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The School is a mentioned-only location.


The School is an unknown location in which a small group of 24 children lived during the year 2123. The children ranged from ages 8–14, half girls, half boys. After escaping, they fled to Zion National Park. It was here that an elderly Randall Clark noticed them. Though keeping his identity secret from the children, Randall Clark educated the group in the ways of survival through notes scattered around their camp. In these notes, Clark took on a fantasy-like persona, referring to himself as "The Father," "promising" Zion to the children.

In later years, this group of children went on to become the Sorrows tribe. The ideals passed on through "The Father" are still present in their society, becoming a religious entity to them.


  • Randall Clark notes that the children threaten one another with action from The Principal for misbehavior.[1]
  • According to Randall Clark, the children were literate in the English language, a sign that wherever this "school" was, it was still operating properly around the time the children were discovered.


The School is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.