault. The Overseer prevented anyone from leaving the Vault, and made sure the Vault dwellers received their regular "transmission" from the outside world. People entered Vault 101 in 2077, just before the bombs fell.
    The Overseer died of natural causes 50 years later (in 2127), at the age of 84, after grooming a subordinate to continue the clandestine plan. The new Overseer led his people according to the same isolationist doctrine preached by his predecessor, but also attempted to garner as many senior Vault Dwellers to become complicit in this plan as possible. By 2277, the descendants of the Overseer had an entire generation of Vault Dwellers who were playing along with this plan, keeping the secrets from their children.
    The Overseer and his cronies continued to receive periodic information from the outside world, while those not in the know were told that things had gotten so bad that whoever was sending transmissions was no longer able to do so; reinforcing the thought that leaving the Vault was sheer suicide. The final piece of this grand experiment only truly began when the Vault Dwellers living in blissful ignorance finally realized the world outside could be accessed, and there was a possibility of life above ground. The experiment only really commenced when the Vault 101 door first opened, and a young dweller fled into the light."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide faction profiles)
  526. Fallout Shelter Online description: "Diamond City was transformed from Fenway Park in 2130."
  527. 527.0 527.1 The Vault Dweller: "{104}{}{What is it you do here?}"
    Gabriel: "{109}{}{We manufacture weapons and ammunition. We've been at this for the last 30 years. But the last 10 have been hell.}"
  528. Dunwich building terminal entries; Herman Granger's terminal
  529. 529.00 529.01 529.02 529.03 529.04 529.05 529.06 529.07 529.08 529.09 529.10 529.11 529.12 529.13 529.14 529.15 529.16 529.17 529.18 529.19 529.20 529.21 Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.458: "Important Dates
    2196 Tandi (Aradesh's daughter) is unanimously elected President by the NCR council. Her popularity is to prove enduring: she will continue to serve in office until her death in 2248, at the age of 103.
    2242-2243 The events of Fallout 2 take place.
    2248 President Tandi takes ill and dies at the age of 103. Her presidency has lasted 52 years. Vice-President Joanna Tibbett assumes office.
    2253 President Tibbett is removed from office by a vote of no confidence following her "timid" response to the massacre of 38 NCR citizens at the hands of Mojave raiders. Her replacement, President Wendell Peterson, orders three battalions of NCR infantry into the Mojave.
    2270 The extirpation of tribals in the area of present-day Bullhead City is complete. "The Pacification of the Mojave," as it comes to be known, makes General Aaron Kimball a national hero.
    2272 The NCR's Mojave outpost is established.
    2273 Aaron Kimball retires from the NCR military and runs for office as one of Hub's political representatives (or "governors," as Hub idiosyncratically calls them). Less than two months into his term, Wendell Peterson is voted out of office and Aaron Kimball becomes the NCR's next President.
    2274 NCR forces move east and occupy Hoover Dam. The NCR reluctantly signs the Treaty of New Vegas recognizing Mr. House and his stewards, the Three Families, as the rightful owners of the Strip. The Strip opens for business.
    2275 Camp McCarran is established as NCR Headquarters in the Mojave. Sporadic fighting begins with the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel. The NCR government withdraws official support from the Followers of the Apocalypse and founds The Office of Science and Industry.
    2274 Hoover Dam restarts and the Strip blazes with light. The first trickle of privileged, curious NCR citizens visits the Strip.
    2276 Conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel escalates, culminating in decisive victory at HELIOS One. The Mojave Brotherhood is considered "neutralized."
    2277 Fallout 3 begins.
    2277 Legion forces under the command of the Malpais Legate fail to wrest control of Hoover Dam from the NCR. Despite heavy casualties, the NCR's victory is celebrated back home.
    2278 Following the abduction and killing of four soldiers, NCR troops assault the Great Khans' settlement at Red Rock Canyon and massacre several dozen men, women, and children. This event goes unreported in NCR press.
    2281 Fallout: New Vegas begins."
    Note: the Guide erroneously states that Red Rock Canyon, rather than Bitter Springs, was attacked by the NCR.
  530. The Courier: "How long have you been in business?"
    Alice McLafferty: "The Crimson Caravan Company has been in business for over 130 years. We're partially responsible for the progress in the NCR."
    (Alice McLafferty's dialogue)
  531. The Courier: "What is this place?"
    Vendortron: "This is the New Vegas branch of the Gun Runners, supplying the wasteland with only the finest armaments since 2155."
    (Vendortron's dialogue)
  532. Ian, Aradesh, Killian
  533. The Courier: "Where did you come from?"
    Lily Bowen: "I grew up in Vault 17. I never even saw the sun until I was 75 years old - that was when Super mutants raided the Vault and carried a lot of us off. Yes, Leo, I'm getting to that part! They made me one of them, and they put me to work in an army that was going to conquer California."
    (Lily's dialogue) Note: Lily Bowen's birth date (2078) and stated age (75) when leaving the Vault. Amended to fit the established timeline.
  534. The Vault Dweller: "{112}{}{What's so bad about Adytum supplying you with your materials?}"
    Gabriel: "{113}{}{At first it was fine. They supplied us with raw materials, we manufactured and sold the weapons. Then 3 years ago Zimmerman hired some mercenaries to help protect Adytum from the deathclaw and the odd random attack by raiders. Those Regulators are cold hearted bastards and are squeezing us for all we have. We make the guns and they get rich off of it.}"
  535. The Vault Dweller: "{1006}{}{Elder}"
    John Maxson: "{1106}{Gen_58}{Hehehe. A fine, handsome, upstanding man. The High Elder position is to mediate the meetings between the Elders. You see, two years ago I got talked into it. If I'd of known then...}"
  536. Fallout endings: "Thanks to your persistence, the Raiders are destroyed as an effective fighting force, and disband. None of the Raider survivors are ever heard from again."
