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The following is a timeline of Fallout events.


Events below must be specifically referenced by date in-game and appropriate references added for each. Dates mentioned in non-canon sources are found on the timeline here.

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To 1700

Pre-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
1000-200 B.C. Adena Native Americans live in Appalachia. Fallout 76 [1]
1066 The Battle of Hastings takes place. Fallout 3 [2]
1612 John Smith discovers Point Lookout. Fallout 3 [3]
1634 Two English settler ships, the "Ark" and the "Dove," land near Point Lookout. Fallout 3 [4]
1634 Boston Common is established. Fallout 4 [5]
1660 The Granary Burying Grounds are established. Fallout 4 [6]
1680 The structure that would later serve as Paul Revere's home is built. Fallout 4 [7]
1690 Boston's first newspaper, Publick Occurrences, is published. Fallout 4 [8]
1697 May 17 Andrew Endicott is abducted by aliens from his home in Salem. Fallout 3 [9]


Pre-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
1711 Cabot House is established in Boston, Massachusetts. Fallout 4 [10]
1711 The Great Fire of 1711 takes place in Boston. Fallout 4 [11]
1713 The Old State House is built in Boston. Fallout 4 [11]
1714 The Soil Stradivarius violin is created by the Italian craftsman Antonio Stradivari. Fallout 3 [12]
1723 The Old North Church is built. Fallout 4 [13]
1742 French merchant Peter Faneuil donates building to the city of Boston, subsequently named Faneuil Hall. Fallout 4 [13]
1770 The Boston Massacre takes place outside of the Old State House. Fallout 4 [11]
1770 Paul Revere purchases the home that would later be situated on the Freedom Trail. Fallout 4 [7]
1775 April 18 Lieutenant Colonel Smith marches with 700 British soldiers to Concord, setting in motion the events leading to the American Revolution. Fallout 4 [13]
1776 Berkeley Springs is established. Fallout 76 [14]
1776 Thirteen North American colonies rebel against Great Britain, beginning the Revolutionary War. Fallout 3 [15]
1776 The Declaration of Independence is signed, splitting the newly formed United States of America from King George III and Great Britain. Fallout 3 [15]
1786 The Constitution of the United States is drafted. Fallout 3 [16]
1794 Point Pleasant is founded. Fallout 76 [17]
1797 Fort Independence is named at a ceremony presided over by President John Adams. Fallout 4 [18]
1798 The new Massachusetts State House is completed, intended to house the state government. Fallout 4 [11]
1798 Uisce Beatha company begins distilling whiskey. Fallout 76 [19]


Pre-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
1816 May Hopewell Cave is discovered. Fallout 76 [1]
1822 Nicephore Niepce makes major breakthrough in photoengraving, a predecessor of photography. Fallout 76 [20]
1823 President James Monroe proposes the Monroe Doctrine. Fallout 3 [21]
1845 Henry David Thoreau begins his stay at Walden Pond cabin as part of a transcendentalist experiment. Fallout 4 [22]
1848 The California Gold Rush kicks off, bringing many would-be miners to the west coast of the United States. Fallout 76 [23]
1856 Grafton is founded. Fallout 76 [24]
1858 The Whitespring Resort is established. Fallout 76 [25]
1861 May Colonel Kelley receives a promotion to lead the 1st Virginia Infantry. Fallout 76' [26]
1861 June 3 The first land battle of the American Civil War occurs near Philippi, Virginia. Fallout 76 [27]
1862 President Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in the United States. Fallout 3 [28]
1863 President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address. Fallout 3 [29]
1865 April 20 The War Department in Washington issues a wanted poster for the capture of John Wilkes Booth following the assassination of Preisdent Lincoln. Fallout 3 [30]
1866 Eastern Regional Penitentiary is established in Appalachia. Fallout 76 [31]
1869 Helvetia is settled by German and Swiss immigrants. Fallout 76 [32]
1879 James Ritty invents the cash register. Fallout 3 [33]
1890 July 14 The Legal Tender Act is passed. Fallout 76 [34]
1894 Welch, West Virginia is founded. Fallout 76 [35]
1894 Lorenzo Cabot embarks on an expedition to the Rub' al Khali desert in Arabia, in search of the legendary lost city of Ubar. Fallout 4 [36]
1895 The Schoelt propane company is established. Fallout 4 [37]
1897 Boston's subway system is built, the first of its kind in the United States. Fallout 4 [38]
1898 Lorenzo Cabot is imprisoned in Parsons State Insane Asylum by his son, Jack. Fallout 4 [39][40]


