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This is a transcript for dialogue with Tiffany Cheng.


GREETING GREETING Fear 100 No!!! Don't! {in the middle of an attack against his town} 1
GREETING Fear 100 Help us! Please! {in the middle of an attack against his town} 2
GREETING Anger 100 My name is Tiffany Cheng. My miserable excuse for a husband, is "comrade" Irving Cheng, and you can tell him I said so. {"comrade" is dripping with sarcasm.} 3
GREETING Anger 100 You're all my husband talks about now. Do you have any idea how annoying that is? {self important snob} 4
GREETING Sad 100 I miss my husband. He would have really liked you I think. {wistful} 5
GREETING Happy 100 Hello! {pleased to see the player} 6
GREETING Anger 50 Keep it short. I'm rather busy avoiding my husband. 7
GREETING Anger 50 What? {snappily} 8
MS12Basement Do you know how I can get into the basement? Surprise 50 Maybe try talking to Mister Tenpenny or Chief Gustavo. They're probably the ones who would know. {she doesn't have any idea but trying to be helpful} 9
MS12FinResidents What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 It's a lot better now with those Ghouls out of the picture! {self important but showing appreciation} 10
What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 I guess I don't mind those Ghouls as much as I thought I would. {self important but showing appreciation} 11
MS12Greeting1 You put up with a lot from your husband, huh? Happy 50 Do you know he tried forming a committee to discuss the Ghoul situation? A committee! He made himself Chairman, of course. {fed up with her husband's silly ideas} 12
Disgust 50 What we need is somebody to DO something! Not just talk about it. 13
Surprise 75 Don't suppose you know anything about Ghouls, do you? {hinting that the player might be able to help} 14
MS12Greeting2 Isn't a wife supposed to honor and obey her husband? Surprise 100 Ha! You try being married to my husband for five minutes. I dare you! {mocking her husband} 15
Happy 75 I'd rather live with those Ghouls... well, okay, not really. But still. {joking} 16
Fear 75 Did you happen to see any Ghouls out there in the Wasteland? You know how to kill one? {hinting the player might be able to help} 17
MS12Greeting3 Whatever. Disgust 50 Is there something you want? If not, I'm busy telling my neighbors to ignore my husband and his silly committee to discuss the Ghoul situation. {annoyed} 18
Surprise 50 You ever have to deal with Ghouls before? {suddenly curious} 19
MS12IntroToGhoul1 I could take a whole pack of Ghouls without breaking a sweat. Happy 100 That's terrific! A real man of action. That's just what we need! {happy to have a hero} 20
MS12IntroToGhoul2 I've dealt with enough Ghouls to know I don't ever want to see one again. Disgust 75 Yeah. They make me nervous. They certainly are disturbing looking. {thinking about something unpleasant} 21
MS12IntroToGhoul3 Stop worrying about those Ghouls. Neutral 50 I wish I could. I get nightmares from time to time. 22
MS12ResidentsBranch What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Fear 50 It's very clean and safe here. Well, mostly safe. They say those Ghouls won't get in. But I don't know. {nervous} 23
About these Ghouls...
You know anything about these Ghouls? Fear 100 They're living in the nearby tunnels. They scare me! {nervous} 24
Anger 100 Why doesn't somebody do something! {upset no one is protecting her} 25
Don't worry. I'll take care of the problem. Happy 100 Really? Chief Gustavo is going to want to hear about that. You should talk to him right away. {surprised but happy someone is finally taking care of problem} 26
It's only natural to be afraid of the unknown... Disgust 100 Perhaps you're right. But, I prefer to keep my nightmares a fantasy and not test my luck with the real thing. Thank you very much. {self important indignation} 27
Whatever. Disgust 5 I wish I was as unconcerned as you. {mildly sarcastic} 28
MS12ResidentsNeighbors How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Fear 50 It's my turn, eh? I'm still worried, but if the others are willing to let them live here, I guess I could try it. But they better behave! {hesitant but sincere} 29
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Fear 50 I don't know. I mean, they're all deformed and scary looking. I bet they're really mean, too. {self important snob trying to be nice} 30
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 If they behave, I suppose it'd be okay with me. {hesistant but sincere} 31
MS12ResidentsNeighborsBad It's wise to be afraid of Ghouls. Neutral 50 I think so. I mean, something that ugly must be evil... right? {snob losing prejudice} 32
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGood I've met these Ghouls. They seem friendly enough. Surprise 50 Well... you seem like you know what you're talking about. I guess I'd be willing to give it a try. I might not spend much time with them. {letting go of prejudice} 33
Happy 50 And if they do anything stupid, I'm sure they'll get kicked out. Fine, it's ok. {letting go of prejudice} 34
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGoodPetition Would you tell Mister Tenpenny that you wouldn't mind Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 50 I guess so. 35
MS12ResidentsNeighborsNeutral Whatever. Disgust 50 I just remembered I need to be someplace else. {self important snob} 36


DialogueTenpennyConv00 DialogueTenpennyConv00 Anger 25 What? Are you kidding me?! Mind your own damn business. I don't go turning lights on in your closet, do I? Jeez! {annoyed that he is prying into her personal life} 37
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Disgust 50 I'm just great, if you don't count the fact that I'm married to the biggest idiot on the planet! {annoyed with her husband} 38
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Disgust 50 If you mean day dreaming about killing Mr. Cheng and knocking a few back in the lounge, then yeah, I'm able to relax once in a while. {annoyed with her husband} 39
