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This is a transcript for dialogue with Slim.


1DialogueTheaterDistrict_SlimVendor0015DC86Whatcha lookin' for? Jet? Buffout? I got it all.Player Default: Sure.A
2Lookin' to score? I got whatcha need.Player Default: Sure.A
3You got that look, like you jonesin' for somethin'.Player Default: Sure.A
40015DC84Player Default: Sure.I got all the best stuff to hype you up or mellow you out.A1a
5Player Default: Sure.Uppers, downers, whatever you're lookin' for.A2a
6Player Default: Sure.Lemme show ya what I've got.A3a
70015DC83Player Default: Not right now.Fine, your loss.B1a
8Player Default: Not right now.Let me know if you change your mind.B2a
9Player Default: Not right now.Whatevah. Move it along then skid.B3a
100015DC81Player Default: What are you?You never seen a ghoul before? Don't worry, I ain't gonna bite ya. That's just the ferals.Player Default: Sure.Y1a
11Player Default: What are you?Sure, why not. Maybe take that into consideration when you're thinkin' 'bout what ta buy.Y2a
12Player Default: What are you?Nah, that's just all that most people 'round here are interested in. Let me show ya my wares.Player Default: Sure.Y3a
130015DC7CSo, you lookin' to buy?Player Default: Sure.A2a
14You gonna buy something?Player Default: Sure.A3a


15-0018BC67{Suspicious} We might change our minds if you help us out, though.
16{Friendly} I hope you can help us out.