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The Whitespring golf club is a location in The Forest region of Appalachia in 2102, and part of The Whitespring Resort.


During the peak of the war, many staff were replaced by robots to run the club and its services. Terminal logs reveal that many staff members were unhappy about this.


The Whitespring golf club consists of two floors. On the first floor there are utility rooms, showers, lockers and multiple cases filled with awards and golf and baseball memorabilia. The upper floor has a big mess hall.

Notable lootEdit

  • Golf clubs - in the building at the driving range.
  • They're coming - Holotape, on a table inside the club.
  • Two random magazines
    • On a shelf in the study near the locker room on the bottom floor.
    • Inside the robot pod room, sitting beside a stacked box on the bottom floor.
  • Random recipe - inside the Champion's Club room, on a table after turning left from the front entrance.
  • Letter of resignation - inside the far north building next to the north entrance checkpoint on Northridge Drive, behind a curved desk with a broken terminal.


  • There are many feral ghouls that roam the club.
  • The sulphur water fountain located under a gazebo near the golf club can cure a player of any Fallout 76 diseases.


The Whitespring golf club appears only in Fallout 76.


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