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The Shamrock Taphouse is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is inhabited by a group of raiders lead by Gaff.


The bar has a rich history as one of the oldest buildings in Boston, established in 1787. Famous American Revolutionary War Patriot Paul Revere was said to have drank here.[1] The taphouse offered authentic Irish food and daily drink specials, featuring domestic and European beer, whiskey and liquor.[2] Before the war, the taphouse was a client of Gwinnett Brewery, from which they ordered half barrel kegs of Gwinnett Pale Ale, Southie Stout, and Bunker Hill Brew on a biweekly basis.[3]



Enclosed by some scrap metal fortifications, this location is a hot spot for raiders. There are at least five leveled raiders, four leveled mole rats, and two machine gun turrets to contend with. On arrival, it is possible to get caught in a crossfire between the raiders and some Gunners who also operate fairly close by. There may be a stray super mutant or two near the area as well.

At the back of the taphouse (from the cellar exit,) are ramps crossing a chain-link fence and a few paces to the southeast are the docks where Donny Kowalski can be spoken with to initiate the quest Here There Be Monsters.


The taphouse opens to a foyer and to the left, further opens to the main bar. Immediately to the left is a cooking station in the corner. To the right are the counter and a shortcut of sorts to the upstairs area. Behind the fallen floor leading upstairs is an Advanced locked safe and a doorway leading into a commissary and storage area. Move on through the main bar to find a hallway and staircase at the back.

The hallway has an Advanced locked door on the left that is trapped with a makeshift bomb. Behind the door is a bathroom containing a chemistry station and a stash of chems and alcohol. Back in the hallway, another bathroom on the right has a busted wall, leading back to the aforementioned commissary. A Novice locked door at the end of the hallway also leads to the commissary via a private room.

The private room has stairwells in the back on the left and right. The right stairs lead back to the second floor, and the left stairs down into the basement area which contains a few mole rats, an armor workbench, and the pod for Buddy, a specialized brewing protectron. A stairwell near the terminal leads up from the cellar back to the streets of Boston.

The upstairs area consists of a pool hall and a small office. The office contains a green steamer trunk full of leveled loot, as well as a wall of file cabinets and various miscellaneous items.

Notable loot

  • Total Hack issue #2 - Held by the female mannequin standing on a table by a chessboard, in the room with the Nuka-Cola machine.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - On a table in the same room as the copy of Total Hack.
  • Two Nuka-Cola Quantums and a Nuka-Cherry - On the shelf in the large double-door storage room, in the room behind the bar.
  • Gwinnett lager recipe - Hidden in the bar under the collapsed ceiling section. Next to the Advanced floor safe.
  • Mini nuke - In a pool table pocket on the second floor.
  • Drinkin' Buddy password - A holotape on top of the shelves next to Drinkin' Buddy's container. Next to the red toolbox. In the north corner of the room, look for a flashing red light.
  • Shamrock Taphouse key - Two copies, one on the second floor on a desk in the room at the end of the short hallway at the top of the stairs. The other is sitting on a cabinet beneath a solid red wall light, beside Patrick's terminal in the southern corner of the basement room where Drinkin' Buddy is found. A third key can be found on Buddy.

Related quests


When at this location companions make comments, which are activated in the basement during the quest Trouble Brewin'.

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "This robot wasn't easy to find. Better be a good reward for lettin' him go."
Codsworth "A protectron down here? Someone was serious about their ale."
Curie "We should talk with the robot. I am always excited to exchange data."
Danse "The information contained within this robot's memory banks is vital to the survival of lushes and drunks across the Commonwealth."
Deacon "This robot is a national treasure."
Hancock "Don't worry, bud. We'll look after ya."
Nick Valentine "Never thought I'd get to affect the future of the Commonwealth so directly."
Piper "This little guy's going to be real popular."
Preston Garvey "This is my favorite robot ever. Ever."
MacCready "Brewing robot, huh? Maybe we could just borrow it for a little while."
X6-88 "More reliable than a human brewer, I guess."


The Shamrock Taphouse appears only in Fallout 4.