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The following is a timeline of Fallout events.


Events below must be specifically referenced by date in-game and appropriate references added for each.

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To 1700

Date Event Game References
1000-200 B.C. Adena Native Americans live in Appalachia. Fallout 76 [1]
1066 The Battle of Hastings takes place. Fallout 3 [2]
1612 John Smith discovers Point Lookout. Fallout 3 [3]
1634 Two English settler ships, the Ark and the Dove, land near Point Lookout. Fallout 3 [4]
1634 Boston Common is established. Fallout 4 [5]
1660 The Granary Burying Grounds are established. Fallout 4 [6]
1680 The structure that would later serve as Paul Revere's home is built. Fallout 4 [7]
1690 Boston's first newspaper, Publick Occurrences, is published. Fallout 4 [8]
1697 May 17 Andrew Endicott is abducted by aliens from his home in Salem. Fallout 3 [9]


Date Event Game References
1711 Cabot House is established in Boston, Massachusetts. Fallout 4 [10]
1711 The Great Fire of 1711 takes place in Boston. Fallout 4 [11]
1713 The Old State House is built in Boston. Fallout 4 [11]
1714 The Soil Stradivarius violin is created by the Italian craftsman Antonio Stradivari. Fallout 3 [12]
1723 The Old North Church is built. Fallout 4 [13]
1742 French merchant Peter Faneuil donates building to the city of Boston, subsequently named Faneuil Hall. Fallout 4 [13]
1770 The Boston Massacre takes place outside of the Old State House. Fallout 4 [11]
1770 Paul Revere purchases the home that would later be situated on the Freedom Trail. Fallout 4 [7]
1775 Apr 18 Lieutenant Colonel Smith marches with 700 British soldiers to Concord, beginning the events of the Revolutionary War. Fallout 4 [13][14]
1776 Berkeley Springs is established. Fallout 76 [15]
1776 Jul 4 The Declaration of Independence is issued, splitting the newly formed United States of America from King George III and Great Britain. Fallout 3 [16][17]
1786 The Constitution of the United States is drafted. Fallout 3 [18]
1787 Sep 17 The Constitution of the United States is adopted. Fallout 3 [17]
1791 The Bill of Rights is ratified. Fallout 3 [17]
1794 Point Pleasant is founded. Fallout 76 [19]
1797 Fort Independence is named at a ceremony presided over by President John Adams. Fallout 4 [20]
1798 The new Massachusetts State House is completed. Fallout 4 [11]
1798 Uisce Beatha company begins distilling whiskey. Fallout 76 [21]


Date Event Game References
1816 May Hopewell Cave is discovered. Fallout 76 [1]
1822 Nicephore Niepce makes major breakthrough in photoengraving, a predecessor of photography. Fallout 76 [22]
1823 President James Monroe presents the Monroe Doctrine. Fallout 3 [23]
1835 Mar 28 Lorenzo Cabot is born. Fallout 4 [24]
1845 Henry David Thoreau begins his stay at Walden Pond cabin as part of a transcendentalist experiment. Fallout 4 [25]
1848 The California Gold Rush kicks off, bringing many would-be miners to the west coast of the United States. Fallout 76 [26]
1856 Grafton is founded. Fallout 76 [27]
1858 The Whitespring Resort is established. Fallout 76 [28]
1861 May Colonel Kelley receives a promotion to lead the 1st Virginia Infantry. Fallout 76' [29]
1861 June 3 The first land battle of the American Civil War occurs near Philippi, Virginia. Fallout 76 [30]
1862 President Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in the United States. Fallout 3 [31]
1863 President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address. Fallout 3 [32]
1865 Apr 20 The War Department in Washington issues a wanted poster for the capture of John Wilkes Booth following the assassination of President Lincoln. Fallout 3 [33]
1866 Eastern Regional Penitentiary is established in Appalachia. Fallout 76 [34]
1869 Helvetia is settled by German and Swiss immigrants. Fallout 76 [35]
1879 James Ritty invents the cash register. Fallout 3 [36]
1890 Jul 14 The Legal Tender Act is passed. Fallout 76 [37]
1894 Welch, West Virginia is founded. Fallout 76 [38]
1894 Lorenzo Cabot embarks on an expedition to the Rub' al Khali desert in Arabia, in search of the legendary lost city of Ubar. Fallout 4 [39]
1895 The Schoelt propane company is established. Fallout 4 [40]
1897 Boston's subway system is built, the first of its kind in the United States. Fallout 4 [41]
1898 Lorenzo Cabot is imprisoned in Parsons State Insane Asylum by his son, Jack. Fallout 4 [42][43]


