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The Vessel, formerly known as the USS Democracy, is a derelict United States Navy submarine found at the dry docks of a Naval base on the Island, known as the Nucleus in 2287.


The Democracy was dry-docked for repairs and refitting at the facility on the Island prior to the Great War. Under the command of Captain Arnold Wabash, the Democracy was part of a secret plan created by the U.S. naval command, targeting Chinese operations in the South China Sea.[1] Although Captain Wabash had reservations about the plan, Admiral Edward Grath, his commanding officer, ordered him to accelerate repairs on the Democracy, as, "the Reds would do as bad or worse if given the chance."[2]

Before repair could be completed, however, the Democracy's nuclear reactor developed a containment leak. Its crew and captain were recalled while hazmat teams worked around the clock to clean the facility and make the submarine usable again. However, the process would take weeks to complete. Admiral Grath suspected foul play and informed Captain Wabash that he would file the court-martial personally if he was responsible.[3] However, before the investigation could be carried out, the Great War struck. Stuck in dry dock, the Democracy played no role in the ensuing exchange. After Admiral Grath reestablished communications with the naval base at Mount Desert Island, it turned out that Captain Wabash had disappeared together with the sub's launch key. Grath considered this to be an act of treason, believing that the submarine could've played a role in disabling Chinese nuclear capability, potentially saving New York City, Washington, D.C., or Boston. He vowed to find Wabash and kill him. Although he was correct in his assessment, as Wabash did sabotage his submarine's nuclear capability, he would never have his revenge: The captain died in a safe room at the nearby hotel, betrayed by a Chinese spy and one-time lover, Franny Richardson.[4][5]

The submarine itself remained stuck in dry dock. As the base deteriorated and the doors rusted, it became little more than a derelict hulk leaking radiation into the hold. This made it the perfect choice for DiMA, as the elevated radiation levels ensured he would have no interlopers interfering with his work. That changed when the Children of Atom came, with DiMA moving on to Acadia and entrusting the base (and the submarine) to the Children. They renamed it and the base the Nucleus, turning it into a holy site of their cult.[6] Of particular interest is the intact and functional nuclear warheads, which they seek to use to enact a "Great Division." They tried and failed at hacking the system, but without the nuclear launch key they cannot activate the missiles.[7][8]


The original control room of the ship lies beyond the entrance, having been converted into a sort of throne room by the Children of Atom. Heading behind the throne towards the front of the sub is the captain's quarters, used by the High Confessor as his personal worshiping area. Down the stairs at the front of the room leads to the missile launch and reactor control room bundled into the same room.

There are doors on both sides of the room that lead to propeller drive shafts; the room is highly irradiated due to the radiation leak from the missiles. Heading directly back, in between the two stairs leading down to this room is the sleeping quarters for the original crew of the ship, which the Children of Atom now use as a place to lay their dead. Going forward towards the bow of the ship is the main reactor room, taking up two floors. The bottom floor of the reactor room leads back towards the missile room. Underneath the missile room is a very large empty room, with a large number of nuclear waste barrels.

Notable loot


  • There are four torpedo tubes on the bow of the ship, but no torpedo room. On the outside of the ship, while standing near the four SLBM tubes on the top of the ship, it is extremely irradiated, with roughly 70-90 rads/s.
  • The ship is poorly lit, with the Children of Atom only using candles.
  • While inside the ship and wearing power armor, the NPCs may comment on how they don't like the suit because it protects from "division," or how it "runs on the glow, so perhaps it's not all bad."
  • Even after the main story is completed, the player character can, at any time, launch the active nuke inside the ship, provided they have the key to do so.


The Vessel appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



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