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This is a transcript for dialogue with Thompson.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 004058D0 004058FB Uhh... the high points are that it's a facility full of people who were smart enough to know better... but somehow didn't.
2 You know how sometimes their robots go nuclear when damaged? That's by design. That's on purpose. Think about that. Most were made for civilian use.
3 In what world does that make sense? A fucked up one.
4 004058D1 00405919 What, do I need to politely ask you to not shoot me, too? I am not going to knowingly endanger either of us, don't worry. Especially not myself. a bit mock hurt/incredulous initially
5 004058D2 004058FF It'll be fun. Forget the theme parks. There's nothing like scavenging a research center.
6 004058D4 004058FD No, I'm going to meet you there and hold your hand. Fields and Thompson are going to sit around here doing nothing.
7 004058D5 0040590E Seeing as we have a good feeling about you, I say we work together on this one.
8 004058D6 00405907 We're dealing with RobCo's semi-autonomous immobile weapon platform, only used for special government procurement. Love both talking about tech and showing off
9 Extra thick ballistic shielding plus reflective paneling, internal temperature regulation. Even has built-in air fresheners. last part is a joke
10 But can your new buddy Radcliff beat them? Of course he can. Just need a little help from the source.
11 004058D7 00405904 Because we can all see that you are. Especially your head and your ass. Player was talking shit, "Why don't you ask me if I'm bigger than a bread box?"
12 004058D8 00405915 Luckily, Paige gave us enough info to ID the problem. Sergeant Radcliff, you wanna take it from here?
13 004058D9 0040591C Oh, we know all about them.
14 004058DA 004059B2 All right, looks like you pass the test. Now let's talk about this Vault 79 you're so keen on breaking into.
15 004058DB 00405916 *friendly woof*
16 004058DC 00405909 Holds up with everything we were able to recon. Paige wasn't lying, at least.
17 004058DD 00405908 I mean, I give anyone who doesn't shoot at us bonus points, so checks out to me. joking but seriously though
18 004058DE 00405900 All right people, what do we think of this Vault Dweller? Radcliff? Thompson? Lucky? Asking everyone standing around you
19 004058DF 0040591B You know, the experiment that your vault was running. Like the jukeboxes can't be turned off and all they do is play Butcher Pete all day, every day.
20 004058E0 0040590D Careful, you'll upset Lucky with that. He hates rodents. talking about the family dog who is nearby basically
21 004058E1 00405911 That sounds in line with Vault-Tec's M.O.! I'm sure they didn't bother checking if that was okay with the Pentagon.
22 004058E2 00405914 The orders of your Overseer, eh? Don't belittle me, kid
23 004058E3 00405905 You came here looking for my help. But you seem like a person with a mission, so let's hear it. Responding to an open threat without fear, just disdain
24 004058E4 004058FE And I'm the King of the moon! loss of composure at this absurd player statement
25 004058E5 00405918 We were in contact with them before, Lieutenant Taggerdy seemed like a fine soldier. Then they kind of just dropped off the radar.
26 It's part of why we decided to head down this way. It was pure coincidence that we ran into the civvies that Paige has pulled together.
27 We already confirmed that they're all dead or missing, but we appreciate you trying to bring us that news. Will you be that honest if I ask you something? genuinely grateful about the news, doubting honesty still a bit though
28 004058E6 004058FC I don't know what the Responders or the Firebreathers are, but hunting those Scorched seems vitally important and dangerous.
29 Since we're... both defenders of the people, in a manner of speaking, maybe you'll level with me.
30 004058E7 0040591A Oh yeah, we came through there. Thompson, aren't you the mayor too? Deadpan amusement. Speaking to someone next to you, you know the answer but asking to prove a point
31 004058E8 00405910 Seems to me that a lot of people around here have access to that arsenal. It's a fact that I'm not overly fond of. Calm anger in the face of an open threat.
