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Heads up, this is the Three Marys. White Legs territory. You sure you want to head in there?Follows-Chalk

The Three Marys is a location in Zion Canyon in 2281. It is the location of the White Legs' main camp in Zion.


The Three Marys is a natural landmark that served as one of the primary attractions within Zion National Park before the Great War. As of 2281, it has become the main territory of the White Legs in Zion, and their campsites line the riverbanks of the Three Marys. The White Legs, who have little respect for the park's pristine wilderness, have since littered the canyon with pre-War junk they brought with them or scavenged from elsewhere in Zion.[Non-game 1]


Located in the southwest corner of Zion Canyon, the entrance to the Three Marys is just north of the southern passage. The area itself is a long, winding river canyon that extends a ways west before curving back south and east. White Legs campsites are scattered all along the canyon, while the main White Legs camp is slightly more than halfway through the canyon, at a bluff on the westernmost part of the map. In the canyon, the ground is heavily littered with trash and debris throughout, while several static world object White Legs war totems can be found as well. Prior to Crush the White Legs, the whole canyon will be populated by various White Legs; these White Legs are mostly disabled and swapped for a different set for the final quest.

Upon entering, past the first river bend is the first White Legs campsite, at a wider section of the river divided by a small islet. South of the islet is a hollow log. The campsite, on the northern bank, has three bedrolls, a campfire, and several minor loot containers. During Crush the White Legs, there will be two Sorrows tribals and two Dead Horse warriors who will help fight the White Legs in this area.

After traveling further, there is a small rock bridge over the river. The rock bridge provides access from the northern riverbank to the southern ledge, which has one of two entrances to Three Marys Cavern. The cavern provides a shortcut past the northernmost bend of the river, which is necessary during Crush the White Legs as the canyon will be blocked by a landslide at the northern bend. There are three White Legs pain-makers inside as well as bedrolls and minor loot. During the quest, Joshua Graham will leave the player either once the landslide occurs or when they enter the cave.

From the western entrance of Three Marys Cavern, the riverbed is trapped with bear traps. There is a steep cliff on the opposite, northern bank that leads to a minor supply stash. This area is also trapped, with a tripwire and rigged shotgun near the entrance and a pressure plate hidden under branches just in front of the supplies, which triggers a grenade bouquet if activated.

Traveling further west past a narrow gap leads into the main White Legs camp, located on a large bluff along the northern riverbank. The campsite has various tents, campfires, and even a makeshift shooting range. During Crush the White Legs, entering this area will lead to a scripted massacre event between three White Legs pain-makers and the attacking Dead Horses and Sorrows: a Dead Horse warrior pushing a White Leg off a cliff, a Dead Horse Disciple of Canaan shooting a White Leg in the head, and a Sorrows tribal killing a White Leg with his yao guai gauntlet. Following the riverbend south of the main White Legs camp, there is another small embankment with some White Legs, but this area has nothing of note. Further east from there is a small ridge along the northern bank that has a hollow log.

Past this hollow log is another section of White Legs camps, with tall ledges along either side of the river. The ledge to the south can be climbed, although there is nothing up top. A ledge along the north can be reached from the bluff along the northern riverbank, which is another White Legs tent and shooting range site, with another hollow log nearby at the bottom near the river. During Crush the White Legs, another set of Dead Horse warriors executing White Legs can be seen here (the exact same three methods seen previously). White Legs tents and totems can be seen on some of the high ledges in this area, but they are empty and those locations cannot be reached.

From here, the canyon bends south to reach the final area of the Three Marys. Prior to Crush the White Legs, the way in will be blocked by a large rock that cannot be climbed over. During the quest, approaching the rock will cause the screen to fade to black, and the Courier will then be teleported inside to the final area. The Three Marys ends here, in a small clearing with the campsite where the White Legs' leader Salt-Upon-Wounds is confronted, with Joshua Graham as his executioner.


  • Three Marys Cavern will not show up on the player character's compass, nor can it be discovered as a fast travel location until Crush the White Legs has been started. The latter is due to the main path through the canyon being permanently blocked during the quest, requiring the cave to be used to bypass the rocks when re-visiting Zion later.
  • If the area is visited before Crush the White Legs, the early portions of the valley are lightly guarded, but no White Legs can be found deep inside the area where it looks as if it should be heavily populated, despite it apparently being their base of operations in the Zion Valley.
  • The path to the final area of Three Marys is always blocked by a rock, as well as a hidden collision wall that prevents over the rock. During Crush the White Legs, approaching the rock will simply teleport the player character into the final area. Using console commands to pass the blockage will reveal the final area, though it will be empty before the final quest.
  • White Legs storm-drummers can be observed target shooting at empty bottles and tin cans at several points throughout Three Marys if the player character remains undetected.


The Three Marys appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes[]

The Three Marys is a rock formation in the real-world Zion National Park.




  1. Question: "Why is Three Marys so full of garbage? The White Legs didn't haul all kinds of pre-war junk they're clueless about (electronic doodads, coffee makers, microscopes,) from SLC, did they?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "They both haul around junk and litter with the stuff they go through."
    (Josh Sawyer Formspring answers)