Date Event Game References
1903 Dec 17 The Wright Flyer I aircraft successfully makes the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Fallout 3 [44]
1903 Mary Anderson invents the windshield wiper. Fallout 3 [36]
1907 A mining disaster occurs in Monongah, resulting in 367 fatalities. Fallout 76 [45]
1908 May 10 Mother's Day is first celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia. Fallout 76 [27]
1918 Boston wins their last World Series championship. Fallout 4 [46]
1918 The Sunset Sarsaparilla Company is founded. New Vegas [47]
1918 The Browning auto rifle is adopted by the United States Army as a squad automatic weapon. Tactics [48]
1925 Richard G. Drew invents adhesive tape. Fallout 3 [36]
1928 The Silver Bridge is constructed, connecting the communities of Gallipolis, Ohio and Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Fallout 76 [49]
1931 Vim! Pop Incorporated is founded. Fallout 4 [50]
1934 "Flying Scotsman" sets a world speed record for steam trains, traveling at 100 mph. Fallout 76 [51]
1935 Carl C. Magee invents the parking meter. Fallout 3 [36]
1936 The M1 Garand is the first automatic rifle to be used as the standard infantry weapon of a major army when it is adopted by the United States Army. Tactics [52]
1938 The Giant Teapot is built as a landmark representing the largest pottery industry in the world. Fallout 76 [53]
1938 The Bren gun, a Czech design, is adopted as the standard light machine gun of the British. Tactics [54]
1938 The MP38, a German design, is adopted as the standard sub machine gun of the German army. Tactics [55]
1941 Dec 11 The United States of America declares war on Germany. Fallout 3 [56]
1945 The United States ends World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fallout 4 [57]
1948 Jul 21 A B-29 airplane crashes into Lake Mead. New Vegas [58]
1950 May 15 The West Virginian Liberty Bell begins the "U.S. Savings Bonds Independence Drive" tour of the state, ending on Independence Day. Fallout 76 [59]
1952 The Miners Monument is built to commemorate the hard working miners of Appalachia. A replica was installed in the town of Beckley. Fallout 76 [60]
1961 May 5 Captain Carl Bell becomes the first human in space aboard Defiance 7. Fallout 3 [61]
1967 The Silver Bridge collapses into the Ohio River, resulting in 46 deaths. Fallout 76 [49]
1968 Congress adopts the National Bridge Inspection standards in response to the Silver Bridge tragedy. Fallout 76 [49]
1969 Jul 16 The Virgo II Lunar Lander Valiant 11 becomes the first manned space vehicle to touch down on the moon. Fallout 3 [62]
1969 Nov 14 Valiant 12 mirrors that of its predecessor and reaches the moon. Fallout 3 [63]
1969 The Thirteen Commonwealths are established. Fallout 4 [11]
1978 The Pumpkin House is founded. Fallout 76 [64]