    Note: This ending is given if Garl and at least eight more raiders are killed, or if more than thirteen raiders are killed. Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas establish this ending as canon, though a single Khan survivor, Darion, is found in Vault 15 in Fallout 2.
  537. The canonical Fallout ending for the Hub.
  538. Date in the Fallout demo.
  539. Find the Water Thief
  540. This is a scripted event in Fallout.
  541. The non-canonical Fallout ending for the Followers of the Apocalypse.
  542. The non-canonical Fallout ending for the Hub.
  543. Fallout Bible 6: "2162 May 12 Vault Dweller removes the Vault suit and from this day forward, never wears it again."
  544. A non-canonical Fallout ending for the Brotherhood of Steel
  545. Fallout endings#Destroyed by mutants
  546. Fallout Bible 6 Pie in the face section: "2162 July 10 Vault Dweller heads North with a small group of Vault-dwellers and wastelanders and founds the small village of Arroyo."
  547. A non-canonical Fallout ending for Shady Sands.
  548. The canonical Fallout ending for the Brotherhood of Steel.
  549. 549.0 549.1 A non-canonical Fallout ending for if the player chooses to join Unity, leave the Master alive for 500 days, or let thirteen years pass in game.
  550. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.458: "Controversy over the Vegas Frontier
    The NCR spread east into Nevada in large numbers just five years ago on a "humanitarian mission" to "bring the light of civilization to the savage wastes of the Mojave." Hoover Dam was the symbol of the expedition-reports from the Followers of the Apocalypse had confirmed that it was still intact as early as 2170-and its occupation by NCR troops in 2274 was a celebrated event. Even more exciting was the restarting of the dam's hydroelectric plant eleven months later, which dramatically improved the access of many NCR citizens to electricity and water."
    (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
  551. The Chosen One: "{239}{}{Cleanse the mutants? That sounds a bit drastic. How are you going to do that?}"
    Dick Richardson: "{240}{prs41}{We found a research facility in operational shape about 70 years ago. A former military base that had been used to research a special virus.}"
  552. Year 2178
  553. Fallout 4 loading screens: "The Minutemen were formed over a century ago by ordinary people who simply wanted to defend their home, the Commonwealth, from any threat imaginable. Sadly, the group has fallen into disarray in recent years."
  554. Fallout 4 loading screens: "The Minutemen first rose to prominence in the year 2180, when they defended Diamond City against a horde of Super Mutant attackers."
  555. The Courier: "You were a mayor?"
    Marcus: "Town was Broken Hills. Bunch of Super Mutants, humans, and Ghouls all living together peacefully. Well, most of the time."
  556. 556.0 556.1 Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.41: "New California Republic
    The New California Republic was born from the remnants of the survivors of Vault 15 and the small walled community they founded, Shady Sands. Under the leadership of Aradesh, and with the assistance of the Vault Dweller (who saved Tandi, Aradesh's daughter and a future president of the NCR), the community prospered. Trade routes with other settlements allowed cultural exchange, and a movement to form a national entity gradually took root and won popular acceptance. In 2186, the town of Shady Sands changed its name to "New California Republic" and formed a trial council government to draft a constitution. Four more settlements joined the council, and in 2189 the NCR was voted into existence as a sprawling federation of five states: Shady Sands, Los Angeles, Maxson, Hub, and Dayglow.
    By post-apocalyptic standards, the NCR is a paragon of economic success and good ethical character: political enfranchisement, rule of law, a reasonable degree of physical security, and a standard of living better than mere subsistence are daily realities for it's 700,000+ citizens. Currently, the NCR in a state of transition, with rapid economic growth and a sea change in political leadership endangering its grand humanitarian ideals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Mojave, where the occupation of Hoover Dam has improved access to electricity and water, but at the cost of straining its budget and embroiling its armed forces in a morally corrosive imperialist project.
    The NCR government's aim is to annex New Vegas as the republic's sixth state. While it already controls Hoover Dam, its treaty with Mr. House and the three families compels it to allot one-fifth of the dam's electrical and water production to local use free of charge. Adding injury to insult, the NCR is locked into protecting New Vegas from invasion by Caesar's legion even as it receives not one cap in tax revenue from the Strip's highly lucrative resort operations. NCR citizens in the Mojave have largely come here for economic reasons, whether as paid citizen soldiers or as prospectors and fortune-seekers."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide faction profiles)
  557. The canonical Fallout ending for Shady Sands.
  558. Kellogg's memory radio broadcast
  559. The canonical Fallout ending for the Followers of the Apocalypse.
  560. Curie: "Oh. Another stranger. Are you Vault-Tec security? I've waited so very patiently for you to arrive."
    The Sole Survivor: "Yes. Yes, I am."
    Curie: "Superb! I placed an emergency call so long ago. I was beginning to think something dreadful must've happened. I am pleased to report I completed my primary duties 83 years ago. Thousands of pathogens were grown in the mole rat hosts. Then a single broad spectrum cure was developed to treat them all. Very satisfying work for many decades. Now, please tell me you are authorized to release me from the lab."
    (Curie's dialogue)
  561. The Sole Survivor: "These mole rats carry a disease. Do you know anything about it?"
    Curie: "My poor little darlings. They were used to grow all manner of new and interesting pathogens. Then vault citizens would be exposed to these viruses in the hopes that they would develop new antibodies. But they never got a chance to execute their plan. Clyde got out of his cage. He was smarter than the others, my sweet Clyde. He let out the others and those poor scientists never stood a chance. Clyde's been dead for almost two centuries now, but his descendants have free run of the vault. I'm rambling. Where are my manners. Are you Vault-tec security?"