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Anger 100 It breaks all the time! Does he take that as a sign to spend time with me? No. Stupid man! He spends hours retyping everything. He's such a loser! {annoyed with her husband} 40
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Disgust 50 What?! {annoyed} 41
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 50 Cheers. {half-heartedly toasting} 42
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 I'd be happy to have you help sometime, Mrs. Cheng. Cooking can be very therapeutic. {sincere} 43
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Anger 50 I hate that stupid man. {angry at her husband} 44
DialogueTenpennyConv01 DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 50 Why? You haven't seen him have you?! {doesn't want to run into her annoying husband} 45
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Disgust 50 Ha! Well, doc. If you got a pill that will make my husband disappear, I'll gladly take it. {annoyed with her husband} 46
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Anger 50 Yeah. He's so stupid! I don't actually need to sneak out. I just tell him to piss off, and then I leave. If he was smart, he'd try to stop me. Men! {complaining that her husband doesn't know how to keep her happy (she wants him to fight for her, but he just lets her leave)} 47
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Neutral 50 Oh no! I'm not going to make it that easy for you. If you can't figure it out, then I'm not going to help you. Why are you so stupid?! {angry with her husband} 48
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Anger 50 You mean other than the fact that he is an idiot? Or that he's always busy with stupid meetings, or writing stupid books, that NO ONE cares about? {annoyed with her husband} 49
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Anger 50 No amount of drink is going to make my husband less stupid. But, it'll certainly help me forget about him, won't it. {annoyed with her husband} 50
DialogueTenpennyConv02 DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 I suppose it is. {not convinced} 51
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 I was afraid you'd say that. {annoyed} 52
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Anger 75 Not yet. {smoldering anger} 53
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Anger 50 I shouldn't have to talk to him. Why make it easy for him? He doesn't make it easy for me! If he can't see the problem, then he's just stupid. {angry at her husband} 54
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Anger 50 That's because men are stupid. {commiserating with a friend} 55
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 I guess maybe I should figure out what I want to do with MY life. {thinking aloud} 56
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Sad 50 I guess so. {commiserating} 57
DialogueTenpennyConv03 DialogueTenpennyConv03 Disgust 100 Whatever. He loves those damn meetings, and that stupid "Community Manifesto" of his more than me. He hardly knows I exist! {annoyed with her husband} 58
DialogueTenpennyConv03 Sad 50 Ha! He's so stupid, he wouldn't know what do to even if I did manage to get his attention! {annoyed with her husband} 59
DialogueTenpennyConv03 Anger 100 Ha! See?! That's what I'm talking about! Stupid. Stupid man! {angry with her husband} 60
DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic Neutral 50 Well. I guess I better get some food. {hungry and on her way to get food} 61
DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic Disgust 50 I'm tired as hell. {tired and heading off to bed} 62
DialogueTenpennyTiffanyChengAvoidHusbandTopic DialogueTenpennyTiffanyChengAvoidHusbandTopic Neutral 50 Irving! God! Can't a woman get a little time to herself!? 63
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Oh, all right. See you! {naively self important} 64
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Take care! {naively self important} 65
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Bye now! {naively self important} 66
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 What are you doing, Dashwood? {confused and slightly suspicious} 67
HELLO Surprise 50 What are you doing, Dashwood? {confused and slightly suspicious} 68
HELLO Sad 50 Hey Anthony. I think I need a new dress. Something with a little color, if you got any thing like that. {shopping as therapy} 69
HELLO Happy 25 You ever been married before? {probing to commiserate about her husband} 70
HELLO Disgust 50 What's the chance you or one of your men would trip and accidentally shoot my husband in the head? {annoyed with her husband and half seriously proposing murder} 71
HELLO Disgust 50 Hello there, Chief. I don't suppose there's any way you could, I don't know, SHOOT MY HUSBAND?! Make it look like an accident or something? {annoyed with her husband, and asking the security chief to shoot him - half joking, half serious} 72
HELLO Disgust 50 Hey Doc. You got any poison pills in your hospital? {annoyed with her husband and joking about murder} 73
HELLO Anger 50 Is it hard to tell if someone has been murdered, or just died in his sleep? {half joking about killing her husband} 74
HELLO Surprise 50 You ever kill a man, Daring? {probing} 75
HELLO Anger 50 Irving's always on that damn computer, typing away at his stupid projects. I wish I knew about computers. I'd erase that damn thing! {annoyed} 76
HELLO Disgust 50 I'm leaving. Bye! {passive aggressive anger} 77
HELLO Sad 50 Lydia, have you ever been in love? {commiserating with a friend} 78
HELLO Sad 50 Do you think it's possible to love someone too much? {commiserating with a friend} 79
HELLO Sad 50 Are you happy with your life, Ms. Primrose? {probing} 80
HELLO Surprise 50 Is cooking fun? Maybe I should help you out sometime. You know, just to have something interesting to do? {hesitant} 81
HELLO Sad 50 You're in here even more than I am. And I thought my life sucked. {commiserating with a friend} 82
HELLO Neutral 50 Nothing like a little ale to wash away the day, eh? 83