That news was brought to you by the Tops Casino. You'll dig us, baby! We're the Tops!Mr. New Vegas, Fallout: New Vegas

The Tops is one of the casinos on the New Vegas Strip in 2281 controlled by the Chairmen, one of the three tribes that were allowed into New Vegas after the war at Mr. House's invitation.


Fully renovated by the Chairmen, The Tops is billed throughout New Vegas as a place for men to kick back, drink, laugh, and have a good time.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

The Tops offers a classic Vegas experience, with cool, hip, fun, and macho posturing to entice those with a sense of style. This is a place for manly men with a dame on each arm; here to see the Rad Pack as they perform their routine “The Four Taps” over at the Ace Theater. Choose a fine wine, order the Brahmin steak rare, and have a good time, baby! The place is run by The Chairmen, who talk tough, but most of them don’t take things too seriously; they’re just too cool and laid back to let anything get to them (with the exception of Benny).[1]


The Tops is a casino right out of Vegas's rat-pack era. Frank Sinatra's music plays softly in the background to the clinks of slot machines. Security is tight, with Chairmen out front to collect patrons' weapons before they step inside. The weapons will be automatically returned to the player character's inventory when they leave and the player character the option to hide holdout weapons if they can pass the required Sneak check.

There are six main areas with loading screens between them: the casino, restaurant, Aces theater, Presidential suite, 13th floor and the courtyard.

Lobby and casinoEdit

There is a circular desk in the lobby where Swank can usually be found. Beyond it is the casino proper, with a main hall to the right as one enters and a smaller section just behind the main staircase. Beyond the stairs and the smaller casino section is the elevator bank, which has a single working elevator that leads to the 13th floor, and a door to the courtyard. In the large hall is the entrance to the restaurant and an express elevator to the Presidential suite, which requires a key.

On the second level, just up the main staircase on the left, is a cashier where the player character can change chips for cash and vice-versa. Right next to the cashier is the entrance to the Aces theater.


Main article: The Tops restaurant

A bartender sells an assortment of drinks. There's a kitchen behind an Average locked door, which has food and alcohol including 5 Nuka-Cola Quartz. A door leads to the courtyard from here.

The Aces theaterEdit

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The player character can buy a drink or watch one of the shows and acts that are going on. Here the player character can find Tommy Torini, who gives the side quest Talent Pool.

Presidential suiteEdit

This is only accessible with a key obtained from Benny or the Chairman bodyguards.


The Tops courtyard
The courtyard is a small area behind the Casino. It has a pool, which is surrounded by palm trees and a brick wall. There are several gamblers milling around along with a few Chairmen.

13th floorEdit

Tops 13th floor loc map

Local map

The 13th floor contains a variety of nondescript rooms with Average locks, Benny's suite and the High Roller's suite. There are at least five Average locked doors on this floor.

The High Roller's suite is a slightly larger room than the rest and contains some minor loot. Entering requires the High Roller's suite key, which can be obtained by winning enough chips in the casino (see the "gambling" section). This is not a good place to use as character housing, as the guards on the floor will enter the suite once the door is unlocked and take any consumables that are in the room.

Benny's suite is in the center of the hallway, through the double doors. Benny's suite door has an Average lock, which may be picked or opened using a key obtained from Benny or one of his henchmen. The room itself has minor loot; the big attraction is a rough hole in the wall that connects to Benny's secret workshop, where the player can find Yes Man and begin the Wild Card quest.

At the end of the main hallway, the very last locked door leads to the High Roller's suite. This lock cannot be picked. The key is obtained from the floor manager by winning a minimum of 7,500 chips in the casino.

The sub-basementEdit

Beyond Benny's workshop is a hallway with an elevator used by Benny as an emergency escape route. The elevator requires a key to access, but there is no key that opens it in the game.

However, a script unlocks the elevator when Benny begins to flee The Tops (such as if the player attacks him in the lobby), and a different script locks it again if he succeeds in reaching it (verified with GECK). The behavior of this script can be exploited to gain access to the sub-basement by causing Benny to flee, and killing him before he can reach the sub-basement elevator. This is most easily accomplished during Ring-a-Ding-Ding! by convincing Benny to meet you in the Presidential suite, telling him that you forgive him, and then killing him as he tries to leave. Any other trigger for him to flee will work, however if he makes it to the 13th floor elevator he may outrun the player. Once Benny is dead, the sub-basement elevator will then be unlocked. With Benny unable to reach it to trigger the re-locking portion of the script, the courier can go down and explore. Tricking the script in this way is the only way to gain access to the sub-basement on a console; on the PC version players can simply use the "Unlock" console command to unlock the door.

The sub-basement itself is a small room with a breached wall leading into a sealed-off section of Vault 21. This section is presumably part of the reactor maintenance section for the vault. It does however contain some minor loot in lockers and several explosives crates that Benny may have used in excavating the section.