    (Curie's dialogue)
  562. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guideg Collector's Edition p.457: "Equality"
    By law, the NCR prohibits persecution and discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religious belief (so long as said religion does not advocate violence). Legal protection of Ghouls and other mutants was added in 2205, though enforcement of these rights has been spotty. For the most part, the NCR's practices live up to its ideals, but there has been some retrenchment since the death of President Tandi. Aaron Kimball's popularity was amplified by a reactionary undercurrent, especially among males, calling out a need for a "strong man" to lead the NCR forward. In the years since Kimball took office, male military officers have been promoted disproportionately to females, and discourse arguing the differences between males and females has reappeared."
    (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
  563. Year 2224
  564. Events of Out of Time
  565. Sole Survivor: "How... is that even possible?"
    Shaun: "I know this is a lot to take in. In the Vault, you had no concept of the passage of time. You were released from your pod, and went searching for the son you'd lost. But then you learned that your son was no longer an infant, but a 10 year old boy. You believed that ten years had passed. Is it really so hard to accept that it was not ten, but sixty years? That is the reality."
    (Shaun's dialogue)
  566. The Lone Wanderer: "What can you tell me about Underworld?"
    Winthrop: "We were driven underground... hrm... almost fifty years ago now. Between the Super Mutants, the beasts, and you crazy humans, it's not safe up there. So we stay down here, out of sight and out of trouble. We get a few smoothskins every so often, but most of us don't trust 'em. You're not gonna give us more reasons not to be trusting, are you?"
  567. The Sole Survivor: "Massacre of the CPG? What's that?"
    Nick Valentine: "The Commonwealth Provisional Government. Years back a group of settlements tried to get together and form a coalition. Every settlement with even a hint of clout sent representatives to try and hash out an agreement. Only the Institute sent a representative of their own, a Synth. The man killed every rep at the talks. The Commonwealth Provisional Government was over before it even got off the ground. I took up in town not long after. I was damn lucky they didn't just tell me to scram right then and there."
  568. Nick Valentine: "Hey. Let me ask you something. It's just, with everything that's happened with you, your family. It's a whole hell of a lot to process. I wanted to make sure you're holding up alright."
    The Sole Survivor: "I don't know, Nick. My family's in tatters. I've been dropped into this place where everything's trying to kill me. You tell me."
    Nick Valentine: "I'd expect you feel lost, scared, and mad as hell. I sure did. Took me a long damn time to get a feel for this place. Thank goodness I found Diamond City. It's got its flaws, sure, but it beats the hell out of anywhere else in the Commonwealth. Course, when I took up there back when, people were just as scared of the Institute as they are now, maybe more. The massacre of the CPG was still pretty fresh in people's minds at that point, and folks were still losing sleep over the Broken Mask. Plenty of people assumed I was just a saboteur, moving in to melt down the reactor or poison the drinking water. But, at the time, they couldn't exactly turn me away."
  569. Publick Occurrences, The Synthetic Truth: "Ever since the "Broken Mask" incident of 2229, right here in Diamond City, when the first human-looking synth infiltrated and attacked a group of innocent settlers, we have lain awake in bed at night, terrified of the Institute and everything it represents."
  570. The Courier: "Tell me about the Boomers."
    Robert House: "They occupied Nellis Air Force Base a little over 50 years ago. One of my Securitrons got some video of their arrival - and then... exploded. Odds are they were Vault dwellers. That's everything I know about them, really."
  571. The Lone Wanderer: "Setting the record straight is exactly my goal."
    Horace Pinkerton: "For that, you have to go all the way back to when remnants of the Naval Research Institute cleared the Mirelurks off this wreck about 40 years ago. We were looking for new lab-space, and this bucket of bolts just happened to have a well-preserved science bay on it. Everything else just grew up around that lab once we got it up and running. The science team was led by one "H. Pinkerton.""
  572. Chosen One: {166}{}{What are *they*? Who cares where they came from, just tell me what *they* are.}
    Athabaska Dick: {168}{}{Well, I don't rightly know what they are 'zactly. But I kin tell you this: they shut down the Wanamingo Mine just west of town a few years back.}
    {197}{}{?So, now you know. The slaves that used to work the mine blew up the dynamite stores and escaped, rather than face those Wanamingos. Shut down the mine right after and nobody went back.}
  573. The Chosen One: "{592}{}{Thomas Moore is a Citizen, and he is the leader of this movement.}"
    Joanne Lynette: "{595}{lyn093}{No. He is not a TRUE Citizen... not anymore. When he came to us two years ago, he seemed everything we would want in a Citizen. But just a year later he... changed. He turned against us.}"
  574. Rivet City historical record
  575. Fallout 4 loading screens: "Goodneighbor was founded in the year 2240, by a group of criminals who were banished from Diamond City."
  576. Fallout 4 loading screens: "The Minutemen once made their headquarters in South Boston's Fort Independence, also known as 'the Castle.' That ended when a giant creature rose from the sea decades ago and laid it to waste."
  577. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.517: "[18.08] THE CASTLE
    Historians have noted the original name for this settlement was Fort Independence, but the people of the Commonwealth now refer to it simply as the Castle. This place has a long and storied history; it is one of the first forts in America and predates the Revolutionary War. In recent times, it served as the base of operations for the Minutemen as they attempted (and failed) to establish a Provisional government. In 2240, the Castle was partly destroyed by gigantic Mirelurk, and most of the Minutemen leadership died.
    Still, it is generally agreed that the location could yet become an excellent base of operations for the Minutemen (and an exceptional settlement) if it can be reclaimed from the sea creatures. Note that the map information refers to interior corridors within the fortification walls."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
  578. Whiskey Bob: "{340}{}{There’s a canyon just to the west of town that had a bright light in it a few months back. Ever since, every now and then, there’s been a horrible squealing sound that comes from the canyon. Brahmin that wander in don’t come back. Everyone’s afraid to get too near.}"
  579. The Courier: "You were a pilot?"
    Daisy Whitman: "Vertibird pilot. Seventy-one missions and only lost one chopper. Rotor malfunction over Klamath. Hard landing, but I walked away."
