For similar thirst levels found in Fallout: New Vegas, see Dehydration.


Thirst is a derived statistic in Fallout 4 that activates in Survival mode.


Thirst occurs if the Sole Survivor does not drink water after a long enough period of time, whether dirty or purified. Thirst accumulates slowly at all times. Increased levels modify SPECIAL stats. Higher thirst levels induces Fatigue, at which Action Points will become affected. Ultimately, damage will be taken, reducing Hit Points. Most types of hydrating drinks will reduce thirst by some amount, although certain drinks and soups are more effective than others. Chems and healing aids are known to increase thirst.

Stages of thirst

There are five stages of thirst that span in-game hours. It doesn't appear that the thresholds are linear. For example, it takes about 4 to 5 hours to go from hydrated to parched to thirsty, then 9 hours to go from thirsty to mildly dehydrated. The following table shows the approximate times that it takes for a character to go from completely satisfied to the listed condition in each area. In-game time is expressed in "hours" and real-time is expressed in "minutes".

THIRST Parched Thirsty Mildly Dehydrated Dehydrated Severely Dehydrated
Effects -1 INT -2 INT, -1 PER -4 INT, -1 LCK, -3 PER -8 INT, -2 LCK, -5 PER -10 INT, -3 LCK, -7 PER, Periodic Damage

In-game (hours)

4 hours 9 hours 18 hours 30 hours 45 hours

Real-time (mins)

12 mins 27 mins 54 mins 90 mins 135 mins

Note: The In-game / real-time data in this table are approximations only. The time expressed is not truly accurate. This table may be incomplete.


  • Consider getting rid of all dehydration levels before turning in the faction quests. This ensures that all Intelligence points are available, in order to get the full amount of experience points needed for leveling up.

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