Just before the bombs fell, US leadership re-located to a remote Oil Rig off the coast of San Francisco. The Enclave’s mission – to re-establish governmental control of America from key locations, like a secret bunker hidden somewhere deep in Appalachia…— @Fallout[1]

The Whitespring bunker, also called the congressional bunker[2] or site CB_002,[3] is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102. It is the primary headquarters of the Enclave.


The Whitespring bunker was built beneath The Whitespring Resort by Vault-Tec at the behest of the United States government. Publicly, its function was to ensure continuity of government by providing protection and shelter for Congressmen, Federal officials and military personnel in the event of a nuclear war. In reality, the bunker was intended exclusively for members of the Enclave. In 2077, Eastern Commonwealth Enclave members traveled to the bunker when the United States' early warning systems were activated as the Great War began; members of Congress also made the trip, but were denied admittance and unceremoniously executed.

In the days after the war, Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart assumed command of the Eastern Commonwealth Enclave in accordance with established succession rules following loss of contact with the President and the demise of both the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Treasury. Since contact with Enclave leadership (which included the president) at Control Station ENCLAVE had been lost due to damage sustained by the bunker's communications array, Eckhart considered himself de facto leader of the entire Enclave and focused on his driving obsession: the eradication of communism. To this end he sought to gain control of the three automated nuclear silos in Appalachia, Site Alpha, Site Bravo, and Site Charlie, in order to launch a final retaliatory strike against China. First, to secure his own authority, Eckhart had Enclave personnel hack into Appalachia's automated election systems in order to run for President of the United States in January of 2083; he won handily, as his Enclave soldiers cast the only votes. After this election, he gathered everyone into an atrium and held an impromptu vote on whether to continue the war with China. He had the people in favor of continuing the war stand next to the only exit, and those against stand next to the far wall. After the vote, he had those in favor exit the room and instructed MODUS to lock the door and gas the people trapped inside. He then forced Colonel Ellen Santiago to use the automated promotion system at Camp McClintock to gain the rank of general, as only a U.S. military general could access the congressional bunker's command wing, which could remotely control the nuclear silos.

Eckhart's plan never came to fruition. In 2086, after Santiago opposed Eckhart's increasingly unethical actions, Eckhart had her incapacitated and hidden away. Soldiers loyal to Santiago later discovered this and organized a rebellion against Eckhart's rule, which was commanded by Major Ragnarsdottir. The rebels succeeded in reviving Santiago and arresting Eckhart. They later made an attempt to destroy the primary systems of MODUS, who was still loyal to Eckhart, but failed to eliminate or even cripple the AI. Instead, MODUS lost much of its memory and became corrupted, causing it to violently retaliate against its attackers. It deliberately destroyed the bunker's weapons lab and released a lethal toxin into the air supply, suffocating Eckhart, Santiago, Ragnarsdottir, and all other human residents of the bunker.

In the years after this event, MODUS regained some stability and used the bunker's robots to repair much of the damage, but remained unable to contact Control Station ENCLAVE for further instructions. It patiently waited for a prospective assistant to arrive from outside to help it restore communications until 2102, when a Resident of Vault 76 entered the bunker.


The Whitespring bunker has two exterior entrances: the main entrance is a blast door built into a hillside a short distance from the Whitespring Resort with a parking lot that is accessed by a side road, and a secondary entrance can be found near the Whitespring service entrance. A third entrance in the form of an elevator is accessible within the Whitespring Resort's main building and is concealed behind a sliding wall panel. All three entrances are protected by laser grids that prevent unauthorized individuals from passing through them; these can be deactivated with Sam Blackwell's congressional access card, which is obtained from the abandoned waste dump. Beyond the laser grid at the main entrance is an additional layer of security: an unmarked cog-shaped blast door, Vault-Tec.

Immediately inside the bunker is the orientation floor. Those that enter the bunker must first be photographed and then led through a decontamination apparatus to remove any traces of radiation. Past orientation is a large window exhibiting the room containing the apparatuses that hold MODUS. Next is the admittance floor, where new residents must register themselves and optionally take a questionnaire about pre-War U.S. history. To the right of admittance are two elevators which lead back to the orientation floor.

Individuals with proper clearance can proceed north of admittance to the foyer section, which has connects to the communications wing, military wing, science wing, medical wing, production wing and robotics wing. The military wing contains the brig, which is equipped with two cells and a prisoner interrogation device, and also connects to the command wing, which requires higher clearance to access.

Individuals with the rank of General or above in the United States Armed Forces can proceed to the command wing, inside the military wing, right from the wing's entrance. In the command wing, Generals can view gradually decoded keywords for each nuclear silo around the Appalachia, used to unscramble Appalachian launch codes, view information relating on how to launch nuclear weapons and access surveillance terminals, which have the ability to start radiant quests, viewing the location of a single launch code piece specific to that of Site Alpha, Site Bravo or Site Charlie.

Connected to the command wing, is the bunker's armory, in which Generals can access and purchase a wider variety of products to help them above-ground, compared to the production wing stock, one such item being the prototype X-01 power armor plans. Archives relating to the previous human inhabitants of the bunker can also be viewed in the archive terminals, found to the far side of the armory.

There is also an executive suite, which is currently locked and officially inaccessible, but is expected to be available to players that attain the rank of President during the quest Race for the Presidency.

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The Whitespring bunker appears only in Fallout 76.

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The Whitespring bunker is based on the Greenbrier bunker, underneath the Greenbrier luxury resort in West Virginia.



Enclave Symbol (FO3)
Enclave Symbol (FO3)
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