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The Whitespring Golf Club is a location on the grounds of the Whitespring.


The two story clubhouse served as the administrative and recreation hub of the newly-redesigned Springhill Golf Course, alongside other nearby amenities including swimming, hiking, tennis, and pool.[1] Before the war, the clubhouse hosted countless prestigious guests, including politicians and executives.[2]

Inside the clubhouse, guests could purchase equipment at the Pro Shoppe, advertised as having "everything you need to get in the game."[3] For dining amenities, the clubhouse featured "fine dining with a spectacular mountain view" in the Champion's Club, or a more relaxed sports bar experience in The Taproom.[4]

As part of a pre-War initiative, upgrades and renovations were planned, all while replacing Whitespring employees with automated staff. Replacements were scheduled for the clubhouse in November 2077.[5]

After the war, the robots in the resort building held fast to their renovation programming, resulting in following the directives to evict any human occupants as of January 1, 2079.[6] Some of the survivors including Lew Palmest fled from the resort to the clubhouse, deciding to take their chances with the robots at the clubhouse building, yet then having to contend with waves of feral ghouls.[6][7]


The clubhouse is situated between the outdoor pool, tennis courts, and golf course in the southwest corner of the Whitespring grounds. A long, covered caopy covers the entrance, the walkway lined with rhododendron flowers. On the back side of the building, a parking area consisting of a long line of golf carts can be found. Another golf cart parking area is located on the side of the building by a seating area and staircase. Vehicles such as a shuttle bus and Cherry Bomb are parked in front.

On the ground floor, various golfing facilities, a coatroom, smoking room, Pro Shoppe, utility rooms, showers, lockers and multiple cases filled with awards and memorabilia can be found. The second floor features the Champion's Club, The Taproom, and kitchens on the upper level. A steamer trunk is located inside a room near the lockers. There is extensive damage throughout the building and a large number of ghoul spawns, all with standard drop tables. Multiple lower level eyebots may spawn in the place of the feral ghouls.

Notable loot

  • They're coming - Holotape, on a table inside the club.
  • Letter of resignation - Note, inside the far north building next to the north entrance checkpoint on Northridge Drive, behind a curved desk with a broken terminal.
  • Two potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • Inside the clubhouse, on the lower level, in one of the trophy case windows in the hallway with the snack bar at one end.
    • Inside the clubhouse, on the lower level, on a shelf under the counter at the far left end of the shoe-shine counter in the men’s locker room.
  • Four potential magazines:
    • In the clubhouse, on the lower level, on the cardboard boxes in the "employees only" closet containing a robot pod, near the shoe-shine counter.
    • North of the main resort, just east of the club entrance road and security hut, in the white mansion house, on the upstairs front deck, on the circular metal table.
    • In the clubhouse, on the upper level, in the men’s room near the can chimes, between the wastebasket and the sink cabinet.
    • In the clubhouse, on the lower level, in the lounge in the men’s locker room, on the bottom shelf of the northeast bookshelves.
  • Potential recipe - Inside the Champion's Club, on a table after turning left from the front entrance.


The Whitespring Golf Club appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Inside of a fridge at this location, there is a clown holding a red balloon in reference to Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's It.[8]



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