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The Wayward is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103.


The Wayward is a recently-established dram shop not too far from Vault 76, at the intersection of Routes 88 and 86. It is owned by Duchess and frequented by Mort and Sol. It is located across the street from the Overseer's camp. Talking to Duchess after Batter is killed will start the Wayward Souls quest, which automatically starts upon completion of Reclamation Day and leaving Vault 76.


Left of the building there is a corn plantation, and a small brahmin pen, with three brahmin and Bessie. Behind the building are some glowing fungus and bloodleaf in the creek. Some soot flowers and some carrot flowers are in planters directly in front of the Wayward. More soot flowers and some rhododendrons are in the surrounding area. On the porch are two vending machines, one for ammunition and one for medical supplies. Just behind the Motel by the creek are three copper veins. The Wayward is also supplied with purified water from a plumbing system hooked up to a water purifier in the river next to the water data collector and power from a generator.

The bar has two floors. The first floor is composed of a reception area where Polly stands and a second room that contains the bar counter, some tables, and a small stage with musical instruments. There is also a small bathroom. The second floor contains an office, a storage room, and Duchess' bedroom. Initially, the place looks pretty run down, but upon returning near the end of the Wayward's line of quests, Duchess has spruced up the place with lights, decorations, and much more to make it look a lot better to visitors thanks to support from the player character.

Multiple different crafting workbenches and a stash box are conveniently located across the road at the overseer's camp.

Notable lootEdit


The Wayward appears only in the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update.


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