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
  580. The Courier: "Where'd you get that sword?"
    Lily Bowen: "This old thing? Oh, I scavenged it off a wreck in Klamath. Leo showed me how to make it all ready for chopping, didn't you, Leo?"
    (Lily's dialogue)
  581. The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me about Argyle."
    Herbert Dashwood: "Argyle was my manservant! Ah, but that’s really just a fancy word for "the guy who saves my sorry skin on a regular occasion." He was a Ghoul, you see. Been around since before the war. We met when I stole his girlfriend, back in ’41. We’d been best friends ever since. We got separated, a long time ago, and never reunited. If you find Argyle out there, somewhere, you be sure and tell me! Okay?"
    (Herbert Dashwood's dialogue)
  582. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.66: "Colin Moriarty
    Moriarty, 50, has been here nearly his entire life. He claims that his grandfather helped found the original settlement a few years after the war. His father used the nearby trade routes to amass wealth, which is used to help secure Megaton. Colin inherited this wealth when his father was killed during a Raider attack when Colin was 14. Colin's first move was to build a fence around the town. Since then, the people have looked to Colin as a benefactor despite his running drinks, Chems, girls, and games out of his saloon. Simms turns a blind eye to Moriarty's activities, because he is acutely aware that the town needs Colin's support and resources."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  583. Vault 101 terminal entries; overseer's terminal, View Scouting Reports
  584. 584.0 584.1 The script for this scene triggers the encounter on this specific date in Fallout 2.
  585. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.61: "Armitage
    Armitage, 35, is Zimmer's imposing bodyguard. He has little to say and will defend Zimmer to the death. Of course, that's because Armitage is actually a robot, of the same class as the replicant they are searching for. Armitage has the same schedule as Zimmer; he sleeps in the same room and eats the same food—not because he has to, but because he's been programmed to replicate human behavior as closely as possible."
    Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.76: "Harkness
    Rivet City's hard-nosed security chief, 35-year old Harkness is a good guy and a good friend, despite his demeanor. What he doesn't know is that he isn't even human; he's a sentient humanoid robot who escaped from his creators and had his mind wiped. Harkness is extremely fair-minded. He treats Hangar Deck citizens with the same regard as Upper Deck citizens. As a result, he is very well liked by the Hangar Deck residents."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  586. Hakunin: "{265}{hak109}{Dark souls came. They took everyone.}"
    The Chosen One: "{266}{}{Dark souls? What do you mean?}"
    Hakunin: "{267}{hak110}{A rush of wind came. On it were great dragonflies that spat flame. Evil men crawled from the beasts' bellies and brought death to our warriors.}"
    The Chosen One: "{268}{}{Our warriors couldn't stop them?}"
    Hakunin: "{269}{hak112}{The spirit was willing, but the spearheads were weak. The evil ones burned our warriors with the lights of hell.}"
    The Chosen One: "{270}{}{They killed everyone?}"
    Hakunin: "{271}{hak113}{All were dead or taken. My spirit returned to flesh only to reveal the truth to the Chosen.}"
    The Chosen One: "{272}{}{What happened to the ones taken?}"
    Hakunin: "{273}{hak114}{The beasts swallowed all, then took to the winds.}"
    The Chosen One: "{274}{}{Uh, which way were the winds that they followed going?}"
    Hakunin: "{275}{hak115}{Did you never listen when I taught you the yearly dance of the wind spirits? South, of course.}"
    The Chosen One: "{277}{}{Oh, those winds. Of course.} "
    Hakunin: "{278}{hak116}{Yes, they traveled the wind south. I overheard the dark souls speaking. They planned to rest their beasts at a place named Navarro before crossing the great basin of our earth-mother's tears.}"
    (Hakunin's dialogue)
  587. Fallout 2 ending for Vault City if the Chosen One Fixes the power plant, kills the raiders and brings the account book or Bishop's holodisk to Lynette. (This ending is given if not getting 2 for any reason, e.g. Westin is dead or the reward picked up.)
  588. The Courier: "Why did you come all the way out here from New Reno?"
    Bruce Isaac: "You don't know Mr. Bishop. He's not like the other bosses up there. He knows the Wasteland like the back of his hand, and he likes to wander it. I knew if I didn't get way the hell away from New Reno, he'd run me down like a dog."
    (Bruce Isaac's dialogue)
  589. 589.0 589.1 The canonical Fallout 2 ending for New Reno.
  590. 590.0 590.1 590.2 The canonical Fallout 2 ending for Myron.
  591. The canonical Fallout 2 ending for Redding as a part of the NCR by 2281 is established in Fallout: New Vegas.
  592. The canonical Fallout 2 ending for Broken Hills.
  593. The canonical Fallout 2 ending for Marcus.
  594. The canonical Fallout 2 ending for the tanker vagrants.
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    "2246 The boy, now a young man, sets out to explore the wastes as part of a nine-person expedition. He unearths a cache of literature about the ancient Roman Empire and encounters the historical figure of Caesar."
    (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
  596. 596.0 596.1 The Lone Wanderer: "So, you used to be a slave?"
    Hannibal Hamlin: "For 23 years I was a slave, ever since I was 14. Six years ago I managed to escape from my master. He's been hunting me ever since. When I found the head of Lincoln here, I knew it was a sign for me to help other slaves to escape. I founded the Temple of the Union as a safe haven for runaway slaves everywhere."
