The Whitespring 2080 Initiative was a renovation project undertaken by the Whitespring in 2075.


On May 27, 2075, the Whitespring published a press release, announcing the initiative, a major five-year renovation to the historic resort.[1] The general manager, James Wilcox stated in the release that the resort was already famous for its world-class hospitality, amenities, and spectacular natural beauty, adding that the new initiative is "an ambitious, forward-looking plan to revitalize the resort and secure its place among the world's premier vacation destinations for generations to come."[1]

Aspects of the renovation plan included the Homesteads luxury real estate, available at the resort starting in the low eight figures.[2] The celebrated golf course The Springhill was slated for a redesign, accommodating "a new era of sport."[1] Other parts of the initiative included providing elevated service for corporate clients through the Business Class program, refurbishing the resort's guest rooms, suites and cottages through the Modern Heritage program, and instituting the Ironclad Service, a move toward a completely automated workforce.[3][1]


Post-War, the Modern Heritage renovations were responsible for the automated employees carrying forward their pre-War programming, subsequently locking down the hotel from January of 2079 until May of 2086.[4]


The Whitespring 2080 Initiative is mentioned in Fallout 76.


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