32 004058E9 00405913 We saw one of those Scorchbeasts take out a whole group of raiders in one go. Barfed some kind of goo all over them and they started changing, dying. War story feeling, you're tough but it was awful to see
33 Those things have Queens? I'm glad you dealt with her, but I can't imagine that's the last of it.
34 004058EA 0040590B You joined up with that MODUS guy, huh? He contacted us when we started poking around here. Talking down to the player
35 Thompson, what did you say he reminded you of? She's standing right next to you.
36 004058EB 0040591D Did you enlist before the vault? Where's the rest of your unit? Where did you serve? I have so many questions, but I guess there's no time. Doesn't seem plausible but it would be a relief if true
37 004058EC 004059AF Oh, we've heard of Seventy-Six. You people are all over. as in "all over the place"
38 004058ED 00405902 We've been heading back down from up north. Before you ask why it took so long, take a long hard look at your day to day in Appalachia.
39 It's nice here. You've got it so good that I'd have wanted my momma to retire here. Giant bats, boo hoo.
40 004058EE 00405903 Don't you know a lick of history from before the war? We've always been forged in fire.
41 Maybe we got a bit burnt this time, but I can't believe it's the end.
42 004058EF 0040590F Pfft. World ends, and suddenly every Tom, Dick, and Mary thinks they're in charge.
43 What makes you so special, huh?
44 004058F0 00405906 Why the hell are you planning on stealing America's gold reserve? Uncle Sam not give you enough hugs and kisses while he was keeping you safe in that Vault? soldier meeting the player for the first time; you know they're planning on breaking into a government facility
45 004058F1 004059B0 Oliver Fields. Captain. United States Army. And now that we've got pleasantries out of the way, I have just one question for you. meeting the player for the first time
46 00407F27 Yes! Take that, ethics committee! Doctor Dorothea Dias lives again! Player has just resurrected you as a robot
47 00407F28 Sergeant Radcliff reports that you procured the tools we'll need. I'm impressed.
48 0040C6EC You really know that whole "over-deliver" mantra, don't you? Captain Fields and his soldiers say they're here to stay.
49 0056BEAE Nooooooooooooo... you can't bring me back! I got away...
50 0056BEAF Oh no! Oh god! I knew that overtime clause in my contract was a mistake. reanimated from the dead and forced to go to work
51 004058F2 0040590A Vault Dweller. We see your signal. Make your way due North towards the hill. You'll see a concrete bunker. We will be watching your approach carefully. speaking over the radio
52 00405C7D 00405C84 The entire research team jarred their brains? Whoa. I wonder how that went over. reading a terminal detailing the experiment
53 Good news for us, though, right? Just need to get one of them up and running. Maybe a nervous chuckle after "right?" ---Someone else died but at least it wasn't us?
54 00405C7E 00405C81 Look at that! Just needs a brain. Uh... clarification: I'm not volunteering. Couldn't work my magic with those pincers, anyway. you and the player find an intact robobrain with the brain missing
55 They've probably got some brains in storage somewhere. That seems like a very "them" thing to do. joking, but also creeped out because it's probably accurate
56 00405C7F 00405C83 Here we go. The skunk works. Failed prototypes. Designs gone wrong. We've died and gone to heaven.
57 00405C80 00405C82 Hey, you're not dead! I owe Thompson a cold one. meeting up with the player at the research center
58 Remember, we're looking for military research projects. General rule: they keep the good stuff in the back.
59 00407EF8 00407F1B As long as you don't try to lead us over a cliff, I don't see that being much of a problem.
60 00407EFA 00407F17 Interesting choice of words. You've been "making a good team" for some time now, haven't you?
61 00407EFC 00407F22 Phew. Let's rendezvous back at the home base. This place is giving me the creeps. player has the tools you need
62 00407EFD 00407F1F Just grab them and let's go. I don't want to stick around for any more of her improvements.
63 00407EFE 00407F24 It is done! In the right hands, these tools will easily defeat my previously undefeatable turrets! Aaaand bonus! Some collateral damage. Huzzah! triumphant mania
64 00407EFF 00407F16 We're still talking about the turret controls, right?
65 00407F00 00407F20 What we need is to expand! Seek out other sources of electricity and snuff them out! Create chaos! Let only the strongest machines survive! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
66 00407F01 00407F1A No, easy is good. We like easy.
67 00407F02 00407F18 What we need are a set of tools... but not just any set of tools! No, merely hijacking the command communication signals would be too easy! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
68 00407F03 00407F19 Is she, uh, did she just cackle maniacally?
