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The Whitespring Resort is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia, the main building in the larger area known as the Whitespring.[1][2]


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Built in 1858, named after a natural sulphur spring on the grounds, the Whitespring Resort offered a wide array of shops, dining, recreation, and "exciting sporting opportunities for distinguished ladies and gentlemen."[3][4] Even after the Great War, Vault Dwellers in Appalachia can use several amenities provided by the resort, such as the various vendor robots.[5]

The Whitespring Refuge

As people began to resettle and establish new communities in Appalachia, the Whitespring Resort and its robotic staff were, at first, largely untouched by the wave of new settlers. However, in 2104, a group rebuilding the faction known as the Responders set up their headquarters in the Whitespring Resort. Taking over the main resort building, the project became known as the Whitespring Refuge. Refugees from all over the wasteland, including the Pitt, took up residence in the Whitespring Refuge, with many new amenities set up by the Responders there.

Orlando claims to be a representative of the resort's "Management," who are unable to fully oversee the resort due to certain circumstances. As such, Orlando allowed the new Responders to set up the Whitespring Refuge and assisted them in these efforts, as a liaison for the Management, who wished to help.


The grounds that surround the resort are inhabited by robots and feral ghouls, with the Springhill Golf Course serving as a buffer zone to nearby locations. The south side of the resort building contains the service entrance and the resort provides access to the Whitespring bunker.

Every floor has several employee areas that have robot pods and miscellaneous storage. The doors are unlocked and one will not incur consequences for taking their contents. Robots walk throughout the hallways, serving as vendors, security, housekeepers, and concierge. Damaging one robot will cause all to turn hostile, along with wall and ceiling-mounted automated turrets located all over the building.

First floor

When walking in the front entrance, going down the stairs will lead to the lower lobby. Walking forward will lead to the general manager's office. To the left of the lower lobby are the security station, concierge, and registration. Going down the hallway there will lead to the theater, and further down will lead to a small lobby, two elevators, and a stairwell. Back to the lower lobby, to the opposite side of the room is the bell stand and a long hallway with shops.

The shops line the left and right sides of the hallway and at the end is a small lobby, the north entrance, the unoccupied Candy Shoppe, and two elevators. The retail shops contain vendors from every faction in Appalachia. In the Artisan's corner, there are workbenches, a punch card machine and two stash boxes. Workbenches include two weapons, two chemistry, two power armor, one brewing station, four cooking, two armor, and four tinker's workbenches.


Location Vendor
Studio 58 Pendleton
Artisan's Corner Friedrich
Elegance Margaret
Le Grand Gourmet Marie · Antoine
Captain Kids Cap'n Kidd
Creekside Lodge Brotherhood vendor · Cunningham
The Newsstand Responders vendor · Alexis
Aurum Shopping mall vendor · Helena
Whitespring Spa Free States vendor · Aloe · Vera
Black Powder Raiders vendor · Flintlock
Bespoke Tweed
Live Chic Flauresca
The Chemist's Doc Stanley

Second floor

Upstairs from the front entrance, where there will be an upper lobby. To the right will be a series of rooms, including the soda fountain and lobby bar. To the left is the dining room. Going down the hall, near the bar and soda fountain is a foyer. Past the foyer is a parlor with two elevators leading to back to the Candy Shoppe. In the upper lobby, on the opposite side, is the dining room.

Going down the hallway near the dining room will lead to the ballrooms. There are four ballrooms, three of which are locked. The West Virginia Room is the first, followed by the unlocked Summit Room, and lastly the Allegheny Room and Governor's Hall. At the end of the hallway will be elevators and stairs leading up to the third floor.

Third floor

The third floor is accessible by elevator or by climbing the stairs directly in front of the Governor's Hall. Once turning left, there is a hand scanner on the wall which reveals a hidden hall leading into the Whitespring bunker. This hand scanner is only accessible once the player character has completed the One of Us quest.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • Fallout 76 updates In the current version of the Public Test Server, a prompt has been added when fast traveling to the Whitespring Resort, allowing the player to spawn at the resort's exterior, or directly inside of it. This feature is not yet implemented in the live version of the game.
  • In an employees only section near the dining room, there is a deactivated Assaultron named Lotus who used to work at the Whitespring Spa until she was involved with multiple incidents at the spa and was replaced with Vera.[6]
  • Multiple elevators in the resort have a third and fourth-floor button that does not bring the player to another floor. The third floor button does work in one set, leading to the bunker entrance level.
  • The various sentry bots, Assaultrons, Protectrons, Mr. Handies, Mr. Gutsies, Miss Nannies and automated turrets at the Whitespring are normally passive to player, but will attack if provoked until the area resets.
  • A different selection of music will play in the background in and near the first floor shops.
  • There are a number of skeletons stashed in the dumpsters near the Whitespring bunker secret entrance.


The Whitespring Resort appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • The Whitespring Resort is based on the real world location of The Greenbrier, a luxury resort located near White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
  • The Greenbrier is also the site of a massive underground bunker that was meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the United States Congress in the event of nuclear war. The bunker was code-named "Project Greek Island."
  • The Whitespring Resort's appearance in-game at launch was the passion project of a single level designer who went to the real-world Greenbrier every year as a kid.[7]
  • Cut content Several inaccessible suites with hand scanners can be found within the Whitespring Resort. These were originally intended to be "player suites," designed before the CAMP system was implemented. However, the content remains cut and the rooms cannot be entered.[8]


First floor
Second floor
Third floor


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