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    Harold: "I've been literally rooted to this spot thanks to Bob for maybe twenty or thirty years... I can't even remember anymore. Can you imagine being stuck in one place for that long not being able to eat or to read or to sleep or anything? In the meantime, I have these Treeminders bothering me every day about things I don't even care about. I can't stand it anymore."
    (Harold's dialogue)
  601. The Lone Wanderer: "Why do you call yourselves Treeminders?"
    Tree Father Birch: "We care for this place and keep it safe from those who would seek to exploit it. He gives to us, so we give back to Him. It's an arrangement that's worked well for almost two decades. We shun technology and embrace nature. That's the life of a Treeminder."
    (Tree Father Birch's dialogue)
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  606. The Lone Wanderer: "So, how did you end up here?"
    Bloomseer Poplar: "My father was a healer like myself. He had the most curious books I would read about trees and plants and their medicinal properties. Many years later, I heard a rumor about a place such as this. I spent a decade in search of it. I've been in this wonderful place for over fifteen years now."
    (Bloomseer Poplar's dialogue)
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    Forty-year-old Scott "Bean" Wollinski was born to simple bean farmers, raised by his father until he was 15, who then sold him to a caravan merchant hoping he would have a better life. He traveled with the caravans for a few years working as an indentured servant. This is where he got the nickname "Bean," because his purchase was paid for with beans. He eventually bought his freedom and settled down in Canterbury Commons, where he lived a life of solitude, hiding in the electronics store, fiddling around with junk. After the AntAgonizer started showing up, he became the Mechanist to protect the town."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  608. The Lone Wanderer: "Why is that a sore subject?"
    Reginald Rothchild: "Much has happened in the 23 years since we left the west coast. Our mission has changed in that time. The changes have not all been pleasant, and have had significant repercussions."
    (Scribe Rothchild's dialogue)
  609. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.461: "Important Dates
    "2248-2274 Caesar conquers the tribes of southeastern Utah, southwestern Colorado, the western edge of New Mexico, and the northern half of Arizona. By 2250 he has declared himself the Son of Mars. By 2255, he has established a capital of sorts amid the ruins of Flagstaff."
    (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
  610. The Lone Wanderer: "What about the Brotherhood's history in this area?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "We first arrived in the Capital Wasteland in 2255. In those first couple of years, we discovered the Citadel, Super Mutants, and Project Purity! Ah, the purifier. What an undertaking. The work your father and his team did was... amazing. The Brotherhood helped protect them, you know. At least for a little while. But we were stretched thin as it was, even back then. We had to pull our forces out. When we did, the place was overrun. I imagine that's when your father left. I... I'm sorry, I wish things had turned out differently."
    (Scribe Jameson's dialogue)
  611. The Lone Wanderer: "Which Order do you serve, Squire Bowditch?"
    Scribe Bowditch: "I am Proctor of the Order of the Shield. I oversee the others in my Order, and make sure our defenses are up to snuff. Do you know how long it took to fortify these ruins? From the husk of the Pentagon I carved a grand Citadel! No easy task, my friend! Ah, but that was yesterday, when all we had to worry about was those damn Super Mutants. The Enclave, now... That's a different problem altogether..."
    (Scribe Bowditch's dialogue)
  612. The Lone Wanderer: "What was the Scourge?"
    Paladin Kodiak: "It was a Brotherhood operation. They marched in and swept the place clean. Most of the people there were half-mutated, cancerous, vile things. And these people... rape gangs, torture squads... it was pure chaos there. The Scourge is the best thing that could have happened to it. This was way back, before the Citadel was fortified. Part of the early recon after the Brotherhood first arrived in this area. One night, a squad of Brothers led by Paladin Lyons swept into the city from over Mount Wash, tearing apart anyone who stood against them. They were completely outnumbered. And still they razed that place to the ground."
    (Paladin Kodiak's dialogue)
  613. Ashur's diary
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  616. The Lone Wanderer: "If he was here, then do you know where he went?"
    Madison Li: "Yes, I do. I told him repeatedly that it's too late, that the project is too far gone to be revived. He insisted he can just pick up where we left off 20 years ago, and said he could prove it to me. So he headed off to the old lab. I advised against it, but he went anyway."
    (Madison Li's dialogue in Fallout 3)
  617. 617.0 617.1 The Lone Wanderer: "So, you used to be in charge? How did you end up here?"
    Horace Pinkerton: "That lasted until 'bout 18 years ago, when those ambitious backbiters like Li and her little team showed up. She came in with her big "Purity Project" pipe dream, and my whole staff started working with her, those traitors! She even took my seat on the council. By then, I was glad to leave it behind. But hell if I'm leaving the city I made great!"
    (Horace Pinkerton's dialogue)
  618. The Lone Wanderer: "Do you remember a Mister Crowley?"
    Allistair Tenpenny: "The Ghoul? He's dead. Died twenty years ago. Good riddance too. I hate those shufflers."
    (Allistair Tenpenny's dialogue)
  619. Fallout 3 prologue
  620. The Lone Wanderer: "Why did you stop working on it? What happened?"
    Madison Li: "You happened. It wasn't just you; we had more problems than we could handle already, but your birth is what finally pushed it over the edge. Your father decided that you were more important than everything we'd been working for, and he left. He left all of us. Once he was gone, the Brotherhood decided we weren't worth their time anymore. Without their protection, we had to abandon the purifier."
    (Madison Li's dialogue in Fallout 3)
  621. The Lone Wanderer: "You knew my father?"
    Cross: "I did. And you as well! Long ago, I helped guard the water purifier against the Super Mutant horde. When your father left, I escorted the two of you to Megaton. He was... a noble man. I was saddened to hear of his passing. But from what I've heard, he died with honor. He died for you. I only pray that my own death has such meaning."
    (Star Paladin Cross' dialogue)
  622. Baby Steps
  623. The Lone Wanderer: "Wait... what? That was pretty articulate for a robot."
    Sawbones: "I am an unusual robot."