69 00407F04 00407F23 Yes, I see it all so clearly now. My only true intellectual rival is myself! The enemy was within all along. Muwhahahaha! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
70 00407F05 00407F1C I knew you were with them! Well, have a look around then, we're all completely above board.
71 In this area. Right now. deadpan, "we're above board. in this area. right now."
72 I assume you want a tour, just to waste my time completely? Some other absurd request?
73 00407F09 00407F26 Yes, lasers! That's just what I'll add on this unimpressive robot body. Lasers! What an excellent idea, doctor!
74 What did you need, again?
75 00407F0B 00407F2E Of course I do! You're just so forgettably mediocre at your job that I can't be bothered to remember your name. What do you want?!
76 00407F0D 00407F1D Oh, who are you? You aren't part of the research team... realizing you don't recognize the player
77 00407F0E 00407F1E You think when we wake this research person up, they'll be... well, what I mean to say is... are they gonna try to kill us?
78 If I woke up and my mind was in a fish bowl, and my beautiful body was suddenly a trash can on treads, I might freak out a little bit. rambling a bit
79 00407F0F 00407F21 They were smart enough to write the settings down at least. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out which number goes where. you and the player find scattered notes around the lab
80 00407F10 00407F2F All right, look at you. The chef supreme of brains. player just successfully prepped the brain
81 Chef brainardee. Chef des brains-ine.
82 That's all I got.
83 00407F11 00407F29 I don't think this thing's going to work without a brain jar placed on it. brain prep station can't prep a brain if you don't add a brain, silly player
84 00407F2A It needs a brain. Come on. Should be obvious. brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound because player didn't add a brain to it
85 00407F2B Sounds like we tripped a failsafe. Guess that wasn't the right setting? Try again? brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound
86 00407F2C Nope. That wasn't it either. brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound
87 00407F2D Well, now you're just messing with me. brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound
88 00407F12 00407F14 Is that a stovetop? It looks like a stovetop. You sure we're not sous chefs in some kind of weird zombie cooking show pilot? you and the player enter a brain cleaning area, and the prep station looks like a stovetop
89 Normally, I'm all about randomly fiddling the dials, but considering this brain is a limited resource, we better find some instructions first. how the heck do you cook a brain anyway? did it come with instructions on the box?
90 00407F13 00407F15 So... whose brain do we nab? The person in charge would be an obvious pick, but speaking as an old "boot on the ground", it never hurts to look one or two rungs down the ladder. you and the player enter the storage room with the brains in jars
91 0040C6E8 0040C6ED We got the crew and the equipment. All that's left is to get to work. You let me know when you're ready, because once we start it's gonna be real noisy.
92 005698FE 00569900 I guess there's one born every minute. I know about the nukes your people are unleashing. That's not rebuilding shit. Amused/tired at first, then building disgust
93 I also know that not all of you are participating in it, though. So I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now.
94 0056BE88 0056BEA2 Yes, but not inaccurate. unconcerned, you don't really care
95 0056BE89 0056BEAD Rude. Not really offended. What the player said was objectively rude though.
96 0056BE8A 0056BEA6 Because I'm criminally overdue for a promotion?
97 0056BE8B 0056BEA4 You and I are going to meet up at the RobCo Research Center down near Watoga. See if we can find the equipment I need to bust through those turrets.
98 And we better hope we do, because my only backup plan is politely asking the turrets to not shoot us, and that never goes well.
99 0056BE8C 0056BEB1 *confused whine*
100 0056BE8D 0056BE9D That got dark.
101 0056BE8E 0056BEA8 Or a vault that doesn't include any food.
102 0056BE8F 0056BE9F *bark!*
103 0056BE90 0056BEAA It sounds like Vault-Tec sure did a number on you. Uh, well, sorry for your loss. it must be true but it makes no sense..
104 0056BE91 0056BEA1 Let's talk later! friendly stage whisper
105 0056BE92 0056BEAC Yes, sir. a bit embarrassed, to commanding officer standing next to you
106 0056BE93 0056BEB0 Sergeant, stand down. amused but trying to maintain composure, she's right next to you
107 0056BE94 0056BEA3 As in the Mistress of Mysteries? Do you have the Blade of Bastet? The Voice of Set? The Eye of Ra? adoring fan mode activated
108 0056BE95 0056BEA5 Not today, sir. It only lasts for a day. Just the facts, sir. Speaking to someone next to you.
