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The Way of the Canaanite is a companion perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


While Joshua Graham is in the player's party, any .45 Auto pistol they use has halved spread and is twice as likely to score critical hits.

This increases the crit chance of the .45 to 2x, and reduces the spread to 0.4. If you somehow managed to obtain Graham's A Light Shining in Darkness pistol, its crit chance is increased to 4x, and its spread is reduced to 0.275.


  • This perk is made less useful as it only affects the player if they are using a .45 Auto pistol, as well as Joshua only being a companion for a small space of time.
  • This perk can only be used during the quests Crush the White Legs and Flight from Zion.
  • The perk image appears to depict the Center Axis Relock stance, a pistol technique that is especially adept at managing recoil.
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