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This is a transcript for dialogue with Timebomb.


BigtownTimebombHealed1A You had seven bullet wounds and broke both clavicles. Should be fine now. Surprise 50 Wow. That's ... you saved my life! Thanks. You're a good person, you know that? 1
BigtownTimebombHealed1B It wasn't free. Doctor's fees are expensive. Understand? Neutral 50 Oh, yeah, sure. I understand. Here. That's all I have. 2
BigtownTimebombHealed1C You're welcome. Don't do anything strenuous for a few weeks. Neutral 50 Alright. I'll be careful. I promise. 3
BigtownTimebombHealed2A I wanted you to be conscious before I killed you. Sad 50 Ah, shit. {Timebomb is NOT having a good day.} 4
BigtownTimebombHealedEND Nothing happened. I just need you to answer some questions. Neutral 50 Oh, uh, okay. Whatever you say. {Timebomb is woozy and lightheaded. He just survived some brutal injuries.} 5
BigtownTownBittercupandFlash Bittercup tells me the two of you had a thing together. Surprise 50 We did? Wow, that's news to me. How long was I unconscious, again? 6
Fear 50 She didn't, you know, do anything to me while I was out? Did she? That might explain those weird dreams... 7
BigtownTownServices Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Neutral 50 Well, you've seen the clinic. Red's the smart one in Bigtown. I'd ask her. {Timebomb is amazingly calm.} 8
Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Neutral 50 Red should have been here, but she probably got dragged off by the mutants. Damn it! DAMN IT! {Timebomb is amazingly calm, then abruptly shouts "Damn it! DAMN IT!".} 9
Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Neutral 50 Red was the only one in town that dealt with outsiders. Now she's dead. Argh! It's so unfair! Damn it! {Timebomb is amazingly calm, then abruptly shouts "Damn it! DAMN IT!".} 10
This place looks like a ghost town.
Do you know anything about the Super Mutant attacks? Neutral 50 I remember screaming and gunfire. One of those big, hulking things shot at me. That's all I can think of. {Timebomb is eerily calm. He's still half-out of it from his injuries.} 11
Where did you people come from, anyway?
Tell me how Big Town got started. Neutral 50 Whoa, that was a long time ago. I'm not sure when, but everyone who grows up in Lamplight ends up here. Not too many of us left. {Timebomb is eerily calm. He's still a bit woozy from the injuries.} 12
Who lives here?
You live here, right? What do you know about the people? Neutral 50 Oh, yeah! I can tell you all about them, if you want. Let's see... {He is still half-awake, due to his injuries.} 13
Neutral 50 Red's the doctor. Flash is on day patrol. Bittercup is on night patrol. Kimba, Pappy, and Shorty scavenge for food. Dusty guards the gate... {Running off a list in his head. He is still half-awake, due to his injuries.} 14
Neutral 50 At least, that's kinda how things got settled. Everyone sort of picks their own work here, you know? No mayor or anything. {He acts half-awake, due to his injuries.} 15
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I'm watching. Go on. Teach us what to do. 16
GREETING Happy 50 I got a lot to thank you for... I don't know how do it. Here... take this. It's always given me good luck. 17
GREETING Neutral 50 Damn... what... what happened? 18
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey. Thanks again, man. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. 19
GREETING Neutral 50 Anything for you, man. What do you need? 20
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, it's good to see you. Is there something I can do for you? Anything? 21
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 Uh ... do I look like I have any money on me? I'm sorry, I can't pay you anything. 22


BigTownGoodbye BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 Um, Yeah. Yeah, they are. {Timebomb can't think of a proper response, so he just agrees.} 23
BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Just a bit jumpy lately. {Timebomb cooly tries to pass off his excitability.} 24
BigTownGoodbye Surprise 50 Painful, I guess. {Timebomb is confused by Sticky's strange question.} 25
BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 That's all right, Shorty. I'm sure you can do that by yourself. {Timebomb shirks off Shorty's request.} 26
BigTownGoodbye Happy 50 I'm still recovering. That Wastelander saved my life! {Timebomb is happy that he's alive, no matter how depressing Pappy is to be around.} 27
BigTownResponse BigTownResponse Neutral 50 Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, Red. Super fine. Super duper fine. That Wastelander saved me! {Timebomb is grateful but socially awkward.} 28
BigTownResponse Surprise 10 Fine. Fine. I'm all... fine. Super fine. {A bit stutter-y. Timebomb is awkward around people.} 29
BigTownResponse Anger 50 Yeah, so did I! You ever think about helping me! Huh!? Asshole! {Timebomb explodes, seemingly at random. } 30
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Watch yourself out there. 31
I have to go now. Happy 100 I like you. {innocently} 32
I'll be going. Neutral 50 Be careful out there. You don't want to end up on that table in Red's clinic. 33
HELLO HELLO Happy 100 Heya! 34
HELLO Happy 50 You saved my life. Thank you. {Timebomb is glad to see the person that healed him.} 35
HELLO Neutral 50 You'll, uh, um, need help with the barricades soon, right Pappy? {Timebomb is a little awkward around people.} 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Kimba, um, I heard you helped bandage me up when I was on the table. Uh, thank you. {Timebomb is a little awkward with people.} 37
HELLO Neutral 50 I was thinking of hitting patrol again soon, Flash. {Timebomb wants to get on with life after his injuries.} 38
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey Sticky, um, uh, what do you think of Big Town? {Timebomb tries to be friendly to Sticky.} 39
HELLO Neutral 50 I wonder if someone should work on the barricades again. {Timebomb is a little out-of-it, and he is confused.} 40
HELLO Sad 50 Hey, Red, can I stop by the clinic later? You know, just in case? {Timebomb is worried about his previous injuries.} 41
MS01CrowdSay MS01CrowdSay Surprise 50 Hurray! {(cheering) in an excited cheering mob} 42
MS01CrowdSay Surprise 50 Aha! {learning something} 43
MS01CrowdSay Happy 75 I like guns. {( yelling to friends at a live firing range - having fun)} 44
MS01CrowdSay Happy 25 These things are cool. {learning how to plant land mines} 45
MS01CrowdSay Happy 50 I like robots. {learning how to repair and program a robot defender} 46
MS01CrowdSay Surprise 50 Hurray! {(raised voice) in an excited mob greeting their would-be hero upon his return} 47