109 0056BE96 0056BE9C *growls*
110 0056BE97 0056BEA7 Shutting my trap, sir. falsely chipper maybe, mildly chagrined. Speaking to someone next to you
111 0056BE98 0056BE9E Sergeant? "Could you not?" Speaking to someone next to you
112 0056BE99 0056BEA9 What the hell, are they like giant bats or not? Ants and bats combined? Bants? joking nervously to people standing around nearby, maybe to yourself a bit
113 0056BE9A 0056BEA0 I said he reminded me of the Galaxy News radio announcer but like... obviously evil, sir. Just the facts, sir. Speaking to someone next to you.
114 0056BE9B 0056BEAB Do you know what your Vault's primary mission was? Not the "rebuilding America" bull, the REAL mission?
115 0056BEDE 0056BF11 Paige, Doctor Hornwright... that hyperactive communist kid, and now us.
116 You sure picked a strange team, but you've shown that you can follow through. I'm convinced you'll actually pull this damn thing off.
117 We'll be packing up and heading over to Foundation. No sense coordinating from two places. Eager to get this done, so let us know when.
118 0056BEE0 0056BF0A Let's grab the tools and go. I don't want to stick around in case this guy cracks. Or cracks more. I don't want to see his crack. stage whisper to your friend nearby, nervous joking
119 0056BEE1 0056BF1D I do not know, but I sense you're going to... Getting cut-off as someone starts talking again
120 0056BEE2 0056BF0F Hey man... so the tools... can you get to making those tools? trying to sound calm and upbeat while talking to a scary person
121 0056BEE3 0056BF02 Hey, practice makes perfect! trying to sound calm and upbeat while talking to a scary person
122 0056BEE4 0056BF14 Move them to the coffee area. Move them to the hallway that leads to the bathroom. Make the whole break room a killzone.
123 0056BEE5 0056BF04 She made us move them all over the office during testing. Every day it was different. rambling nervously
124 0056BEE6 0056BF17 Oh, yeah. Well. I can make it so that the power just shuts down completely. Do you know how many times I had to rewire these turrets? rambling nervously while working
125 0056BEE7 0056BF06 I came in to the office when the bombs were falling because I was scheduled and I feared her more than the Great War. rambling nervously while working
126 0056BEE8 0056BF1A You have no idea how many times we had to assemble and tear down the killzone emplacement until Doctor Dias was happy. rambling nervously while working
127 0056BEE9 0056BF08 Uh, alright. Feel better, maybe? Or just keep staring into the meaningless maw of existence. creeped out but making light of it
128 Gina? Oh, she's doing it. She's all in. creeped out but making light of it
129 Let's get out of here. Bye Gina! creeped out but making light of it
130 0056BEEA 0056BF1B I guess that's it. If you don't need anything else, I'm going to just sit here for a moment and contemplate my new existence.
131 0056BEEB 0056BF0B Good, easy is good! We like easy.
132 0056BEEC 0056BF1E Okay. So we're going to hijack the command communication signals to just shut it down. No need to overcomplicate things... right?
133 0056BEED 0056BF10 Yeah, see there's a bright side to everything, right? How bout those tools? maybe a nervous laugh if it feels right
134 0056BEEE 0056BF12 Wow. My robot body doesn't seem to experience pain. That's different. I can't feel anything actually.
135 0056BEEF 0056BF0C Oh. I guess I'm free? Like, they can't do anything worse to me-this is actually a huge relief. I feel like I could do anything!
136 0056BEF0 0056BF1F Oh. You want me to make tools that will destroy the turrets? Really? Sure! concerned but growing excitement
137 Come on, we'll need to use the fabricators. Follow me!
138 0056BEF1 0056BF2F Ohhhh. Uh... I can't be seen with someone who doesn't have the correct access for this level... oh no!
139 Oh god! They're going to put my brain in a jar for this! If they find out we were here together-and you shouldn't be here-but you are! Oh god, oh god. panic spiral
140 0056BEF2 0056BF18 It never ends! Never! If I have to tear down those turrets for Doctor Dias one more time, I will explode. I will actually explode!