To 2070

Date Event Game References
2002 West Tek is founded as a private contractor for the U.S. government. Fallout [65]
2003 Cazadores are created by Borous at Big MT. New Vegas [66]
2009 Smitty's is established. New Vegas [67]
2020 The Delta IX rocket is commissioned by the United States Space Administration. Fallout 3 [68]
2020 Jun 25 Robert House is born. New Vegas [69]
2021 Hubris Comics begins publishing comic books, including Grognak the Barbarian. Fallout 3 [70]
2024 Shannon Rivers is born. Fallout 76 [71]
2026 The original Vim! Pop factory burns down, and a recreation is built. Fallout 4 [50]
2031 Morgantown's local college rebrands as Vault-Tec University. Fallout 76 [72]
2031 Boston city council unanimously votes to have Emilia Butler's remains interred within the Granary Burying Grounds. Fallout 4 [6]
2031 The Mistress of Mystery makes her debut in Hubris Heroes #8, published by Hubris Comics. Fallout 76 [73]
2032 Feb 5 Cherise Fanno is born. Fallout 4 [74]
2036 Landview Lighthouse is established. Fallout 76 [75]
2041 Aug 16 Professor Morrison Rand was abducted by aliens while leaving Banfield College in Humboldt, Oregon. Fallout 3 [76]
2042 Egret Tours Marina is founded along the Charles River. Fallout 4 [77]
2042 Wilson Atomatoys is founded in Boston. Fallout 4 [78]
2042 Jun 25 Robert House founds RobCo Industries. New Vegas [69]
2042 Jul 23 Antonio DeSoto is born. Fallout 4 [79]
2043 Spring Mass Fusion is founded by Karl Oslow. Fallout 4 [80]
2044 Project dedicated to the development of X277 "Viper" magnetic rail cannon is abandoned due to cost. Fallout 3 [81]
2044 Amateur chemist John-Caleb Bradberton discovers the formula for Nuka-Cola. Fallout 4 [82]
2044 The Great Passion Fruit Famine takes place, forcing Nuka-Cola Corporation to alter their soda recipe. Fallout 3 [83]
2047 Raul Tejada is born. New Vegas [84]
2048 Mar 4 Penelope Hornwright is born. Fallout 76 [85]
2048 Apr 3 Bonnie Tournquist is born. Fallout 4 [86]
2050 May 1 The Nuka-World amusement park opens, featuring its first two attractions, Nuka-Town U.S.A. and Kiddie Kingdom. Fallout 4 [87]
2051 Carol is born. Fallout 3 [88]
2052 An energy crisis takes place, resulting in initiatives to develop alternate fuels. New Vegas [89]
2052 The last manned flight to the moon arrives on its surface. Fallout 3 [63]
2052 Apr 15 Aniela Stawski is born. Fallout 4 [90]
2052 Jul 26 The United Nations disbands before brokering a cease fire between European and Middle Eastern forces. Fallout 3 [91][92]
2053 US Robotics Disposal is founded. Fallout 4 [93]
2053 Feb 5 Randall Clark is born. New Vegas [94]
2054 REPCONN is founded shortly after the completion and launch of the Delta XI rocket. New Vegas [89]
2058 The Dry Rock Gulch attraction opens at Nuka-World. Fallout 4 [95]
2060 The U.S. military develops cargobot for reconnaissance and delivery of supplies in hostile environments. Fallout 76 [96]
2060 The city of Bradberton is founded, intended for staff members who wanted to shorten their commute to Nuka-World. Fallout 4 [97]
2061 Lewisburg is given the year's "Coolest Small Town USA" distinction. Fallout 76 [98]
2061 Mar Construction of Vault 108 begins. Fallout 3 [99]
2061 Mar 17 Allegheny Asylum shuttered. Fallout 76 [100]
2062 Hubris Comics founds holotape game studio. Fallout 76 [101]
2062 Wan Yang is arrested as a suspect in the Niagara Sabotage. Fallout 3 [102]
2062 May Construction of Vault 92 begins. Fallout 3 [99]
2062 May 3 A U.F.O. codenamed "Paladine" crashes just north of Hagerstown, Maryland, but could not be recovered. Fallout 3 [103]
2064 Nov 23 Robert Smith is born. Fallout 4 [74]
2064 Mar Construction of Vault 106 begins. Fallout 3 [99]
2065 Feb Construction of Vault 76 begins. Fallout 76 [99]
2065 Apr 14 M.A.R.Go.T. enters service. Fallout 3 [104]
2066 May Construction begins on Vault 87. Fallout 3 [99]
2066 Winter Chinese forces invade Alaska. Fallout 3 [105][106]
2066 The U.S.S. Ebon Atoll sinks off the coast of Alaska. Fallout 3 [107]
2066 United States scientists introduce the fusion cell as a potential solution to the energy crisis. Fallout 3 [108]
2067 The Safari Adventure attraction opens at Nuka-World. Fallout 4 [95]
2067 Power armor is first deployed in Alaska. Fallout 3 [109]
2068 Construction begins on Vault 112. Fallout 3 [99]
2070 Nov 3 Marlene Glass is born. Fallout 4 [110]

