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Slocum Joe's basement is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


It can be entered via Slocum's Joe, or the Switchboard.

Behind a bookshelf under the only working light in the room, there is an elevator that doesn't function. The elevator is actually an exit from the location The Switchboard below. It can be accessed from another place (a sewer), images below. It is protected by level master terminal. It is activated through the Road to Freedom questline.

It is possible to glitch through the elevator door by standing behind the open bookshelf and activating its closing animation, thus crushing the player character through the wall, but this results in a 3-story fatal fall down the elevator shaft, on to the top of a car below. This fall is, of course, survivable with power armor, but the only options the player character will have upon arriving at the car are to open the emergency hatch, and then suicide or reload, as there is no way to escape or to move the elevator.

There is an underground area located below, it can be accessed through a locked door southeast of a tipped orange railway car (south of Drumlin Diner), inside a sewer pipe entrance that is hidden behind vines. Inside there are multiple terminals and doors that can be picked. There are radscorpions, a turret and several synths. There are two fusion cores, hazmat suits and other apparel. In the basement, there is also one of the U.S. Covert Ops magazines, "Whistling In The Dark," located in an office on a desk that has a computer with a globe. There is also a big vault door locked behind an inaccessible terminal.

One may also enter the basement through the bookcase by using an elevator in The Switchboard. The following quest will lead to that location: Tradecraft for The Railroad.


Slocum Joe's basement appears only in Fallout 4.


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