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# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 00599573 005995BD Miscellaneous Hellos Hey, you! Wanna talk for a bit? Looking for an excuse to stop studying
2 005995BE Oh, a new person to talk to! Very excited
3 005995BF Do you need any help?
4 005995C1 It's great to see you again!
5 005995C2 Lovely day we're having in the wasteland. Not sarcastic, genuinely positive
6 005995C3 I've been working hard on my studying. Determined
7 00599574 005995B0 Miscellaneous Greetings Happy to help in any way I can!
8 005995B1 I can't wait to eliminate my first Scorched.
9 005995B2 Did you get your Scorched vaccine yet?
10 005995B3 Are you here to become a Fire Breather too? Super pumped - unusually so - it needs to elicit the PC response, "You're... a lot." from just her opening line
11 00599575 0059959F I have another question. A Fire Breather is always willing to help!
12 00599577 005995C7 Where do I go to take the fitness exam? Oh, I'm so excited that you're interested in becoming a Fire Breather!
13 It's not too far away, just over at the Charleston Herald building. You just press a button and BOOM! You're off to the races!
14 I bet you will do great! Good luck trying to beat my time though. Playful teasing
15 00599579 005995A2 Have you tried taking Mentats? Chems? How DARE you suggest something of the sort!
16 Unless... no, no, no... chems are BAD. Considering it for a moment
17 0059957B 00599595 I have another question. Whatever you need to know, I'll try my best to answer!
18 0059957D 005995A4 Where are the Fire Breathers now? They all gave their lives fighting against the Scorched, bless their souls. If only they had access to the vaccine that we do now... Somber, in remembrance
19 The best way to pay respects is to continue their mission and keep fighting those Scorched! Tone immediately changes to determination
20 0059957F 00599597 What's a Fire Breather? Ho boy, am I glad you asked! I love talking about the Fire Breathers. Getting more and more excited, talking about them as if they're super heroes
21 They're only the most elite team of the Responders out there, dedicated to saving Appalachia from the dreaded Scorched.
22 00599581 005995A6 I have to go. No worries, friend! Let me know if you need anything atIn-game spelling else. Seriously, anything at all.
23 00599585 005995AA Nevermind. You're... a lot. Better to be too much than not enough, that's what I always say! I'll be here if you decide you need anything else.
24 00599589 005995C4 Where do I go to take the fitness exam? Well, I absolutely CRUSHED the fitness exam! I guess it's easy to move quickly when you're running for your life. Nervous laughter
25 However... I've been having a really tough time with the knowledge exam. The questions on there are really hard!
26 If only there was some sort of study guide.
27 0059958B 005995A0 Who are you? Wow, you want to get to know me? My name is Tiffany and I'm trying to become the greatest Fire Breather that Appalachia has ever seen!
28 It is my sworn duty in life to try and stop the Scorched invasion from taking over the WORLD!
29 ...or at least Appalachia.
30 0059958D 00599593 I'm already a Fire Breather. Oh, I'm so, so, so sorry that I didn't recognize your position. It's amazing to see one of you actually alive! Overly apologetic and stumbling over his words, but excitedly nervous about meeting a Fire Breather
31 0059958F 00599598 What's the point? They're all dead. That's exactly why they need more members! With people like you and me in their ranks, the Scorched won't stand a chance.
32 00599591 005995A8 I sure am! Wow, that's awesome! Maybe we can study together? That knowledge exam sure is hard.
33 0059C739 0059C73A [Agility 4+] I love running too, a fitness exam is easy! Oh yeah, I can totally see by your physique that you like to run! It's a great skill to have in times like these.
34 But... if those Scorched do happen to hit you a couple times while you're running, this will help you out!
35 005A2850 0059959C [Intelligence 4+] You know, I'm super smart. I could just give you the answers. Oh, that is very kind of you to offer but really I can't accept. Cheating is wrong and will do me no good.
36 I don't wanna be out on the field, taking on the Scorched, without the proper knowledge! The best way for me to be prepared is to do it all on my own.
37 Any day now though, you'll be calling me Tiffany "The Fire Breather" Brantley.
38 You should take this though, it won't be doing me any good while I'm stuck in here studying!