2070 to Great War

Date Event Game References
2070 The United States Space Administration launches the Deep Sleep project to test hibernation pods in outer space. Fallout 76 [111]
2071 The Silver Shroud vs. Captain Cosmos episode airs on the Silver Stroud radio program for Thanksgiving. Fallout 4 [112]
2071 West Tek research facility is placed under United States military command. Fallout [113]
2072 The last of Nuka-World's additions, Galactic Zone, opens to the public. Fallout 4 [114]
2072 Jun 3 Capitol Post reports that the US is to annex Canada Fallout 3 [115]
2072 Jul 14 The Charleston Herald reports the death of five individuals due to a mob shootout at the Ultra-Luxe Casino in Las Vegas. Fallout 76 [116]
2072 Jul 17 Chinese spy Shanghai Sally is killed in Galveston after a police chase through multiple cities. Fallout 76 [117]
2073 Sep 15 U.S. government establishes Pan-Immunity Virion Project to combat use of biological weapons. Fallout [65]
2074 Spring Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC is founded. Fallout 4 [118]
2075 Jan 14 BADTFL agents break up a major firearms smuggling ring supplying illegal arms across the country. Fallout 76 [119]
2075 Feb 14 The Anaheim Jets win Super Bowl CXII, 95-90. Fallout [120]
2075 Feb 15 Under pressure from the United States Army, the CEO of Dyer Chemical hands over control of the company's production line for Project Clean & Clear. Fallout 76 [121]
2075 May 27 The Whitespring publishes a press release announcing the resort's 2080 Initiative, a major five-year renovation project. Fallout 76 [122]
2075 Jun General Brock assumes command of Fort Strong. Fallout 4 [123]
2075 Aug The USSA awards ArcJet Systems the contract to develop the XMB booster engine and deep range transmitter for the Mars Shot Project. Fallout 4 [124]
2075 REPCONN is purchased by RobCo Industries. New Vegas [89]
2076 The Pan-Immunity Virion Project is renamed Forced Evolutionary Virus project. Fallout [125]
2076 The Concord Red Rocket truck stop wins the Trashbusters Award. Fallout 4 [126]
2076 Jan 24 James Oberlin arrives at ATLAS Observatory to replace the previous military liaison in weather control experiments. Fallout 76 [127]
2076 Feb The M42 "Fat Man" Launcher begins development at Fort Strong. Fallout 4 [128]
2076 Feb 16 West Tek starts human FEV mutation experiments at Huntersville. Fallout 76 [129]
2076 Jun Development of T-51 power armor is completed and shipped overseas. Fallout 4 [130]
2076 Jul 4 Vault 76 is completed for the United States' tricentennial. Fallout 76 [131]
2076 Aug 25 Evelyn Hornwright's funeral takes place in Charleston. Fallout 76 [132]
2076 Oct 20 Nuka-Cola Quantum is created. Fallout 4 [133]
2076 Dec 10 Shelby O'Rourke meets with Ray Gary and Scott Conroy at a Truth Seekers meeting, as part of her cryptid research. Fallout 76 [134]
2076 Nov 26 A hearing to the Senate by the Committee of Nuclear Energy is held to discuss the prospect of mining the largest uranium deposit in the United States history. Fallout 76 [135]
2077 The Mariposa Military Base is built in central California to conduct Forced Evolutionary Virus research. Fallout [136][125]
2077 Jan 11 Anchorage, Alaska is liberated from Chinese. Fallout 76 [106][137][138]
2077 Jan 28 The all clear is sounded in Anchorage and DEFCON is lowered to 3. Fallout 4 [139]
2077 Feb 16 The testing of the ARCHIMEDES weapons system is successful. New Vegas [140]
2077 Apr 2 John-Caleb Bradberton undergoes surgical procedure to have his head transplanted into the LEAP-X system, sustaining his life indefinitely. Fallout 4 [141]
2077 May 2 Quinton Geesey publishes an opinion editorial praising the full automation of Grafton Dam and urges Grafton citizens to cease protesting the widespread automation of their jobs. Fallout 76 [142]
2077 Jun 4 A bomb is defused successfully near a Berkeley Springs highway, thwarting the "Appalachian Assassin." Fallout 76 [143]
2077 Jun 28 The after-party for the eighth season of the Mistress of Mystery is held in Los Angeles, attended by the staff and actors. Fallout 76 [144]
2077 Jul 4 Lake Quannapowitt contaminated lake water causes a medical crisis at a fishing tournament and is closed to the public. Fallout 4 [145]
2077 Aug 27 Miners strike outside Garrahan Estate, protesting their working conditions. Fallout 76 [146]
2077 Sep 28 An attempted robbery of New Appalachia Bank at the New Appalachian Central Trainyard ends in an explosion that collapses the bank building. Fallout 76 [147]
2077 Sep Free States leaders Raleigh Clay and Sam Blackwell retreat to their bunkers in the Mire after seceding from the United States of America. Fallout 76 [148]
2077 Oct 3 Automation riots begin in Appalachia and Governor Evans calls in the National Guard. Fallout 76 [149]
2077 Oct 10 U.S. Army Captain Roger Maxson and his troops discover that human testing is occurring at Mariposa Military Base leading to a deterioration of the situation at the facility. Fallout [150]
2077 Oct 16 The United States Army sends a letter to SLCT. James Oberlin to inform him of the closure of the ATLAS Program. Fallout 76 [151]
2077 Oct 18 Hornwright Industrial wins in the "Man vs. Machine" competition against the Garrahan Mining Company illegitimately. Fallout 76 [152]
2077 Oct 20 Captain Maxson and his troops secede from the U.S. in an attempt to garner a response from the federal government. Fallout [150]
2077 Oct 21 Vault-Tec staff at Vault 94 receive the decryption keys to unseal their new orders for the vault. Fallout 76 [153]
2077 Oct 22 Invading United States forces push Chinese military back to Beijing. Fallout 76 [154]
2077 Oct 22 Scott Turner sabotages Watoga's automated emergency service protocols as part of Operation Free Watoga, turning the robots hostile and triggering a mass evacuation. Fallout 76 [155][156]
2077 Oct 22 The platinum chip is created in Sunnyvale, California. New Vegas [157]