If one explores the unfinished vault, they will find several inaccessible doors, but there is one door at the end of a corridor that, if opened with the console command "unlock," will lead to a void. If one jumps inside the void they will be teleported to the real Vault 21. Then they can simply turn around and leave to New Vegas or explore the vault.


  • The Tops offers Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots.
  • The Tops pays 3:2 on blackjack, and the dealer must stand on all 17's.
Rewards and ban

As the player character earns chips, the floor manager will offer increasingly valuable gifts, culminating in a complimentary suite.

After the player character earns 10,000+ chips, they will be banned from playing games in The Tops. They can still use its other functions, such as the restaurant, the theater and cashing out their chips, but they cannot win any more money in the Tops; the ban is permanent.

Notable lootEdit

Main floor & restaurantEdit

Presidential suiteEdit

Related questsEdit


  • As each act in the Talent Pool quest is recruited, their name and talent appear on the marquee outside of the casino.
  • In the main floor, there is a framed picture of Tenpenny Tower and what appears to be a person dressed in cowboy-like attire. The figure is standing on the east side of the Tower holding out a rifle.
  • There are some posters of "Dean Domino and His Great Orchestra" in the building, referring to Dean Domino from the Dead Money add-on.
  • The Tops Courtyard seems to have an architectural anomaly in relation to the casino's exterior Strip view. You'll notice a huge brick wall, used to block the view of the Gomorrah, which spans around the side of the casino. Yet when on the Strip, such a wall is not even present. This wall may be left over from the Strip's beta design.
  • Certain unused tables in the gambling halls suggest that at one time the casino used to offer the gambling game Craps as well.
  • Strangely, there is a poster advertising the Gomorrah near the front door.
  • According to a newspaper seen in the Gomorrah, it was called "TOPS" before the War.
  • The framed newspaper clipped to the right of the entrance doors in the lobby contains an error, refers to The Ultra-Luxe as "The Ultra Lux".
  • If patch 1.06 is installed, there will be a wall separating the reception area and the casino floor.
  • Even though Mr. New Vegas says that The Tops is "Fully-renovated by the Chairmen", a big piece of the tower is gone.
  • Compared to the other casinos, The Tops can be seen as low quality as the reception building from the outside has many cracks across it, there is a huge chunk of tower that is missing from the main building and the windows from the outside appear to have cracks as well.
  • The Tops casino floor appears to have broken picture frames and torn wallpaper.


The piped-in music consists of the following tracks:

For music used in the show performances, see The Aces.


The Tops appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In The Aces theater, there are 3 entertainers called The RAD Pack. This is a reference to the famous Vegas group of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and Dean Martin. This quintet was called The Rat Pack during its years of fame in the early 1960s.
  • The Tops is based on the real world location Sands Hotel and Casino that operated from 1952 to 1996. The Sands was notable for hosting the real world Rat Pack. In the mid 1960s, the Sands was purchased by Howard Hughes, the in game inspiration for Robert House. In 1996, the location was demolished and The Venetian was built in its place.
  • Benny's suite is on the thirteenth floor. This floor number is considered unlucky, and many hotels and apartment buildings deliberately do not assign a floor this number.
  • James Garcia created the 3D model of The Tops neon sign.[2]


  • PCIcon pc The locked (Average) door in the restaurant can become bugged, and no lock is shown. The lockpick mini game can still be played, however you will not be able to see the lock nor the bobby pin.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 The player sometimes doesn't get their stashed weapons back when exiting.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If the player dismisses companions while inside The Tops and tells them to return to the Lucky 38, they may walk toward the front doors but never exit. Instead, they remain waiting in The Tops lobby. To fix get the companion to re-join you, exit The Tops, then dismiss them again once you are both outside of the casino. They will then walk to the Lucky 38.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When exchanging chips into caps, the messages "added X caps" and "removed X chips" are displayed, but no chips are removed and no caps are added. To fix exchange chips into Legion/NCR money, then exchange Legion/NCR money into caps at another casino.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes one of the Chairmen will have no head, but his mouth, eyes, and hair will be floating above his suit.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 On the 13th floor, If you drag a corpse into the corridor behind Yes Man's room it will become invisible.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Taking the elevator to and from the 13th floor sometimes causes the screen to go black after loading.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Sometimes when entering The Tops there will be a glitch where almost every door in The Tops has an Average lock on it and some random places in the wasteland will too (e.g. ovens, random containers etc.) Also, they will sometimes lock again as soon as you unlock them.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes when entering The Tops there will be a glitch where you will get stuck entering the main floor.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If you obtain 32764 The Tops Chips and then drop them, it will appear as -32764 The Tops Chips. Upon turning in your chips, you will still have the option to turn in your chips, effectively allowing for infinite caps.[verified]



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