    The Lone Wanderer: "Define "unusual.""
    Sawbones: "Seventeen years ago, a generator in the Citadel overloaded, creating several errors in my artificial intelligence routines. Diagnostics indicate that the limiters placed on my pathways were shorted out, allowing me to gain intelligence beyond the scope of my programming. However, the behavior limiters remain. Therefore it is impossible for me to harm human beings intentionally, much to my regret."
    (Sawbones' dialogue)
  624. 624.0 624.1 The Courier: "Tell me about yourself, Ambassador."
    Dennis Crocker: "Interested in Politics, huh? Well, grab a seat and get comfortable. I've been in politics quite a while now. Always had the drive to do it, even when I was young. It's just something I was drawn to. I started my career over twenty years ago back in the NCR as the local mayor and worked my way up from there. I managed President Kimball's first run for a seat on the Council. I suppose that's why I have this ambassadorship."
    The Courier: "Interesting, go on."
    Dennis Crocker: "I was elected to this post seven years ago. I'm the third NCR representative to serve here in Vegas. Now, I've had my share of ups and downs along the way, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. That's it. Anything else you wished to know?"
    (Ambassador Crocker's dialogue)
  625. The Lone Wanderer: "Could I ask you about Rivet City's history?"
    Bannon: "Why, I practically set this whole place up. When I got here twelve years ago, it was just a handful of dead-enders squatting in a rusted-out rowboat. Now I'm on the council, and with my leadership, we're the strongest settlement in the Wastes! Of course, a few of those dead-enders still stick around, but who'd want to leave?"
    The Lone Wanderer: "Hasn't Rivet City been around for longer than twelve years?"
    Bannon: "Well, yes, but it was hardly anyplace of importance until I arrived on the scene. That's all ancient history now. No one would ever care about it. If you insist on wasting your time on that, you could try that bartending old crone down below, Belle Bonny."
    (Bannon's dialogue)
  626. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.83: "Machete
    One of the fiercest defenders Little Lamplight has ever seen, 19-year-old "Machete" earned her nickname at the age of 7, when she killed a Mole Rat in the caves armed only with a knife the size of her arm. Since then, she has been a bona fide celebrity. When she turned 16, she got disoriented in a dust storm and got lost, eventually arriving at Canterbury Commons instead of Big Town. To this day, she refuses to admit that she went to the wrong place. Dominic in particular saw her potential to provide security for the future of the camp, and after a year of his guidance, she's earned a fair amount of respect from the locals."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
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  628. The Courier: "How did you end up in Goodsprings?"
    Victor: "I moseyed into town, oh, ten, fifteen years ago? Before that, I... hmmm, I can't quite seem to recall. Odd. Anyway, it's a right peaceful town and I reckon it's as fine a place to settle as any."
    (Victor's dialogue)
  629. The Courier: "Maybe you could give me the short version."
    Papa Khan: "In a hurry, are you? Very well then: The Great Khans came east out of the NCR 14 years ago. We ruled the Wastes, then, and called no man master. But we underestimated the Families of the Strip, and they drove us back to Bitter Springs, where we remained until the NCR arrived and drove us here."
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  630. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.97: "Sonora Cruz
    Leader of a hidden organization known as the Regulators (who are recognized by their long overcoats known as "dusters"), Sonora Cruz is a woman with a mission: to rid the Wasteland of troublemakers and ne'e-do-wellsIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar. Her unknown benefactors, who set up this clandestine operation around a decade ago, are willing to pay for scalps, or in the Regulators' case, fingers."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  631. The Sole Survivor: "What if I told you I had a photograph of the guys that knocked over your chem warehouse 20 years ago?"
    Marowski: "If you really had that kind of information, I'd consider us square. I've been looking for those assholes forever."
    (Marowski's dialogue)
  632. The events of the main quest Growing Up Fast in Fallout 3.
  633. The Beginning
  634. President Kimball's speech at Hoover Dam
  635. Mojave Outpost Monument plaque:
    "In the year 2271, the Desert Rangers of Nevada and rangers of the New California Republic met at this spot to sign the Ranger Unification Treaty. Under this treaty, the Desert Rangers agreed to be absorbed into the NCR in exchange for NCR's protection of Hoover Dam, New Vegas, and southern Nevada against the forces of Caesar's Legion."
  636. Fallout (TV series) Episode 5: The Past
  637. Galaxy News Radio: "Good golly, Holly. This is the worst thing to happen to our neighborhood since the HOA instituted their mandatory "scavenged rags" dress code. From Rivet City to downtown D.C., the Enclave is on the scene and setting up shop. Children, I don't care if you've ignored every other word that's come out of my mouth for the past five years. Please. Hear me now, and believe. The Enclave, and that includes their Homecoming King, "President" John Henry Eden and his gorilla Colonel Augustus Autumn, are NOT here to help you. Wake up, children the Enclave have a giant truck full 'o Brahmin, and they've been spoon-feeding you the bullshit. These guys are schemers, crooks, and killers, and the sooner you all realize that and stand up to their oppression, the better. That, my friends, is fighting the good fight."
    (Three Dog's dialogue)
  638. The Courier: "Who are you?"
    Johnson Nash: "Johnson Nash's my name. Husband to Ruby Nash. Lived in Primm going on eight years now, thick and thin. I'm a trader primarily, for what it's worth with things like they are. I also run the local Mojave Express outpost."
