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The Whitespring Station is a train station in Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


A part of the long-defunct network of train stations on the Blue Line, the Whitespring Station is maintained by the bots and filled with plush red velvet appointments. The facility consists of a track-side platform and station building, having provided ancillary services such as a staffed ticket sales counter and automated ticket machines before the Great War.


The train station near the Whitespring grounds contains an automated vendor bot, offering an assortment of weapons, armor, consumables, and other items. It also includes the player character's stash, as well as automated ammunition, punch card machine, and medical supply vending machines.

The interior differs from others with clean and elegant furnishings, map, paintings of trains, seating area, clocks, desk, as well as interior and exterior signage. Outside, alongside the amenities are several signs warning passersby of the railway crossing the highway to the resort.


As of the Locked & Loaded update, a punch card machine was added to all train stations.


The Whitespring Station appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The initials "RDM" are etched in chalk on top of the water tower next to the station. These are the initials of Steve Massey's brother.[1]


Post-Locked & Loaded