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The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook is a Fallout-themed cookbook featuring recipes for various consumables throughout the Fallout series, both food and beverages. It was written by Victoria Rosenthal and published by Insight Editions. It was released on October 23, 2018.


While it does not include the exact recipes, the following section shows which food and drinks are included in the cookbook.


  • Chicken broth
  • Nuka-Cola BBQ sauce
  • Caramel buttercream frosting


Soups and stews





Lore additions

Although the majority of the book is just recipes, it does contain four introductory sections: "Introduction," "Entertaining, the Vault-Tec Way," "Dietary Restrictions" and "Cooking After the Vault," which contain several lore tidbits.[1] The cookbook is written as an official Vault-Tec Corporation publication, though it also has several notes written by a wasteland traveler who came from a vault. The owner comes from a vault in the northeast (though not Vault 81, as they mention meeting Priscilla Penske) and has traveled all across the country, from the Commonwealth, Nuka-World, Far Harbor (where they did the Captain's Dance for Teddy Wright), the Capital Wasteland and New California. They took a G.O.A.T. exam in their vault, which gave them the job of a fry cook.

The vaults

The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook was programmed into Mister Handies throughout the vaults and was required reading for its residents. In the owner's vault, the overseer's permission would be needed to host parties of over 8 dwellers. It also had a seed vault to regrow plants in the wasteland. Monday dinners in the vault was tapioca night, dispensed from the mess hall's "food reconstitution system". The owner also claims that some vaults in Boston were supplied with "no fewer than 10,000 cans of clams" at the expense of medical supplies, so that they could make clam chowder.

Several food companies made corporate partnership deals with Vault-Tec to have their foods featured in the cookbook, including Joe's Spuckies (who received help improving their recipe from Vault-Tec) and Fancy Lads. The Slocum's Joe Buzzbites were never sold to the public, but Vault-Tec obtained the recipe and put it in the cookbook anyway. Saddle Up refused to work with Vault-Tec, but they reverse-engineered the recipe for Salisbury Steak in order to include it while attempting to avoid legal action.

The wasteland

Potatoes are said to be extinct on the East Coast, but scientists in Rivet City managed to recreate them in limited quantities. Additionally, Janice Kaplinski researched how to bring back broccoli at one point. The recipe for chicken noodle soup comes from a Church of the Children of Atom religious text named Healing the Nuclear Soul. Bison and ducks went extinct during the Great War, while pigs and goats became scarce. However, bacon is still available in some places and is considered a delicacy. Chicken eggs are rare but are still used in some wasteland recipes. The NCR grows large, mutated cabbages, while rosemary and thyme are unavailable in the wasteland. The cookbook owner says that corn in the wasteland is delicious, while tato is disgusting. The shoulder of a deathclaw is the most tender part of the animal.