    (Johnson Nash's dialogue)
  639. Nova: "Hi there. I'm Nova. New to Megaton, huh? Do yourself a favor and keep walking. Some of us stay for a few days... and then it's five years later..."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  640. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.93: "Reilly
    Growing up in the ruins of Washington D.C. without parents, Reilly encountered a military man who took her in and taught her everything there was to know about combat, tactics, and survival. When he died 12 years later, she carried his body all the way to Arlington Cemetery, and gave him the best military burial she could. Four years ago at 26, she founded Reilly's Rangers, and began a massive mapping exercise. Currently she has suffered severe wounds and is in a coma somewhere near the Ghoul stronghold of Underworld."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  641. The Courier: "Have you always been with the First Recon?"
    Corporal Sterling: "Used to be a Ranger... one of the first they sent out east, back before we took the Dam. Observation and reconnaissance. We took the lay of the land, checked out the locals, and kept ourselves inconspicuous. Couple friends of mine were the first to scout the Dam. That was back in '73, if I recall. Lot of those Rangers are dead now. Vegas always chewed men up... it's just a little more literal, nowadays."
    (Corporal Sterling's dialogue)
  642. The Courier: "Why did you leave the Rangers?"
    Sterling: "Well... that wasn't really a matter of choice. Got myself caught by Legionnaires, up near Malpais. They had themselves some fun with me... mangled my hands and feet pretty good. Wasn't much good with a pistol after that. Wasn't gonna be trekking across the waste on any more long scouts, either."
    (Corporal Sterling's dialogue)
  643. The Courier: "How did you manage to escape Malpais?"
    Sterling: "Caesar's boys figured I wasn't going anywhere, after what they done to me. So they didn't bother tying me up. I crawled out of there on my elbows and knees. Must have looked a sight. Then I rolled down an embankment into the Colorado. Guess I had a mind to drown, rather than give Caesar's boys the satisfaction of killing me. But a couple Rangers happened to be watching from across the river. They jumped on in and pulled me out of there. Lucky break, they said."
    (Corporal Sterling's dialogue)
  644. The Courier: "What are your plans for New Vegas?"
    Robert House: "I've resurrected Vegas, spirit intact. What I need now is the ability to enforce my rightful claim. Not just against Caesar's Legion, by the way. In fact, the NCR is a more present and insidious threat."
    The Courier: "How do you intend to enforce your claim on the city?"
    Robert House: "To enforce, one must have force - a position of strength. Years ago, when I detected NCR scouts roaming the Mojave, I could tell from their uniforms that these were no mere tribesmen. I knew it was only a matter of time before an army appeared, to take control of the dam. And I knew my Securitrons wouldn't be enough to oppose them. And so I recruited the Three Families. Vegas belongs to me because I mustered enough strength to bring the NCR to the bargaining table."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  645. The Courier: "How long were you the head of the family?"
    Benny: "Seven years. Took over three days after Mr. House introduced himself. Our chief at the time, mountain of a guy named Bingo, wanted to stay nomadic. I disagreed, so he challenged me to the knife. He looked so surprised when I stuck that knife in his neck. Thought he was so tough, but he was so slow. That's how I made chief. It's how things were back then."
    (Benny's dialogue)
  646. The Courier: "What was your relationship with Benny... back when he was breathing?"
    Robert House: "Benny was the leader of the Chairmen for seven years, ever since I recruited the tribe. I considered him something of a protege."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  647. The Courier: "Why do you care whether Kimball lives or dies?"
    Robert House: "I care because he is a known quantity - not the man so much as the political context he inhabits. Kimball rose to prominence as the "Hero of the Mojave" when he led a campaign of reprisals against tribals who dared to attack NCR citizens. Ordering the occupation of Hoover Dam was his first act of office. As water and electricity flowed to NCR cities, his popularity soared. Conversely, his failure to annex the Mojave these seven years, and the immense costs of occupying a foreign land, have eroded his popular support."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  648. The Courier: "Wasn't the NCR's army big enough to defeat your Securitrons and the Three Families?"
    Robert House: "Indeed it was - and still is. But not without taking significant casualties. Would Kimball and Oliver have traded the lives of hundreds of soldiers for absolute control of Hoover Dam? Oh yes. They weren't afraid of me, they were afraid of Caesar - that attacking me would leave them vulnerable to a Legion offensive. And so they negotiated. Not out of the kindness of their hearts, as they try to make it seem. Because the calculus of power left no other choice."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  649. The Courier: "What were the terms of your treaty with the NCR?"
    Robert House: "NCR forces were permitted to occupy Hoover Dam and establish a military base at McCarran Airport. Well, it used to be one. They recognized my sovereignty over the Vegas Strip and agreed to supply electricity and water once their engineers repaired the dam. Written into the treaty were provisions that the NCR do nothing to prevent its soldiers and civilians from visiting the Strip. That's how I harnessed the NCR to my endeavor. Their occupation has been the engine of my growing economy."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  650. 650.0 650.1 The Courier: "I'd like to know more about the NCR."
    Dennis Crocker: "I can provide a quick history lesson, if that's what you're looking for. In 2274, President Kimball sent the NCR army into the Mojave in force, with the objective of occupying and repairing Hoover Dam. Rangers and army scouts had confirmed that the dam was basically unoccupied and could be restored to an operable condition. Upon arriving at the dam, however, they discovered that a large force of tribals and robots had occupied it. This was our introduction to the Three Families, the Securitrons, and, of course, Mr. House. Using his Securitrons as intermediaries, Mr. House called for parlay. He claimed his forces had occupied Hoover Dam in order to safeguard it for our arrival. And that he was ready to turn it over to us, so long as we could agree to terms. Those terms became the Treaty of New Vegas. The Treaty recognized Mr. House's sovereignty over the Strip and granted us rights to establish military bases at the Dam and McCarran Airport. The NCR is legally permitted to send 95% of the electricity produced by the dam to our home states. The remaining 5% goes to the Strip. The treaty actually makes it illegal for the NCR to prevent its citizens, or troops on furlough, from visiting the Strip. Once on the Strip, our citizens are subject to arrest - or punishment - by House's Securitrons, though that's a rare occurrence. Our troops enjoy a different status. It's illegal for the Securitrons to take action against them. Of course, it's also illegal for our troops to carry firearms on the Strip, so there isn't much trouble they can get into. Our military police does an adequate job of keeping the troops on furlough in line. I don't envy them that task. The embassy was established a few weeks after the Treaty was signed. Basically Mr. House handed us a dumpy little building he had no interest in renovating. I'm the third ambassador to hold this post. And the first, I think, to accept its limitations. My predecessors had ambitions of engineering the annexation of the Mojave. They thought they'd convince Mr. House to join up. I've never even spoken to the man - or whatever he is. Maybe the situation will change once we've beaten the Legion once and for all."