Pre-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
1903 Dec 17 The Wright Flyer I aircraft successfully makes the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Fallout 3 [41]
1903 Mary Anderson invents the windshield wiper. Fallout 3 [33]
1907 A mining disaster occurs in Monongah, resulting in 367 fatalities. Fallout 76 [42]
1908 May 10 Mother's Day is first celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia. Fallout 76 [24]
1918 Boston wins their last World Series championship. Fallout 4 [43]
1918 The Sunset Sarsaparilla Company is founded. New Vegas [44]
1925 Richard G. Drew invents adhesive tape. Fallout 3 [33]
1928 The Silver Bridge is constructed, connecting the communities of Gallipolis, Ohio and Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Fallout 76 [45]
1931 Vim! Pop Incorporated is founded. Fallout 4 [46]
1934 "Flying Scotsman" sets a world speed record for steam trains, traveling at 100 mph. Fallout 76 [47]
1935 Carl C. Magee invents the parking meter. Fallout 3 [33]
1938 The Giant Teapot is built as a landmark representing the largest pottery industry in the world. Fallout 76 [48]
1941 Dec 11 The United States of America declares war on Germany. Fallout 3 [49]
1945 The United States ends World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fallout 4 [50]
1948 July 21 A B-29 airplane crashes into Lake Mead. New Vegas [51]
1950 May 15 The West Virginian Liberty Bell begins the "U.S. Savings Bonds Independence Drive" tour of the state, ending on Independence Day. Fallout 76 [52]
1952 The Miners Monument is built to commemorate the hard working miners of Appalachia. A replica was installed in the town of Beckley. Fallout 76 [53]
1961 May 5 Captain Carl Bell becomes the first human in space aboard Defiance 7. Fallout 3 [54]
1967 The Silver Bridge collapses into the Ohio River, resulting in 46 deaths. Fallout 76 [45]
1968 Congress adopts the National Bridge Inspection standards in response to the Silver Bridge tragedy. Fallout 76 [45]
1969 July 16 The Virgo II Lunar Lander Valiant 11 becomes the first manned space vehicle to touch down on the moon. Fallout 3 [55]
1969 Nov 14 Valiant 12 mirrors that of its predecessor and reaches the moon. Fallout 3 [56]
1969 The Thirteen Commonwealths are established. Fallout 4 [11]
1978 The Pumpkin House is founded. Fallout 76 [57]

To 2070

Pre-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
2002 West Tek is founded as a private contractor for the U.S. government. Fallout [58]
2003 Cazadores are created by Borous at Big MT. New Vegas [59]
2009 Smitty's is established. New Vegas [60]
2020 The Delta IX rocket is commissioned by the United States Space Administration. Fallout 3 [61]
2021 Hubris Comics begins publishing comic books, including Grognak the Barbarian. Fallout 3 [62]
2026 The original Vim! Pop factory burns down, and a recreation is built. Fallout 4 [46]
2031 Morgantown's local college rebrands as Vault-Tec University. Fallout 76 [63]
2031 Boston city council unanimously votes to have Emilia Butler's remains interred within the Granary Burying Grounds. Fallout 4 [6]
2031 The Mistress of Mystery makes her debut in Hubris Heroes #8, published by Hubris Comics. Fallout 76 [64]
2036 Landview Lighthouse is established. Fallout 76 [65]
2044 Project dedicated to the development of X277 "Viper" magnetic rail cannon is abandoned due to cost. Fallout 3 [66]
2044 Amateur chemist John-Caleb Bradberton discovers the formula for Nuka-Cola. Fallout 4 [67]
2044 The Great Passion Fruit Famine takes place, forcing Nuka-Cola Corporation to alter their newly-released soda recipe to accommodate. Fallout 3 [68]
2050 May 1 The Nuka-World amusement parks opens, featuring its first two attractions, Nuka-Town U.S.A. and Kiddie Kingdom. Fallout 4 [69]
2052 The last manned flight to the moon arrives on its surface. The crew finds the flag of the "Valiant 12" Virgo III lunar lander, left behind from its 1969 journey. Fallout 3 [56]
2054 REPCONN is founded in Henderson, Nevada. New Vegas [70]
2054 The Delta IX rocket is completed and launched. New Vegas [70]
2058 The Dry Rock Gulch attraction opens at Nuka-World. Fallout 4 [71]
2060 The U.S. military develops cargobot for reconnaissance and delivering supplies in hostile environment. Fallout 76 [72]
2060 The city of Bradberton is founded, intended for staff members who wanted to shorten their commute to Nuka-World. Fallout 4 [73]
2061 Lewisburg is given the year's "Coolest Small Town USA" distinction. Fallout 76 [74]
2062 May 3 An unidentified flying object crashes near Hagerstown, Maryland. Fallout 3 [75]
2062 Hubris Comics founds holotape game studio. Fallout 76 [76]
2066 United States scientists invent fusion cells as a potential solution to an ever-growing energy crisis. Fallout 76 [77]
2066 Chinese forces invade Anchorage, Alaska. Fallout 3 [78]
2066 The U.S.S. Ebon Atoll sinks off the coast of Alaska. Fallout 3 [79]
2067 The Safari Adventure attraction opens at Nuka-World. Fallout 4 [71]
2067 Power armor is first deployed in Alaska. Fallout 3 [80]

