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The Third Rail is a jazz club in Goodneighbor in 2287.


The Third Rail is a jazz club located in a repurposed subway station. Owned by John Hancock, the mayor of Goodneighbor, but is managed by a Mister Handy with a cockney accent named Whitechapel Charlie. Charlie primarily operates the bar and a singer named Magnolia performs frequently in the Third Rail, making it one of the only places in the entire Commonwealth with live entertainment.


The Third Rail is a subway station. There is a small area with a bathroom to the right and the bouncer Ham. Down the stairs there is the bar, off to the right there's a back room.


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The Third Rail appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • The station is based on the real-world State station. Like its real-world counterpart, the station is also located under the Old State House. However, markings on the wall designate the station as "Scollay Square."
  • The term "Third Rail" is used by railway workers to call the conductor rail found on electrified railway lines such as those found in subways.