Great War

Date Event Game References
2077 Oct 23 The United States is struck by nuclear weapons, a cataclysmic event known as the Great War. Fallout 4 [158]
2077 Oct 27 Captain Maxson leaves Mariposa, leading his group to the government bunker at Lost Hills. Fallout 2 [150]


Date Event Game References
2097 John Maxson is born. Fallout 3 [159]
2102 Fallout 76 begins. Fallout 76 [160]
2103 Fallout 76: Wastelanders begins.
Fallout 76: Steel Dawn begins.
Fallout 76 [161]
2104 Fallout 76: Steel Reign begins. Fallout 76 [161]
2161 Fallout begins. Fallout [160]
2178 Institute Directorate pre-approves research on samples of the FEV virus. Fallout 4 [162]
2180 The Commonwealth Minutemen defend Diamond City from a super mutant attack, rising to prominence as a result. Fallout 4 [163]
2197 Fallout Tactics begins. Fallout Tactics [160]
2208 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel begins. Fallout BoS [160]
2224 Institute FEV research reaches impasse due to subjects' radiation exposure. Fallout 4 [162]
2229 May The Broken Mask incident occurs in Diamond City. Fallout 4 [164][165]
2240 The Commonwealth Minutemen's headquarters, the Castle, is destroyed by a sea monster. Fallout 4 [20]
2240 The town of Goodneighbor is founded by criminals banished from Diamond City. Fallout 4 [166]
2241 Fallout 2 begins. Fallout 2 [160]
2255 A Brotherhood of Steel expedition led by Owyn Lyons arrives in the Capital Wasteland. Fallout 3 [167]
2267 Arthur Maxson is born. Fallout 3 [168]
2271 The NCR Rangers and the Desert Rangers sign the Ranger Unification Treaty, merging their efforts in the Mojave. New Vegas [169][170]
2273 The NCR sends Rangers on covert reconnaissance missions to Hoover Dam and the ruins of Las Vegas. New Vegas [171]
2274 President Aaron Kimball sends the NCR army into the Mojave in force, with the objective of occupying and repairing the Hoover Dam. New Vegas [172]
2274 Robert House begins renovations of New Vegas. New Vegas [173]
2277 Fallout 3 begins. Fallout 3 [160]
2277 Caesar's Legion moves into the Mojave, setting up their base of operations at Fortification Hill. New Vegas [174]
2277 NCR forces defeat Caesar's Legion during the Battle of Hoover Dam. New Vegas [175][176]
2281 Fallout: New Vegas begins. New Vegas [160]
2282 McDonough is elected mayor of Diamond City and banishes ghoul residents. Fallout 4 [165]
2282 General Joe Becker dies, plunging the Commonwealth Minutemen into infighting over his replacement. Fallout 4 [177]
2284 Tinker Tom breaks the Patriot's coded messages and reveals it to be "Mass Fusion." Fallout 4 [178]
2286 Brian Virgil takes over the Institute's FEV Lab after Dr. C. Syverson's passing. Fallout 4 [179]
2287 Fallout 4 begins. Fallout 4 [160]


Date Event Game References
1835 Mar 28 Lorenzo Cabot Fallout 4 [24]
2020 Jun 25 Robert House New Vegas [69]
2024 Shannon Rivers Fallout 76 [71]
2032 Feb 5 Cherise Fanno Fallout 4 [74]
2042 Jul 23 Antonio DeSoto Fallout 4 [79]
2047 Raul Tejada New Vegas [84]
2048 Mar 4 Penelope Hornwright Fallout 76 [85]
2048 Apr 3 Bonnie Tournquist Fallout 4 [86]
2051 Carol Fallout 3 [88]
2052 Apr 15 Aniela Stawski Fallout 4 [90]
2053 Feb 5 Randall Clark New Vegas [94]
2064 Nov 23 Robert Smith Fallout 4 [74]
2070 Nov 3 Marlene Glass Fallout 4 [110]
2097 John Maxson Fallout 3 [159]
2267 Arthur Maxson Fallout 3 [168]


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