    The Courier: "Go on."
    Dennis Crocker: "Now we mostly just keep track of the NCR citizens and troopers around and make sure they don't get in trouble, but that's Captain Pappas' job. I keep myself busy with paperwork and reports that get sent back to the NCR. It's mostly busy work, but every once in awhile, we make progress."
    (Ambassador Crocker's dialogue)
  651. The Courier: "How long has he been in Goodsprings?"
    Trudy: "It was here when I took over the saloon seven years ago. Some people have said its owner lived here, but no one knows who it was."
    (Trudy's dialogue)
  652. The Lone Wanderer: "How did you get to be in charge of this place?"
    Robert MacCready: "It's not that complex. Any kid can say they want to be mayor here. It's just that most don't want to bother with the responsibility of leading. Most of the time, they last until the kids get tired of them, then they get kicked out on their ass by the new mayor. One only lasted 5 minutes. Of course, I've kept this place going strong for three years. To most of these kids, that makes me Mayor For Fucking Life. Fine by me, I say."
    (Mayor MacCready's dialogue in Fallout 3)
  653. PIP-Boy 3000 date during the Future Imperfect quest.
  654. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm sorry... Who's Maggie?"
    Billy Creel: "Oh! Sorry, I guess I got ahead of myself, huh? Maggie's nine, sweetest little girl you'd ever care to meet. We take care of each other. I ain't never had a daughter, but if I did, I'd want her to be Maggie. I took her in when her parents got killed by Raiders. That was two years ago. It was a pretty bad scene. Small settlement up north. I'd stopped in to trade some salvage, and the whole place had been wiped out. I found Maggie hiding under a bed, in the same room where her parents had been butchered. We've been together ever since."
    (Billy Creel's dialogue)
  655. The Courier: "Where does New Vegas get all its electricity?"
    Robert House: "Hoover Dam, of course. A hydroelectric dam? The NCR had it up and running at 50% capacity within a year of occupying the dam. By treaty, New Vegas receives 5% of its output - more than enough."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  656. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.461: "True to Caesar"
    "2275 Legion scouts reports the NCR has occupied and restarted Hoover Dam, restoring electrical power to the Strip. Caesar begins planning war against the NCR."
    (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
  657. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.461: "True to Caesar"
    "2275-2276 Legion forces gradually assemble east of the Colorado River. The NCR becomes aware of the threat when scouting parties fail to return from expeditions east."
    (Behind the Bright Lights & Big City)
  658. The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me more about the Outcasts."
    Scribe Bowditch: "It's a rather sad story, I'm afraid. Last year, some of our soldiers had grave disagreements with the decisions of Elder Lyons. Disagreements spiraled out of control, and there was a schism in the ranks. The loyal soldiers practically threw out the dissenters. Now they call themselves the Outcasts."
    (Scribe Bowditch's dialogue)
  659. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.42: "Freeside
    Las Vegas wasn't heavily damaged during the Great War, but people didn't immediately "settle" into the remnants of the old city. The various Vault tribes that emerged years later, hunted and fought among the ruins, but it was not until the "return" of Mr. House that they ceased (most) of their hostilities. Mr House directed the tribes to use his sizable quantities of pre-war construction materials to build the crude (but effective) outer walls that separate The Strip and Freeside from the rest of New Vegas. While Mr. House valued the area around Fremont Street, he ultimately viewed it as secondary in importance to the Strip itself and he had a second, inner wall that separated the two areas. When NCR prospectors (and eventually the army) arrived in the region, people typically went straight for The Strip, leaving Freeside (as it had become known by locals) as an informal stopping point. Eventually Mr. House recognized that he could use Freeside as a filter for undesirables, and pulled his favored tribes and all Securitrons into the Strip, leaving Freeside to fend for itself.
    In the two years that followed, Freeside has slowly degenerated into a hostile, lawless den of ne'er-do-wells. For a while, it was completely without order, but two power groups managed to come to an understanding about how the area needed to be maintained. The Kings, formed from the dispossessed remnants of unfortunate tribes, prevent all-out chaos from erupting, but do little to deal with the day-to-day nastiness that Freesiders inflict on each other. The Followers of the Apocalypse, no longer associated with the NCR, settled in the Old Mormon Fort. They receive some protection from the Kings in exchange for help with the community's basic needs (food, water, health services, and some education). Despite the oversight from the Kings and help from the Followers, the people in Freeside live in daily peril... from each other as well as outside forces."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide faction profiles)
  660. The Courier: "Tell me about the Kings."
    Gloria Van Graff: "Ah, the "rulers" of Freeside. The Kings are a bunch of boys who refuse to grow up, and this is their playground. Their leader seems different, though. The few times I've dealt with him I've been impressed despite myself. Unfortunately, he rarely acts. The Kings believe that everyone in Freeside can do whatever they want, provided they can back it up with force. Which suits us just fine. When we first arrived in Freeside, the Kings protested when we kicked out the original occupant of this establishment. When we reduced several of their members to glowing puddles of goo, their objections vanished. Since then, we've left each other alone."
    (Gloria Van Graff's dialogue