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For the Fallout 4 quest of the same name, see The Silver Shroud.
For the character himself, see Silver Shroud.
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The Silver Shroud was a multimedia franchise featuring the eponymous noir superhero fighting villains in a modern-day Boston. It was popularized as a radio drama on Galaxy News Radio that aired in the Boston area before the Great War. It was written by Tina Hopkins for Hubris Comics and Galaxy News Network.

Radio show

The Silver Shroud radio show consisted of 420 episodes (419 regular and one holiday special) written with Tina Hopkins as lead writer.[1] Crossovers with other properties were created, such as the 2071 Thanksgiving episode The Silver Shroud vs. Captain Cosmos, which pitted the Shroud against television show The Adventures of Captain Cosmos' Captain Cosmos.[2]

It also included a number of minor characters, such as the cryonic villain Mister Abominable from Episode 83 [3][4] or the Shroud's love interest, the Mistress of Mystery, appearing as of Episode 2.

Known episodes

Mechanist story arc

  1. A Slaying in Scollay Square
  2. The Mystery of Mayor Murphy
  3. In the Parlor of Mysteries
  4. Fat Fahy’s Folly
  5. Into the Robot’s Den
  6. The Mechanist Unmasked!

TV show

Although the radio show was a staple of Boston popular culture, it lacked appeal outside the city.[5] In order to tap into these markets, Hubris Comics decided to create a television show based on the drama, bringing in Aaron Babowski, a noted television producer, to aid with the shooting. Due to the Great War, the TV pilot was never completed.[6]



The Silver Shroud franchise appears in Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes

  • The quest was primarily designed by Ferret Baudoin, while lead designer Emil Pagliarulo came up with the character of the Silver Shroud and wrote the in-game radio plays.[8]
  • When Silver Shroud infiltrates the mobsters' hideout, one of the mobsters says "holy cannoli," famously said by Robin in the 1960s Batman TV series.
  • The Silver Shroud appears to be based on The Shadow.
  • The Silver Shroud is a parody of the vigilante "the Shadow" who also had a popular radio show in the 1930s.



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