The Squat is a location near Vault 15 in 2241.


By the year 2242 the area above Vault 15 has been inhabited by a group of squatters whom had discovered it while exploring the wastes. They soon after set up tents by the mountainside just west of the entrance to Vault 15; however, they soon wound up in a diplomatic battle with the neighboring town of NCR who was trying to gain access to the vault from which their ancestors had emerged.


A grouping of tents, small buildings and some trees up against the side of a cliff. There are squatters wandering the area.


  • By the time the Chosen One arrives at the Squat, the local residents have made an agreement with Darion in which they have allowed him access to the vault, and in return he provides them with medicine, food, and water. Though he has remained true to his side of the bargain, local squatters have been disappearing, one of whom being Rebecca's daughter, Chrissy. After the Chosen One saves Chrissy from Darion's thugs, she returns to the Squat to reveal to her mother that Darion was behind the disappearances. After hearing this information, she will convince Zeke to enlist the help of the Chosen One in defeating Darion and his guards.
  • After Chrissy has been rescued, Zeke will also agree to annexation by NCR. After the Chosen One returns to Tandi in Complete Deal with NCR, Zeke's modest shack will be turned into a more sturdy home, complete with NCR's flag sporting the two-headed bear.


The Squat appears only in Fallout 2.


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