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The big day is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found on a bench just south of Summersville, next to a trilby hat and an old ring underneath the hat.


Amy Kerry: Wait, is that... you brought a holotape recorder?

Jeff Nakamura: Oh, um... yeah. There's something I wanted to document. Don't worry, it's nothing weird, I promise. Anyway, you asked where I like to go to be alone and think, and here we are.

Amy Kerry: When I was a student at VTU, I always thought Summersville was one of the prettiest towns I'd ever seen. It was... quaint, you know? Old-fashioned. Now it's lost all of its charm for me. I just see a sad, decaying place filled with the ghosts of a forgotten world. What draws you here? Is it the silence?

Jeff Nakamura: The view, actually. You can see the floodlands perfectly from here.

Amy Kerry: The mud flats? Why? There's nothing to see there. It's a ruin.

Jeff Nakamura: Because I never want to forget how lucky I am to be alive. I volunteered for the mission to Pleasant Valley because I was bored and wanted some excitement in my life. I know, I was young and stupid. We weren't even an hour outside the city when we heard the blast from the dam. We looked on as the river washed half of Charleston away. I lost every friend I had on that day, and for a long time, I felt like it was unfair that I survived. Like I should have died with them. But that all changed on the day I met you, Amy. You gave me a reason to want to be alive. That's why I wanted to ask you...

Amy Kerry: Jeff, don't. I know what you want to say, but... now isn't the time. I don't know if it ever will be. I just can't think about that right now. It's not that I don't care about you, but I have my work on the environmental monitoring program, and you've got your duties to the Responders. People are counting on us to be selfless. To put their needs ahead of ours.

Jeff Nakamura: I know, but part of rebuilding the world is... well, having families again, and I think that's an important responsibility, too. Besides, why even bother trying to survive if there aren't things worth living for? Look... if this is too soon for you, then I'll wait until you're ready. Just promise you'll tell me if you change your mind.

Amy Kerry: Okay. I promise.