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The Wayward interrogation is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found at WV Lumber Co., inside the underground of the office, on the cabinet beside Roper.


Roper: Say it again so the mic can here you. The name.

Settler: C-crane.

Roper: And where is this Crane?

Settler: I saw him... we were at this bar. The Wayward. Just north of Flatwoods.

Roper: And what does he know?

Settler: He said he was on the trail of this vault.

Roper: The people kind or the riches kind?

Settler: The kind that holds stuff.

Roper: The kind that holds stuff. I'll consider the topic clarified. You think it's the treasure?

Settler: I don't know. He-he didn't say.

Roper: Well, seems like that'd be worth finding out, wouldn't it?

Settler: Y-yes?

Roper: Are you afraid of me?

Settler: Oh god yes.

Roper: Don't be. We're not monsters here. We're pragmatists. You can get off the floor.

Settler: Are you--you're not going to kill me?

Roper: Not unless you give me a reason. Do you have a place to go?

Settler: N-no.

Roper: Do you want one?

Settler: ... w-what would you need me to do?

Roper: Go upstairs. Have a meal and a drink, share what you know. Maybe it'll jog some memories. From there... we can talk.

Settler: And if I wanted to leave?

Roper: We're all free men and women here. A little family. We take care of our own, rest of the world... be damned.