If I become a volunteer for the Responders, I should be able to get access to their systems. Their training course wants me to locate the Responder Kesha McDermott.

Thirst Things First is a main quest in Fallout 76.


Although the Responders are long gone from Flatwoods, their automated courses still remain active and can be used by Vault 76 dwellers to become officially certified Volunteers. The first step can be taken in Flatwoods, where volunteers need to first help complete Kesha McDermott's water tests.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Detailed walkthroughEdit

  • This is a tutorial quest introducing the basics of survival. The dweller has to first find Kesha's body over by the river, curled up on the bank. Her location can also be obtained from the self-serve kiosk, after accessing the people's directory.
  • There will be a water test kit on her body. The dweller has to sample two locations, one at the river nearby, the other at the water pumps located at the edge of town, near the farms. Simply drinking water from each source will collect a sample.
  • Then it's a matter of returning to the church and uploading the sample to Kesha's terminal over behind the automated vendor. This will lead to the conclusion that water must first be boiled to be made potable. Then the quest asks the dweller to gather wood and two units of dirty water, then use any cooking station to make boiled water.
  • Then it's a matter of turning the quest in at the kiosk. Halfway through to Volunteer status!

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Locate Kesha McDermottIf I become a volunteer for the Responders, I should be able to get access to their systems. Their training course wants me to locate Responder Kesha McDermott.
? (Optional) Search for her location in the system
? Search for Kesha along the nearby riverAccording to the administrator terminal in the Flatwoods outpost, Responder Kesha McDermott was on assignment testing water down by the river. I pulled her coordinates, so I might be able to find the water testing kit nearby.
? Retrieve the Water Testing Kit from Kesha McDermottKesha McDermott, the Responder in charge of the water testing course in Flatwoods, last checked in by the river and it looks like she's still there. If I go there, I might be able to retrieve her Water Testing Kit.
? Test a sample of water from the riverSo, Volunteer Kesha died while sampling the river water. Bummer. At least I have her Water Testing Kit so I can continue her work. Looks like the kit is programmed to automatically sample water collected from the coordinates that Kesha was already testing.
? Taste a sample of water from Flatwood's Water Pumps
? Analyze the Water Testing Kit's results in Kesha's labNow that I've used the Water Testing Ket to sample some of the water that I collected, I can transfer the Kit's data to the lab's terminal to see exactly how gross this water probably is.
? Boil water using Dirty Water and Wood fuelOkay, natural water is unsafe to drink. Noted. Now, as part of my volunteer training, I need to boil some water that is safe to drink.
?Icon checkCheck in with the Self-Serve KioskLooks like this training program tried to emphasize precautions about using unsafe water, probably due to a lot of deaths early on. I should check in with the Kiosk to see if I have Volunteer access yet.
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