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Located on the outskirts of Flatwoods, the Wayward is a bar and gathering place serving the people who've returned to Appalachia to seek their fortunes.Fallout 76 loading screens

The Wayward is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia. It was introduced as part of the Wastelanders update.


The Wayward is a recently-established dram shop not too far from Vault 76, at the intersection of Routes 88 and 86. Located across the street from the overseer's camp, it is owned by Duchess, who built it from scratch, and frequented by Mort and Sol. Shortly after its establishment, the Wayward became involved in the treasure craze sweeping Appalachia when a treasure hunter named Crane made a special discovery before disappearing, with his last known location being the Wayward. This attracted the attention of various groups looking for Crane's treasure, including the Free Radicals, who sent Batter to interrogate the bar's regulars for information. Talking to Duchess after Batter is killed will start the Wayward Souls quest, which automatically starts upon completion of Reclamation Day and leaving Vault 76. The bar is also experiencing attacks by the Scorched as a result of Crane's actions, which also must be dealt with in order to secure their business.

After these issues are resolved, the Wayward officially opens for business and attracts patrons of all types. The Wayward also becomes relatively well-known to wastelanders across Appalachia, with various scavengers noting that they are "regulars" of the shop.


Left of the building there is a corn plantation, and a small brahmin pen, with three brahmin and Bessie. Behind the building are some glowing fungus and bloodleaf in the creek. Some soot flowers and some carrot flowers are in planters directly in front of the Wayward. More soot flowers and some rhododendrons are in the surrounding area. On the porch are two vending machines, one for ammunition and one for medical supplies. Just behind the tavern by the creek are three copper veins. The Wayward is also supplied with purified water from a plumbing system hooked up to a water purifier in the river next to the water data collector and power from a generator.

The bar has two floors. The first floor is composed of a reception area where Polly stands and a second room that contains the bar counter, some tables and a small stage with musical instruments. There is also a small bathroom. The second floor contains an office, a storage room and Duchess' bedroom. Initially, the business is disheveled and run down, but upon returning near the end of the Wayward's line of quests, Duchess will have spruced up the place with lights, decorations and much more to make it look a lot better to visitors thanks to the player character's support, after which she will declare the Wayward to officially be open.

Multiple different crafting workbenches and a stash box are conveniently located across the road at the overseer's camp.

A sign outside the front door on the side of the street is intended to point this out. However, the sign does not actually point to the overseer's camp across the street. Instead, if the sign's arrow is followed in a precise and straight path, it will direct the player character straight to Camp McClintock.


Bessie Jide Brahmin x3
Cherise³ Duchess Mort
Polly¹ Smiley³ Sol¹
Patrons² x3
1After Strength in Numbers
2After The Elusive Crane
3After Secrets Revealed

Notable loot[]


The Wayward appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.