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The Ticker Tape Lounge is an unmarked location in the Theater District of Boston in 2287. It is a short distance northeast of the Mass Bay Medical Center, and is accessible by heading towards the hospital on the elevated highway from the fallen skybridge.


The Ticker Tape Lounge is separated into two sections split by a short hallway; each section has two levels. There is mostly low-value junk lying around.

Western section

The lower floor contains a fire barrel near the stairs, an ammo box on a counter directly to the right after entering, and an Advanced-locked safe behind the counter to the left, which is being desperately kicked by a Gunner. The upper floor contains no lootable containers, several couches and chairs, and a chaise. Access to the eastern section is through a short corridor.

Eastern section

The lower floor has been partially buried under rubble, but there is a cooking station in the center of the floor and a chemistry station underneath the stairs. The northeast section is a small kitchen with a radio tuned to Diamond City Radio and several junk items and consumables on the shelves and counters. Underneath the collapsed floor outside the kitchen is a skeleton in a yellow dress, several unusable wall seats, and a cigarette machine.

The upper floor is furnished with several diner booths, one of which has an explosives box underneath it. To the rear of the floor in the northeast, there is a mattress and a sleeping bag, with an ammo box on the table of the booth against the back wall.

The exit on the southwest wall of the lower floor leads to a small roof balcony with two Gunners and an elevator to the Mass Bay Medical Center roof. There is no button on the balcony to activate the elevator; it must therefore first be accessed from the Mass Bay Medical Center.

Notable loot

  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - On the lower floor of the eastern section, in one of the refrigerators in the kitchen.
  • Overdue book - On the lower floor of the eastern section, next to a skeleton with a yellow dress.


The Ticker Tape Lounge appears only in Fallout 4.