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The Wall is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287.


The Wall is a landmark of Diamond City, having survived since before the Great War. Though originally designed for baseball, it now serves as a fortification, separating the settlement from the threats beyond.

When the Sole Survivor engages in conversation with Mayor McDonough near the city's entrance, he will mention the Wall as "our sacred protector."[1] Upon returning to the town and approaching the Wall, the mayor will be summoning residents to the area so that he may give a speech. In this proclamation, he mentions the Wall as the "great green guardian" that has served to protect the settlement for 150 years from the "filth of the outside."[2]

The Wall is maintained by Abbot, who lives nearby. He will speak highly of the Wall and its role in keeping everyone safe, as well as the proud tradition of painting it green and maintaining it to prevent it from falling into disrepair. He mentions that no one has ever broken through, and the least the city's residents can do in return is keep the Wall looking pristine.[3]

He will ask the Sole Survivor to assist him in finding paint to maintain its upkeep, and if successful, he will thank the player character, mentioning that their help in keeping the Wall in good repair means a lot to the city.[4] Abbot allows the player character to add some paint to the Wall when they return, and if they bring the color he desired, he will admire the Wall and mention the paint is a good shade of green.[5] If Mayor McDonough dies, Abbot is unconcerned, remarking that even if the mayor is gone, the Wall remains the same.[6]


The Wall forms part of the fortifications surrounding the city, together with the grandstand and the pre-War press box. A brahmin pen and auditorium seating near a stage are in front of the Wall in the former outfield area.

A scoreboard covers most of the bottom half of the Wall, with the city's diamond logo above it. Utilized for keeping score in baseball games before the War, the scoreboard's sections still remain, including the top and bottom of innings 1-10, runs, hits, errors, and pitches, as well as statistics for both the American and National Leagues. The home team "Boston" is pre-painted on the bottom, above records for at bats, balls, strikeouts, and hits/errors below the inning counts.

During the quest Painting the Town, aside from the requested shade of green, the Sole Survivor can instead choose to paint the Wall blue or yellow. After a period of time has passed, the scoreboard and diamond logo portions of the Wall will be updated with their choice. Abbot and the Diamond City guards will comment on the new color.[7][8][9][10]

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The Wall only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The Wall is based on the real-world location of "the Wall" or the "Green Monster," popular nicknames for the 37-foot (11.33-meter) left-field wall at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.



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