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This is a transcript for dialogue with Thomas Eckhart.

ENB Surveillance Quest 03 Opportunity

(Whitespring surveillance recordings#1.1.7)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
3 003CB086 003CB0AA Hmm. Well, there you have it. I'm sorry to see so many uncommitted to the cause of America. mild disappointment
4 Mr. Grey here will help sort out accomodations for you all. Everyone else, please, follow me down to the Science Wing. Mild disappointment.
5 003CB087 003CB0A7 All who oppose, please move to the right. just a hint of disapproval
6 003CB088 003CB0A2 All in favor of using this facility and the resources of this land to continue the war that others believe lost, please move to the left side of the room.
7 003CB089 003CB09E So then, let us vote.
8 003CB08A 003CB09C But of course the rule of law still applies here, my brothers and sisters. The Enclave is the bastion of democracy and will remain so, I assure you. again with the fake sentiment
9 003CB08B 003CB098 When we are victorious, there will be no more enemies left to stand against us. almost over-the-top
10 003CB08C 003CB0A0 And we will, for once and all, put an end to war. dramatic
11 003CB08D 003CB0A5 We are going to fight. We will use this facility to continue the battle against our enemies, against Communism, against all the wretched things that brought this war upon us. full-on campaign speech mode
12 003CB08E 003CB0A1 The world outside believes the war is over. That there are no more true Americans with the will to fight. They are wrong. rallying the crowd
13 003CB08F 003CB09F This is the moment to recognize and seize the opportunity that lies before us. trying to rally the crowd
14 003CB090 003CB09D Loved ones lost. Colleagues gone. But now is not the time to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by tragedy. faking empathy
15 003CB091 003CB099 I acknowledge the pain you all must be feeling. I see it on your faces, and I feel it in my heart. faking empathy
16 003CB092 003CB09A According to the rules of succession outlined long before our entry into this bastion, that responsibility now falls... to me. very pleased with himself, trying to hold back
17 003CB093 003CB0A6 This, in addition to the unexpected severance of our connection to Raven Rock and the President, means our little enclave is without leadership.
18 003CB094 003CB097 It is my sad duty to inform you the Secretary of the Treasury has passed. Acute radiation sickness, it seems. faking sorrow
19 003CB095 003CB09B Ladies and gentlemen, the news is not good. faking sorrow

ENB Surveillance Quest 05 ScoutingReport

(Whitespring surveillance recordings#2.9.6)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003CB8CF 003CB8F9 I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Thank you, Major. Smirking to yourself. This is good news. You might be able to become President.
3 003CB8D1 003CB947 Any word on my ... personal request? Following up on a scouting report.
5 003CB8D3 003CB917 Let's be sure of that. Send a few technicians. See what it would take to make it ours. Issuing an order, politely.
7 003CB8D5 003CB94A I know what West-Tek was working on, Major. Did your men see if the systems there are still viable? A bit stern initially. This is information you've been waiting for.
9 003CB8D7 003CB944 Wonderful. And the other? You just got some good news. Now you're curious about the rest.
11 003CB8D9 003CB951 Were they now? Hmm. Send a contingent. I want it brought under our control. The Chinese were planning to build an invasion force in WV, but failed. You're hoping you can take over their factory. From rage to restrained joy.
14 003CB8DB 003CB957 What? The Chinese? Here? You just heard the forces you've sworn to eliminate from the Earth - China - had a facility here in Appalachia. You're pissed.
16 003CB8DD 003CB92F We're not going to be able to torture our way back to supremacy, Major. Sitting down for a scouting report. In a decent mood.
18 003CB8DF 003CB955 Do you think they'll come willingly? Sitting down for a scouting report. In a decent mood.
19 003CB8E0 003CB91A So, what have our scouts found thus far, Major? Is there anything left up there? Sitting down for a scouting report. In a decent mood.

ENB Surveillance Quest 07 Arrival

(Whitespring surveillance recordings#5.2.4)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 002B7995 002B79B0 But it's our purpose here to make sure something like this never happens again. Is that something you'd be willing to help with? almost gloating, knows he's got her hooked
3 002B7996 002B79B3 Good. We can't do anything to turn back time, stop the terrible tragedy that's befallen our great nation. insincere
6 002B7999 002B79C8 Well, I for one am exceedingly glad to have you here. We've got room and supplies for all of you. flattering tone
8 002B799B 002B79C3 Making it all the way from the Capital with, I'm told, minimal casualties. Very impressive. overly complimentary
9 002B799C 002B79C4 But you! You and your team have fared surprisingly well, all things considered. total shift in tone, suddenly overly complimentary'
11 002B799E 002B79C6 I know. We've all suffered, even those of us here in this bunker. It was supposed to be safe, and.... well, you've seen how few of us are left. playing the victim, again with fake sympathy
13 002B79A0 002B79C7 I can only imagine. I'm sure you've seen some horrifying things. The most insincere of sympathies
15 002B79A2 002B79C9 Colonel Santiago, is it? Thomas Eckhart, Secretary of Agriculture. Good to have you here, soldier. friendly politician mode