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The Tops High Roller suite is a guest room in The Tops casino. It is the last door on the right on the 13th floor.


After winning 7500 chips playing games, the Courier receives the High Roller's suite key allowing access to the suite. The room has its own bar, bedroom, and bathroom, all in all, a similar layout to Benny's room.


  • The Chairmen who wander the hallways will go into the room and will take food and drink items if left out in the open. It is not known if there is a way to stop them other than killing them. Fortunately, they do not take weapons, armor or other aid items.
  • As soon as the Courier enters the room the quest Big Winner, The Tops will be completed.
  • If items are dropped, they will be tagged as owned, showing the option to steal them for no Karma loss.
  • This room is separate from and not to be confused with The Tops presidential suite.


The Tops High Roller suite appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.