2070 to Great War

Pre-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
2071 The Silver Shroud vs. Captain Cosmos episode airs on the Silver Stroud radio program for Thanksgiving. Fallout 4 [81]
2072 The last of Nuka-World's additions, Galactic Zone, opens to the public. Fallout 4 [82]
2072 July 14 The Charleston Herald reports the death of five individuals due to a mob shootout at the Ultra-Luxe Casino in Las Vegas. Fallout 76 [83]
2072 July 17 Chinese spy Shanghai Sally is killed in Galveston after a chase through multiple cities, eluding police for four days. Fallout 76 [84]
2073 Sep 15 U.S. government establishes Pan-Immunity Virion Project to combat use of biological weapons. Fallout [58]
2075 May 27 The Whitespring publishes a press release announcing the resort's 2080 Initiative, a major five-year renovation project. Fallout 76 [85]
2077 April 2 John-Caleb Bradberton undergoes surgical procedure to have his head transplanted into the LEAP-X system, sustaining his life indefinitely. Fallout 4 [86]
2077 June 4 A bomb is defused successfully near a Berkeley Springs highway, thwarting the "Appalachian Assassin." Fallout 76 [87]
2077 Oct 22 The platinum chip is created in Sunnyvale, California. New Vegas [88]
2077 The Mariposa Military Base is built in central California to conduct Forced Evolutionary Virus research. Fallout [89][90]

Great War

Great War aftermath
Date Event Game Ref.
2077 Oct 23 The United States is struck by nuclear weapons, a cataclysmic event known as the Great War. Fallout 4 [91]
2077 Oct 27 Captain Maxson leaves Mariposa, leading his group to the government bunker at Lost Hills. Fallout 2 [92]


Post-War timeline
Date Event Game Ref.
2102 Fallout 76 begins. Fallout 76 [93]
2161 Fallout begins. Fallout [93]
2178 Institute Directorate pre-approves research on samples of the FEV virus. Fallout 4 [94]
2180 The Commonwealth Minutemen defend Diamond City from a super mutant attack, rising to prominence as a result. Fallout 4 [95]
2197 Fallout Tactics begins. Fallout Tactics [93]
2208 Fallout Brotherhood of Steel begins. Fallout BoS [93]
2224 Institute FEV research reaches impasse due to subjects' radiation exposure. Fallout 4 [94]
2229 The Broken Mask incident occurs in Diamond City. Fallout 4 [96]
2240 The Commonwealth Minutemen's headquarters, the Castle, is destroyed by a sea monster. Fallout 4 [18]
2240 The town of Goodneighbor is founded by criminals banished from Diamond City. Fallout 4 [97]
2241 Fallout 2 begins. Fallout 2 [93]
2255 A Brotherhood of Steel expedition led by Owyn Lyons arrives in the Capital Wasteland. Fallout 3 [98]
2271 The NCR Rangers and the Desert Rangers sign the Ranger Unification Treaty, merging their organizations and establishing a formal commitment by the NCR to protect the Mojave Wasteland. New Vegas [99][100]
2273 The NCR sends Rangers on covert reconaissance missions to Hoover Dam and the ruins of Las Vegas. New Vegas [101]
2274 President Aaron Kimball sends the NCR army into the Mojave in force, with the objective of occupying and repairing Hoover Dam. New Vegas [102]
2274 Robert House begins renovations of New Vegas. New Vegas [103]
2277 Fallout 3 begins. Fallout 3 [93]
2277 Caesar's Legion moves into the Mojave, setting up their base of operations at Fortification Hill. New Vegas [104]
2277 NCR forces defeat Caesar's Legion during the Battle of Hoover Dam. New Vegas [105][106]
2281 Fallout: New Vegas begins. New Vegas [93]
2282 McDonough is elected mayor of Diamond City and banishes ghoul residents. Fallout 4 [107]
2282 General Joe Becker dies, plunging the Commonwealth Minutemen into infighting over his replacement. Fallout 4 [108]
2287 Fallout 4 begins. Fallout 4 [93]


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