141 0056BEF3 005A0D12 *nervous laughter that turns maniacal*
142 0056BEF4 0056BF09 You seem really happy to be here. First week with the company? Let me know if there's anything you need help with.
143 I mean, I don't have any time to help but I would like to uh... hear that you need help anyway. Just let me know.
144 0056BEF5 0056BF1C I don't remember you from the research team... concerned/confused
145 0056BEF6 0056BF0E Oh, hm. You mean the turrets Doctor Dias made? Oh, I filed a bug report for something AGES ago that she never got around to fixing. distracted by the problem, not upset anymore
146 I can fabricate some tools that will bring them down so fast they won't know what hit them.
147 0056BEF7 0056BF01 You sound like Doctor Dias. Just... tell me what you need and then go electrocute yourself by walking into an electronics cabinet just like she did. a bit vicious or pleased at the end
148 0056BEF8 0056BF13 Oh. Uh... okay. What do you need my help with? I'm awful at everything, just ask anyone.
149 0056BEF9 0056BF03 Wow, thanks! I feel so much better. You can't imagine how much stress and garbage I've had to put up with around here as an intern.
150 0056BEFA 0056BF16 I hate this place. What can I possibly help you with? I'm just a useless intern.
151 0056BEFB 0056BF05 Why are you doing this?
152 0056BEFC 0056BF19 Yes! I don't have time to give autographs or teach students, so you better beat it!
153 0056BEFD 0056BF07 Fools! There is no bypass. You think I designed a perfectly balanced machine of destruction just so you people could walk right through it?
154 That stupid thing you said, which I've already forgotten, made me think of something brilliant!
155 Dismantling my own work would be an interesting challenge. To the fabricators!
156 0056E73F 0056E740 I bet her brain is stored somewhere. Might as well go destroy it or maybe... hmm... experiment on it! Yeah!
157 005856E1 00585703 Disassemble me? Oh god! Wait, unless I what? Bypass the turrets-why didn't you just say that's what you wanted. I'm happy to help! Overjoyed, even!
158 The fabricators are over here, follow me!
159 005856E3 00585739 You don't need to get mad. I definitely want to help destroy those turrets. They destroyed me, after all. Dissociating a bit
160 I put in a bug report ages ago and she never fixed it... said it was part of the design. So I can just fabricate tools that exploit that weakness, no problem.
161 005856E5 00585706 Fine, fine! I can tell you're someone without vision. You can't stand being in the shadow of a real auteur like myself, can you?
162 Dismantling my own work is the only true challenge I'm ever going to have in this world, isn't it?
163 Alas. To the fabricators!
164 005856E8 00585715 Smell that? Opportunity!
165 ... and also ... shorted out electronics.
166 00585716 Hmm, I'll have to come back for that later. ... musing to yourself about salvage
167 00585717 Well? Lead on. I've got your six.
168 00585718 This place gives me the creeps. *shudders audibly* Desk jobs.
169 00585719 What's up? You hear something? not entirely serious
170 0058571B This place is disgusting, Captain.
171 0058571C Hey, Lucky, that's not okay buddy. Oh wait, that's just flooding. Sorry, Lucky. thought the dog peed inside, but nah the bunker's just got leaky pipes
172 0058571D What's that smell?
173 0058571E We need to make another supply run. Lucky and I went last time.
174 0058571F Hmm. Unpacking can wait. musing to yourself
175 00585720 Has anyone seen my readers? Hang on, nevermind. They're in my pocket.
176 00585721 C'mon, just make the best of it, people! grumbling about friends who think the place they're staying is gross
177 00585722 Nobody let Lucky out by himself for a bit. I could've sworn I saw a big old set of red eyes outside just a bit ago.
178 0059299A 00592876 No, we're all ready here. You've built a team and we're all just waiting on you to lead it.
179 Just let me know when you're ready. Duped from Data\Sound\Voice\SeventySix.esm\W05_NPCM_Paige\00402A98_3.xwm
180 00592E5F 00592E60 Captain Fields and his soldiers say they're here to stay. Copy earlier line, remove part from the earlier line. 0040C6EC_1
181 0059C368 0056BF0D Oh god, fine! What do you want?!
182 005A0D10 0056BF15 *nervous laughter that turns maniacal*