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The fairgrounds' new sponsor is a holotape that was cut from Fallout 76.


Mark Kinser: You know, Tal, everyone's gonna claim you sold out.

Talbot: Well, they won't be wrong. This absolutely qualifies. It is, in fact, the definition of selling out.

Mark Kinser: Doesn't it bother you? Nuka-Cola coming in here and plastering logos all over the place, putting in knock-off rides... taking over?

Talbot: Of course it bothers me! This fair's been run by my family for 30-odd years now! But I don't have a choice. Can't manage another season on my own.

Mark Kinser: Maybe if we did like a community fundraiser or something...

Talbot: Oh, please. You know well as I do that won't cut it. Nuka-Cola, big corporation like that, they've got cash to burn.

Mark Kinser: So... how did you make out?

Talbot: You know damn well I am not giving you a number.

Mark Kinser: We've been friends 15 years now, and you won't tell me?

Talbot: Let's just say my family's gonna be taken care of for a good, long time. That's all that matters to me.