The Thicket Excavations terminal entries are entries found on a terminal within a trailer at Thicket Excavations.

Thicket Excavations terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
"Thicket Excavations" Terminal Systems

Shipment LogEdit


08/16/77 ---- 315 Tons ---- "Tables 'n Tops" - Rochester, NY
08/23/77 ---- 250 Tons ---- "Pillar Pushers" - Damascus, MD
09/15/77 ---- 275 Tons ---- "Interior Slabs" - Petersburg, VA
10/17/77 ---- 240 Tons ---- "Top Drawer Livin'" - Waynesboro, PA
10/23/77 ---- 108 Tons ---- "Ornate Obelisks" - Rockville, MD

Play TapeEdit

Sully's journal can be added to the player's inventory.

Sully's Log 6/17Edit


This is a great spot. With the right crew I'd have no problem keeping this place locked down. Traders run close enough for easy pickins, but not so close that we end up skinned.

The whole damn thing's filled with water, though! Figures. There's always a catch.

Bigass drainage pump looks mostly intact. If I'm lucky it might still work. Gonna take a closer look tomorrow.

Sully's Log 6/18Edit


Nope. Not gonna be that easy. Still - pump is in better shape than you'd think.

I'd like to head back and grab some tools, but it's pretty late. I'll tinker with it some before I bed down tonight, then head out in the morning.

Sully's Log 6/20Edit


Shouldn't be too hard now. Glad I grabbed that sledge, even if it is a bitch to carry all this way. Thing was rusted tight. Few good whacks with the sledge cleared that problem right up.

Thing made the damndest sound each time, though. You'd swear something was moving around in there.

Sully's Log 6/22Edit


Was able to make most of the connections. Patched up all the pipe leaks I could find, besides the ones in the water.

All the noises I've been hearing, I'm not setting foot in there. I'll probably head back and drag one of the new guys over here and make him do it.

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